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That Switch Cross-Progression Update


It's kind of crazy to see that this has become so frustrating. At this point, it seems clear that BHVR regret announcing switch cross-progression and are just going to try and forget about it. There was no major announcement of this forum post either which is even more obvious that as little noise they can make about it the better. I think this is just another example of them letting their community down and making promises they are once again going to break. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't ever see Switch Cross-progression now. A real smack in the face to the playerbase who were excited about this and still had faith BHVR would deliver. -_-

What is also annoying (once again!) is how there was never going to be an update about this until the Epic Games cross-progression was revealed. One minute we're told it's coming soon, the next an expected release schedule, then told it's coming soon again and now being told basically just give up all hope on it ever coming out. It really reflects a lot...


  • minheinhtetminheinhtet Member Posts: 4

    I think switch cross progression is not gonna happen anymore at this point.

  • DanyonettaDanyonetta Member Posts: 94

    Very much this. I got DBD on PC at the time cross progression was announced to be coming by the end of Q2 and bought DLC that I didnt have on my switch account becuase I thought I would be able to get all of it when cross progression came out soon... well that was a mistake lol. I play PC almost all the time now but I still have like half of my DLC (including stranger things which I was promised would still transfer even after they are gone... no doubt that promise will probably be broken too .-.) and rift items etc etc on Switch. I just don't understand how the delays are *this bad* considering they were set on delivering it by end of Q2. What happened?? Did they not investigate what to do before starting it?? It's crazy and just another slap in the face to their fans.

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,770

    Hope this is not the case, and Switch will indeed get Cross Progression. Those like me on Xbox don't even have a glimmer of hope for CP like Switch at least had.

  • CheyeneKLCheyeneKL Member Posts: 714

    I literally don't even know what could be delaying it. They said "unforeseen technical difficulties" but I just find it a little difficult to believe it's solely based on that, considering they've apparently been able to do it for other platforms, and other games seem to have absolutely no issue doing cross platform progression. It just is so disappointing that they keep delaying it after giving MULTIPLE different ETAs.


    does NOT sound promising and I'm honestly REALLY irritated over it.

    At this point, I don't even care if I have to rebuy all the DLC I had purchased on the Switch- just give me my cosmetics and character levels, and I'll be fine. I have rift cosmetics that don't appear to be coming back to the shop any time soon (that lovely pink/blue Feng recolor...!) and I'm really annoyed that 1k hours in the game on Switch basically went to waste, after being told time and time again that cross progression was coming.

    If having your full library of purchased DLC between platforms is impossible, good grief, BHVR, just give us what you can. I and many others DO NOT CARE at this point. I will GLADLY give you more money you don't deserve if I can have the other things I worked and played hard for. It's not like I haven't already repurchased half of the DLC I already bought on Switch, anyways lmao

  • Laurie268Laurie268 Member Posts: 337

    I’m sure switch players care way more about having their save file transferred than some stupid dlc they can buy on pc for €2 a piece. This just sounds like an excuse nothing more. I have some friends on playstation that want to switch to pc too but don’t want to because they’ll have to start over from scratch. I guess cross progression is really low priority for them

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,409

    I kind of regret buying the Switch version now.

  • DieGräfinDieGräfin Member Posts: 228

    That is such a bad joke from BHVR...

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,463

    Yeah, I bought all the DLC for the Switch. I bought the Stranger Things DLC and the Stranger Things cosmetics on the Switch. I would not have bought any DLC if I'd known it wouldn't get cross-progression.

    Oh my god, I'd be upset no matter what, but the Stranger Things DLC going away in a few days has me ready to lose it. And my reaction to "BHVR has seriously screwed up" is not to go out and give them more money for it. So I guess I am stuck with the Switch's terrible performance, and that is just... so unacceptable.

    ... except, one problem with this, the Stranger Things DLC is being removed from the store. So, it's actually rather important that the Stranger Things characters and outfits cross over. I wouldn't be as frustrated as I am right now if that weren't the case.

    I am so upset at the thought that I bought the Stranger Things DLC and cosmetics to make sure I'd have access to them and it might have been a total waste of money (and that's no small amount of money, either) because, let's be honest, the game is barely playable on Switch right now and it only ever gets worse.

  • DanyonettaDanyonetta Member Posts: 94

    Agree 100%. "Unforeseen technical difficulties" to me sounds like "we started working on this way after we announced it and realised it required more work than we thought". Its just constant let down after let down by BHVR - its crazy how they can keep getting away with no consequences to bad decisions / broken promises.

    Also yeah this really really really sucks. Like I said, they confirmed when I asked them if even if switch cross progression was implemented after ST left the store if we would still keep the items and they said yes... and yet after breaking so many promises and lacking transparency a lot of the time its hard to trust what they are saying here. Its so frustrating. Also I totally agree - the game's performance on switch is at an all time low and there is no hope of redemption for it. It seems to me they are just preparing to abandon the platform as a whole. It seems like something they would do 😒

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