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Two Mikaela's on an indoor map - any thoughts

Just played a game with a swf. They had two Mikaela's and made an offering for an indoor map, obviously the one they play all the time, because as with most maps, gens tend to spawn in roughly the same area. Within minutes two healing totems went up either side of the map. Of course these totems don't just work horizontally, so they basically had the benefit of healing on all the map.

I can't take anything away from them, they looped well but was a bit annoying when somebody else could take a hit while the other healed. Not wanting to camp the hook, because I would rather lose against a good team, then waste my time standing by the hook for one kill and what is basically a lose anyway.

What are people's thoughts on this. I have only seen this twice, but as a survivor team on comms, it seems to be effective, although the map did not help, being the saw map, which is big and my worst map for both killer and survivor. I think I prefer RPD and that's saying something.

I can guess that it will get worse when they start putting Mikaela's perks on other survivors. At least in the lobby you know what you are getting into, when you see Mikaela's there.

Like I said, they played well and it was ggs, but maybe this boon thing should be an addon, such as medkit, which most Mikaela's I've seen takes in with them. Different levels could mean whether they would be how many long they last, and extra's could help.


  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 6,721

    Some possible things to try (other than face camping obviously)

    • Perks or killers that can do instant downs. That lessens the impact if they’re frequently healing
    • Perks or add-ons or abilities that interfere with or slow down healing. Broken status, for instance, and healing speed debuffs like Coulrophobia or Thanatophobia.
    • Try Bloodhound to be able to help easily chase down injured survivors to down them before they can heal. (Nurses is normally useful for that too but is susceptible to Shadow Step hiding the aura, and since the question is assuming Boon heavy groups they probably have it.
    • Any killers that are good at chasing down injured survivors and/or slugging survivors can reduce how often they get to heal before being hooked.
    • Try things which punish messing with totems like Thrill of the Hunt, Haunted Grounds or Retribution. Hex Traps like these are meant for exactly the scenario where survivors are going after the totems frequently.
    • And just generally speaking keep an ear out for the Boons. Since it only take 2 seconds to snuff them out if you’re efficient at finding them when you hear the noise then it will take that survivor at least 14 seconds to place it again which is a net win.
  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237
  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,012
    edited November 2021

    As the guy above said, sadly the meta right now is:

    • Play an instadown killer or one with incredible anti-loop. Attrition based killers are having a rough time right now.
    • If you don't want to, you need to build around the expectation of facing boons. Every game. Yes, it's as lame as it sounds.
    • Devour Hope+Undying gives you instadown potential and can create a timing where you can pressure hard. It is risky, though.
    • Plaything+Retribution is another amazing combo for countering perks, and also gives you a lot of pressure.
    • The old NOED+NWO+Undying is cheesy, but works well too.
    • If all else fails, bring strong addons and cross your fingers.

    The only area I'd disagree with him is in healing slowdowns. Boons+other healing addons/perks stack so crazily that they just get powered through. You're taking a 4 second heal and making it 4.5 seconds, basically. Not worth the slot.

    Against an SWF that knows what they are doing, especially with indoor maps (or poky ones like Haddonfield), boons are obnoxious.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,311

    I'd offer Whispers... but it seems like you were able to find Survivors fine and Whispers doesn't work well on 2 story maps...

    As @StarlaxyZ said Sloppy doesn't work against the Boons

    @dugman Thana only works with Gens not Healing

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,878
    edited November 2021

    I hear Plague is really good against the current boon meta, because she's very anti-healing which takes care of B:CoH, and all the infected survivor noises make for an excellent tracking tool since you can't rely on scratchmarks or auras with B:SS up.

    While I won't tell OP to only play Plague, she is an option for if you find yourself frustrated with the Boon meta, as she doesn't suffer from it as much as the other killers do.

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    Anytime I see more than one Mikaela I immediately back out and que again. One is bad enough. Same when I'm playing survivor. Some challenges require me to cleanse totems.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 6,721

    Thanks for the correction, it used to slow healing, I forgot that was patched.

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