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Survivors who think they are good

Lets face it, whether you believe the game is killer sided or survivor sided, one thing that is evident it the killer is in charge of the game. If the killer wants to camp then can, if the killer wants to tunnel they can and if the killer just wants to patrol the gens they can.

The same is true to compendium and the midnight grove challenges. As a survivor you have challenges like make saves, do gens, open chests, drop pallets in chase and cleanse totems. These may take you a few games if you go against a good killer or your team is not too great.

As a killer you get challenges like disturb crow, break pallets, break gens and hit survivors, all which as a killer you can control. If I just want to do my challenges, such as disturb crows, I can pick my worse killer with no perks or addons and run round the map, leaving the survivors to do gens and escape. If I need to break gens, I can just patrol the gens, breaking them when the survivors scatter, never needing to chase. If I need to break pallets I can chase one survivor round the whole map, allowing them to drop every pallet. I am in charge of the game, I decide how I play.

This is where I come to survivors who think they are good. These are the ones who open the gate and stand there till the last minute, close enough that they can be hit and still crawl out, but not brave enough to stand further away. They usually have flashlights and spent most the time running from the killer, dropping every pallet and shining the flashlight, never actually realising that the killer is not chasing, that they are actually going in the opposite direction and doing something else. They stand at the gate, bouncing up and down and flashing the flashlight that it is some celebration.

Survivors learn that most of the time when a whole team escapes, with minimum ease, it is because the killer was playing their own game. Take it and escape quick, because the killer probably just wants to get onto the next game. They do not care about you. You have not played the game of the century, be grateful and let the killer move one.


  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 1,079

    It honestly makes me roll my eyes. I'll wait at the gate to take a hit if it's needed, or to grab a couple of heal points but then I'm out the gate whether the killer is there or not. The butt dance and clicky clicky stuff is just juvenile

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 6,685

    Once all the survivors are clearly able to escape no matter what I do I just ignore them and go looking for pallets or breakable walls to smash or the hatch to close. No point bothering with them standing around for no reason other than to teabag me at the gate.

  • SwampofferingSwampoffering Member Posts: 339

    Every survivor can feel like a pro player If they play on Maps like "Puzzle" or Haddonfun.

    DBD rewards survivors for being bad players, for that reason tons of this players thinks they are good at the game.

    * If you are a noob looping or the killer mindgames you, Dead Hard and GG, Pro survivor.

    * If you get Hooked, no problem, Borrow Time to give you another chance to buy some time even being a Noob

    * If you get downed again, no problem mate, DS if the killer picks you or Unbreakable if the killer slugs you, amazing survivor Gameplay.

    * If you can't loop properly, no problem, Shadowstep boon totem on a strong structure to help you, greatest survivor ever seen.

    * If you don't know that Medkits exist my dear Toolbox player, Iron Will is for you.

    * If the killer uses HeX totems, we need to Reward you for playing this match, Soulgard, because hex totems are really hard to find :)

    With all that second wind perks and easy Life perks, every player can feel like a Boss on DBD, but the truth is that they are just a bunch of carried players by Perks, SwF and strong Maps with 20 pallets to drop

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,012

    Survivors are absolutely 'in charge' of the game. They have the initiative, and the killer is forced to react. It's entirely possible to do more than half the gens before the 2 minute mark, and on some maps it's nearly impossible to prevent on some killers.

    There are some challenges that are easier on survivor, and some that are easier on killer. That's to be expected. The 'tangled hook' challenges are frustrating as all hell.

    That said, flashy or teabagging survivors are annoying as all hell. If you want to be BM, don't complain when I tunnel you down - and bring a mori and some scary addons the next time I see you.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    You are having a laugh aint you. I have just done the pumpkin challenge. I did not even worry about the survivors. The tangled hook was easy because you just chase a survivor to the hook you want, because the survivor does not know which hook is which. The tangled gen is marked for the killer. If the killer wants they can just camp that gen and stop any survivor doing it. The survivor cannot avoid the hook and lets not forget that if survivors make offerings to get extra gens, they also add extra hooks.

    Survivor challenges - Repair 10 gens, you need a good team or a poor killer. Stun the killer two times, killers can just stay clear of pallets. Unhook 6 survivors, killers camp the hook. Clense 6 totems, killer can pressure you doing totems. The killer can easily stop these. What can the survivor do to stop the killer with their challenges, apart from try their best. Even the killer / survivor challenges are easier for killer. Breaking pumpkins, all the killer has to do is leave the survivors and go do challenge. Breaking pallets again is easy, chase a survivor who drops every pallet but don't catch them, you will end up with every pallet on the map. For the survivor side of it, drop pallets while being chased, the killer only has to hook you and kill you, and no more pallets.

    If the killer wants to play hard, you have to play hard. If the killer wants to do challenges, then you can play how you want.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,152

    TLDR version: ‘I hate survivors BMing at the exit gates.’

    Just push them out or ignore them, real easy.

  • DeadMuensterDeadMuenster Member Posts: 1

    Agreed. I'm new and prefer playing killer. I don't try to win, just minimize how quick the Survivors escape. Sometimes even encourage them to do challenges. The amount of teabagging I see at the end by players who think they bested me is off the chart. I just shake my head and tell them I hope they got some stuff done.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    I agree what you are saying about survivor perks, but I think the same can be said for killer perks.

    Want to find the survivors easy - Barbeque and Chilli, Nurses Calling, Bitter Murmer, Discordance

    Want to slow gens - Ruin, Pop, Corrupt Intervention, Overcharge, Thanatophobia.

    Want easier kills when gens are done - NoEd, No one escapes.

    Perks are designed to be just that, perks to aid. Addons help as well. These are part of the game mechanics, they can work in your favour or not. I don't care if a survivor runs all the perks they want and I end the game with no kills. I see no point in standing at the gate for the timer to run out, just to bounce up and down, while playing with a flashlight. To me that is the same as holding the game to hostage. It's not like you can get the hit off, go through the hit action and then pick them up.

    I am all for people waiting at the gate to make sure the whole team exits, because they might be needed to get the last save, but to stand there to gloat because either the killer was to busy doing challenges, because they just had a bad game or a map that favours the survivors, or even because they wasn't bothered about getting all the kills, just wanted to hook as many times as possible is bad sportsmanship.

    I wonder if they would still try if a hit was a sudden death in the exit gate.

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