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Tunneling has to stop... NOW! Something HAS to be done about this.



  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,578
  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 843

    The flaw in your argument is the fact you think any considerable amount of players are at or even care about "the highest level" of gameplay in DBD. They don't. Most survivor mains in my experience just want to have fun and experience the horror thrill of running from and escaping the killer. This is why I have argued before that there should be more than just a ranked mode to que for. The fact there is a rank up incentive in the public matches is going to influence people to play in more extreme ways despite the fact many players just want to play as or against some of their favorite characters.

    If you think this game is survivor sided then I'm not going to take anything else you have to say about this game seriously. I AM SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE when I say tunneling needs to stop. And not just my experience, but the experience of people I know that have played DBD far longer than I have and now only touch the game once every blue moon because of how many tunneling killers play this game. I've been in high level DBD matches. I made it to rank 4 under the old rank system and I found out very fast that it was something I definitely do not want to participate in. Perhaps if there was a mode where rank wasn't an incentive then people would care more about fun than sweating their way to victory.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 843

    It was an example. There's multiple ways to win in sports but if you do it in an unfair or unsportsmanlike way you often get penalized for it. HOW you win matters. If someone grabs the face mask of another player in football they get penalized for it regardless of the fact they prevented that player from making a play. It was how they did it that was the problem.

  • IcaursIcaurs Member Posts: 311

    Just give up man. I've tired making the same post before. Every killer says the same thing "But gen rushing." Killer's don't care about fun, they want to win. They say but getting gen rushed is not fun, but lets be real, killers will still tunnel, even if the game is in their favour. I genuinely do not know how a person can enjoy going back to the same hook every 3 seconds or going after the player that has no way of escaping, but they don't want fun, they want survivors to feel frustrated. They have said this, they don't care if survivors are having fun, well great then lets all have a miserable time together, and then they act surprised when survivors teabag at the exit gate. Remember killers set the meta, survivors then respond, with the new killer having insane anti loop powers (honestly broken) killers are going to say "but she's weak in map pressure therefore not op." Survivors will then respond with the new exhaustion perk overcome and killers will then complain that survivors are just running in a straight line with no way to counter it. As long as you play DBD you just have to learn to run DS/ BT on all of your builds.

  • Hunter_Main_322Hunter_Main_322 Member Posts: 530

    Time can be changed, I only gave an idea

    And this perk that you are showing me can be thrown into the trash can, it is the most useless

  • PlayBothSideBruhPlayBothSideBruh Member Posts: 19

    Just give survs more anti tunneling perks.

    I just drop from gold to ash because of tunneling every goddamn game.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    Well said.

    The problem is that there are too many killers that cannot play the game. They pick killer thinking that is the best roll, load up with all the best perks to slow down gens and things, then think it's a way of getting easy kills. Then they meet players who play survivor all the time and have probably played against better killers who can loop, and survive.

    Then the excuses come out because they spent so much time chasing one survivor that the team must have gen rushed, or it's perks because a survivor managed to lose them.

    Lets take a look at just a couple of perks that are really OP against a survivor - "No One Escapes", the ability to one shot a survivor when they finally manage to do all five gens, this alone can be a game changer. Any killer that can't at least get one kill just with this perk is either against a very good team or is having a really bad day. "No Way Out", the ability to stop survivors opening gates for a time, add that with NoEd and it even gives you more time for those one shot kills. Then there is "Blood Warden", The ability to stop survivors even more by blocking the exit even when the gates are open. I have know killers use two of these and get a 4K letting all five gens to be done.

    Maybe if killers stop crying about how one sided the game is for killers, stopped looking for excuses and actually learned how to loop, how to play mind games, they would start winning without these tactics.

    If I can play a low level Pig in RPD, not tunnel, not camp, even allow them to keep picking each other up when they are slugged, and get a 4K, then it's not survivor sided.

  • laucterslaucters Member Posts: 20

    Git gud lol

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 692

    ok how about you show us how to get good then if you can

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    Well maybe you are on a low MMR, but I don't know how you have access to other people's MMR, or are you just assuming that to try on make your point.

    I'm guessing considering how many people are members of this forum and how many people play DBD, I am sure that not everybody on here is a low MMR, also considering that many times I play, I end up against well respected streamers and Youtubers who have thousands of hours in the game, but still meet killers that camp and tunnel for five gens.

    But what ever you tell yourself to make your ego feel better, while you are crying that survivors get a game suited to them.

