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Survivors need more physical resources in a match

SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 599
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The last four killers that have been released, have all had a focus on anti-looping and range. The two killers before Twins also have anti-looping and range.

But with each release, the powers are tweaked a little, to give some glitz and glam, but it's copy and paste.

Playing against most of these killers is either frustrating, annoying, or feels disconnected from what DBD is meant to feel like considering that these killers can ignore or overlook what survivors have traditionally as their protection (aka pallets/windows/vaults).

Survivors need some active and in-game counterplay, and no, Boons are not the answer on making the game feel more interactive.

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  • ViamontViamont Member Posts: 297

    And still many maps are hated and loated with a passion, treads about super safe zones and pallets still pop out continiously wich in turn create "killers are sluging/facecamping/tunneling to much do something", just go to youtube and look for a few minutes, even today theres plenty of evidence on how easy its for survivors to loop most killers unless those are exactly the antilopers or speed rushers (spirit, nurse, blight). Walls are hit and miss, some actually hurt the killers if they break them as they give survivors easier ways to escape while others are actually a help to them.

    Sorry to break your bubble but many M1 killers are being guted thanks to dumb nerfs from the devs, wraith rings any bells?, some of those thoug are plain out weak because the way they where designed or their addons are simply bad in many cases.

    Did i ever said they loop me to dead?, not really. I play pyramid head the most, so i dont get looped as much thanks to the fact hes an anti looper, that still doesnt take away the fact that with courent tools killers can easily be looped by midly competent survivors.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296

    If bhvr adds a spiky blue turtle shell, im not coming back lol

  • SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 599

    What's it to do with me that M1 killers are being gutted by BHVR? that's a BHVR issue lol, and i never stated the M1 killers were powerful, so i have no idea why you even went there lmao

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    Maybe a perk that prevents special abilities from going through walls and windows. Because that's really most of the problem with the hold "w" meta. It's better to run in a straight line from certain killers. You have Nemesis, Pyramid Head, Nurse, Cenobite and the New Killer where they completely ignore loops.

  • SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 599

    RPD is literally hated by both sides, and strongly favours said killers though because most of the 'vaults' and 'loops' are tiny and you're mostly running through a tight corridor if you're forced to not loop the killer.

    Crows' Nest is also awful in terms of loops, and parts of the map being literal deadzones.

  • SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 599

    I'm not exactly sure as to what would be the right direction with these killers, to be honest, i'm just scared that they keep adding more of them.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,380

    I disagree survivors have enough safety if anything survivors need to learn to utilize their resources instead of braindead dropping every pallet they come to, nothing irks me more when I'm playing survivor than a teammate who just stands in every pallet and drops it as soon as the killer comes. Windows need to be utilized more, there are window loops that are crazy strong if you run them correctly

  • emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 161

    big maps can't have insanely good loops, haddonfield is the perfect example of why

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,749

    You really think they would make a perk that wouldn't let some of the cast use their powers?

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,863

    I would like more resources just so the game feels more interactive. At that point they can balance pallets if they want.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,275

    Okay, let's go step by step here.

    • The kill-rates of those 'new' killers is mostly fine. Evidently people don't have all that much trouble dealing with them. You can't expect to play the exact same versus every killer.
    • Map size isn't an issue in-and-of itself. Ormond is pretty fine. The problem is that there are still potential pseudo-infinites (the 'office' in RPD, the basement house in Haddonfield, some parts of Badham), jungle gyms, free gens etc.
    • Can't speak to the new map, but after RPD I'm glad to see a map that isn't disgusting to play most killers on. RPD is a nightmare for M1 killers, Badham remains a rough job, Haddonfield can be extremely oppressive, Mother's Dwelling has potential for multiple TL jungle gyms in close proximity...honestly, the game could do with a bit more even handed maps.
    • In this case, semantics do matter because you are being disingenuous. Saying 'Pinhead is a ranged killer' is simply not accurate - outside of Engineer's Fang (which everyone and their dog knows is a problem addon right now). Saying 'Pinhead is an anti-loop killer' is also not accurate - he's only an anti-loop killer on very specific tiles.
    • Huntress, Trickster and Slinger are 'ranged' killers.
    • Nemesis, PH and to a lesser extent Hag and Nurse are anti-loop killers.
  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752
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    Well, as a developer, you kind of paint yourself into a corner when you create Killers who have powers where the best thing you can do against them is run in a straight line. There's no interactivity at all between those killers and players. It's boring game play.

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  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,744

    No, survivors don't need a buff just because of strong killers.

  • SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 599

    Thank you.

    I'm convinced that this place is filtered with killer biased players because i'm seeing everyone justify all these killers and their existence, not to mention the previous nerfs to the existing resources that survivors have had - whilst also using M1 killers as an excuse for why survivors shouldn't get something in compensation (without seemingly understanding that all these direct nerfs to survivors have screwed said killers)

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