  • laucterslaucters Member Posts: 20

    Look pal, this ain't ego. This is simply being very well aware of myself. People like me are the rarest kind of people you can find in this world. So I understand that your go-to ego insult works on many other cases but not this one. I'd end up being a literal god compared to you. I wish all the ranks and MMR was showcased under our profile in this forum so everyone could see how bloody great I am. Just because I am the supposed bad guy here doesn't mean I am less talented than you. I am probably the greatest survivor player in this game. I can loop any killer for an eternity. My mere existence on its own is enough reason to buff most killers. So the point here is git gud, you are not as good as you think. You tell me you face respected streamers and youtubers. Difference between me and them is that they are entertainers, I am a professional.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,137

    The devs have said, for years, that they are not going to make tunneling or camping reportable offenses because it doesn't prevent the game from progressing normally. Let's set that aside though, how would you discourage tunneling or camping in a way that fundamentally change the way the game is played and doesn't introduce a punitive mechanic that can be abused by survivors as a way to manipulate the outcome of games to be heavily in their favor?

    That's the biggest hurdle to clear with Asym games. If you want to thoroughly and completely discourage a behavior that is just a result of people choosing to the game in a way that lines up with the rules, but isn't maybe the most fun way for the opposing side to deal with what do you do? Can't just start banning folks because they played you're game efficiently and at the end of the day people who want to play in that manner will do so no matter what you take away from them unless you make the action impossible. Yet, making the action impossible means taking a necessary tool out of that side's arsenal when games are particularly tough.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    Ha ha ha. Funniest post I have ever seen on her. You have earned my respect.

    It was a joke wasn't it???

  • laucterslaucters Member Posts: 20

    Yeah tbh it has a great potential to be a flood and be copy pasted around in arguments lmao

  • IcaursIcaurs Member Posts: 311

    It's not about which side has its easiest, the issue I see is killers will play the optimal way to play every match. Currently camping and tunnelling is the best way to secure kills. So even if generator times were doubled to fix gen rushing, killers will actually camp more, not less. They need to either completely change the design of dbd, which of course risks breaking the formula that most of the community wants or put in harsh punishments for playing in such a way that robs all players of an actual match.

    Lets be honest though, DBD will never change as everyone says "I will only stop doing "x" once "Y" is fixed. Nobody wants to be the change and are actively punished or harassed for daring to want the game to improve.

  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 687

    Ds exists. And good survivor want to be tunnel to make their swf genrush.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    I have no problem with tunnelling, it can be a good strategy, if a team is strong and you need to take somebody out. It's not nice but then is neither not letting them leave. I also have no problem with camping, as long as it is proxy camping. That you are willing to make the chase if you get one hit on the rescuer and they run away, unless you can see another one coming in, but again you have to be willing to give chase. I hate it when killers take the easy option of standing next to the hook and just waiting for the unhook, just to swipe.

    I once played against a trickster who hooked in the basement. He then loaded up with knives and stood in basement, anybody came in he stood at the stop of the stairs and threw knives, turns out he had two addons, one was ricochet, the other reduced the amount of knives for a down. This was on 4 gens. Of course we did the usual thing of swapping hooks till the gens was done, two hooks and then sacrificed the last person. No big deal for us, but the killer got more BP, how does that make sense?

    The game is flawed by rewarding this play. There are plusses and minuses on both sides and when people lose, they blame everybody else, instead of looking at themselves and improving.

    Your right in that the game wont change, it can't. Bring out a new killer that stops the killer mains moan, the survivors moan. Bring in a new survivor like they did with Mikaela, and the killers moan. So they bring in a new OP killer that can stop loops, wait for the survivors.

    And yes, there are many players on both sides that takes the easy option. Killer who face-camp, survivors who hide just to get the exit, or run the killer to somebody on a gen to lose the killer.

    The game is on sale most places and free on Xbox Game Pass, so it is attracting very new players.

  • Hunter_Main_322Hunter_Main_322 Member Posts: 530

    The Kinship perk needs to be reworked so that it works as an aura affecting teammates

    The one who took this perk approaches the hook and it freezes

    This will be balanced because the perk will be useless against normal killers and will only work on camping animals

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 843

    I would fundamentally change the entire game which is what I believe this game needs right now. There is just too much camping and tunneling happening in this game. These play styles are recognized by many survivor mains as toxic. Killers can grab survivors off unhook attempts and yet if that happens the rest are still expected to complete all 5 gens to power the door. Having 1 person take one for the team is both unfun and unrewarding to the player that got camped so the others could have a better chance to escape if they focus gens. If its not one thing its another. There is no single thing that will change this. The entire game needs to be rethought out. Survivor and killer interactions need to change. We need to be able to do more than just use flash lights and pallets to stop the killer. All they have to do is look up and they avoid flashlights. The killers get unique moris to literally kill us and remove us from the match but what do survivors get? Nothing unique like a killer mori. The fact we can't even kill the killer is a bit ridiculous. I have just gotten to the point that trying to play this game solo just isn't worth the frustration anymore. I try to play it solo from time to time but end up just closing the game out after the first few matches.

  • Hunter_Main_322Hunter_Main_322 Member Posts: 530
    edited November 2021

    The flashlight lasts only 8 seconds, you need to make it so that it affects in any case

    In the head 1 second in the body 3 seconds so that the killer would be blinded anyway

    Why do we take a valuable item that can be lost and works only under crooked crutch conditions that the killer should be in the animation and stand straight and look like a moth

    So I agree with you, you need some kind of buff after removing from the hook in the form of haste for 60 seconds until the survivor is healed

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 843

    Yep. Survivors need much stronger counters to toxic killer plays so much so that it discourages them from even doing it. Another words theres no reward or control gain to be had for playing that way so they won't want to do it. This is a pvp game with a rank up incentive. If you won matches by tunneling down survivors or camping hooks until they die then did you really earn it? And besides all that, I don't think the rank up incentive was a good idea for this game anyway because it encourages people who care about it to play in more aggressive ways. A lot of players just want to have fun in a scary game which is why I think DBD needs more unique game modes.

  • MrMatteoMrMatteo Member Posts: 2

    Wanting to punish a killer for tunneling is dumb. As a killer main thats like me saying you should be able to punish survivors for spamming flashlights and t-bagging. If you dont want to get tunneled, (IMO) dont be annoying. I don't like tunneling, but if I come across a survivor who keeps spamming his flashlight on/off by me, t-bags after pallets, does the come here gesture then I try to get that person out of the game simply so I dont have to deal with them anymore. If you already dont do these things then I'm sorry it is what it is; nonetheless, you shouldnt be able to punish or report a killer for tunneling, its how they play. You wouldnt report a FPS person for camping? You just get upset about it like everyone else and figure out a way around it. At the end of the day its a game and both sides are doing whatever they can to win. Not every game is going to be a holly jolly good time.

  • Jaxton2000Jaxton2000 Member Posts: 92
    edited November 2021

    I think tunneling is fine, BUT in low mmr or even mid-game mmr tunneling is a REALLY big pain to deal with.

    Most people don't have their perks all set and ready to go to be able to optimally escape tunneling, if you don't have exhaustion perks escaping a tunnel is almost never going to happen.

    Of course you could play as david, or meg or whoever to be able to escape tunneling as much as possible, but people like me wanna play characters they like playing because of the character etc.

    It takes a long time to be able to build your perks up, thus making it difficult to prevent tunneling basically UNTIL late game. (Late game with ranking, you get it) That's a big issue.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 133

    play killer at high mmr and than come back to me🤷🏻‍♂️👍. I play both roles and I don’t complain when I get tunnelled by playing survivor because I know why they do it is because how much killers have to do in a match compared to survivor 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • NeonFlowerPowerNeonFlowerPower Member Posts: 135

    I used to play killer every night before SBMM. I didn't care that I got obliterated once every 10 matches because I knew it was a casual game and I would most likely win the next one anyway, but due to SBMM every survivor I've come across is so efficient at doing gens that not even slowdown perks can really save you unless you're playing a high mobile/strong killer like Nurse/Billy/Spirit/Blight. Survivors may not be very good at running, but they know how to slam gens and leave ASAP. I barely touch killer nowadays regardless of the time of day because I get non-stop sweaty survivors or efficient survivors as a Pig who doesn't run slowdown/meta perks. It is incredibly boring to play killer nowadays and while I still get bored/frustrated playing survivor, nowadays it is not nearly as unfun as killer is.

    Only way to have fun as killer is to play the unfun/boring killers to go against. The best part of SBMM though is that it doesn't help solo survivors one bit because it still pairs you with survivor who are bad, brand new, or tons of trolls. Game is incredibly unfun for both sides and the only way to actually have any fun nowadays is to play in a SWF.

    The game is not competitive so I still do not understand why SBMM exists and why DC penalties exist. Its supposed to be a fun, horror theme'd party game. I miss the days when I could play Pig and not want to just AFK in a corner or play in an unfun way. So until the devs change matchmaking to not have it be insanely stressful every single match, expect camping/tunneling to be seen a lot more often as it should.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Not replying to this specific message but just trying to ping you.

    Bruh, don't bother posting things like "tunneling or camping needs to stop". Not here at least.

    I just want to put it out there that I 500% agree with you on the fact that it needs to stop but posting it here only riles up the angry mob who loves to follow the crowd and say things like "this game is already so surv sided it's unfair for killers boo hoo" "maybe you just need to get good so killers cannot catch you boo hoo"

    80% of the community in this forum are self entitled people who only tell you that you're wrong without providing reasons or trying to iron the logic out. They provide zero constructive criticism with zero solutions telling you why you are wrong and then add a "git gud" like that's a solution. If git gud was a solution then the whole world would be millionares and the only problem would be finding people to do the farming on the fields.

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