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I'm in love



  • T0thLewisT0thLewis Member Posts: 38
    edited November 2021

    "The problem is that looping is the most fun and interactive part of the game."

    I disagree completely. Last night I was playing with friends and for shits and giggles I ran Breakout, BT, WGLF and We'll Make It. BT and Breakout so that when a survivor is being carried, I can get hit once while also giving extra wiggle speed to the carried survivor and get a protection hit or get safe hook rescues guaranteed to stack WGLF for BP farming and We'll Make It for that extra quick healing, I brought a saver/healer build and it was a lot of fun to try it out, most games I ended up with around 25-27k bloodpoints and in two games 30-31k, which is for survivor is a massive amount given how difficult it is sometimes to rack up bloodpoints as a survivor.

    "The problem with really powerful anti-loop killers is that the only counterplay is BORING. And nobody wants to play a BORING game."

    Again you have 80+ perks to choose from to make a build that synergizes well and requires a different playstyle, but whatever floats your boat I guess bud. If running in circles around a loop hasn't become absolutely boring for you after 500hrs, then I can't imagine what you consider "fun" xD

    "You keep saying to "experiment" with stealth builds"

    I never said to keep experimenting with stealth builds, I said experiment with all the DIFFERENT builds that you can make out of the 80+ perks. You clearly are not paying attention and just try to raise points and insult me in the process to try and prove something here that a large majority frankly disagrees with btw.

    "Why would I play a more boring version of the game and get my teammates killed?"

    This line encapsulates very well that you only care about an invisible number no one will be able to see anyway (that is, your MMR) I don't understand this fascination with MMR as it only makes you pair up against equally sweaty and toxic killers, but go on I guess, I will be here having fun with different builds and actually getting BP in the process instead of gen-rushing and looping for 2 hours lmao.

    "And I would still like to have a voice call because your arguments are so strange, I could probably find better logic in a flat earth theory."

    Do you honestly think I will ever consider wasting my breath on you with that kind of a reasoning? xD I actually believe you are just trolling at this point lmao.

  • sadakiyosadakiyo Member Posts: 281

    Yeah i like her design

  • YukariTheAlpacaYukariTheAlpaca Member Posts: 151
    edited November 2021


    • Place crow looking at pallet = Survivor gets hit no matter what. (Either by crow when in pallet area, or by killer if survivor tries to avoid crow hit.)
    • Survivor just keeps running and never attempts to loop? This killer has no mobility so that chase will take ages.
    • Attempting to go for "Snipes" just results in wasted time. Survivors can see the auras of crows while they are travelling AND the crows are too slow, resulting in EZ dodges.

    So basically, you either die because you tried to loop, or the killer loses because you didn't attempt to loop. Amazing gameplay.

    This killer is so poorly designed it is amazing how they would even think this was a good idea.

  • BeaburdBeaburd Member Posts: 815
    edited November 2021

    The high skill expression comes primarily from her ability to scout, multitask, and how you make decisions based on her ability's cool-down.

    Blind scouting requires game knowledge, rationalizing survivor spawns and potential routing, and making educated guesses on-the-go to obtain information.

    Her power allows multitasking in that when you have multiple survivor locations, you can literally snipe people from afar mid-chase, and effectively pressure multiple people akin to Pinhead or Nemesis, but without automated AI doing the work for you.

    Finally it takes 8 seconds to repel her birds when hit, but her cooldown is 9 seconds after she launches 2 birds or more. However, her cooldown becomes 5 seconds if you fire off a single bird. This means you can only possibly damage from afar in a chase by firing a single bird at a time requiring quick prediction and aim to land during the 3 second window you'll have before the birds are repelled.

    But yes, there's also skill expression to her anti-loop depending on the tiles you have in a map. That skill expression can be as low as Freddy or as high as Huntress depending on whether or not they can leave the tile for another one nearby while you prep.


    I understand what you're saying though - there's an aspect to her kit that requires a relatively lower skill floor to pull off at loops that makes the game feel frustrating for you, and prompts this venting online about it.

    Take comfort in knowing you're not alone, as similarly simple but powerful in-game mechanics aren't limited to being found only in this killer but can be found in survivors (looping, perks, gen times, etc.) and other killers (Bubba, Freddy, etc.) alike.

    At least this killer has a high skill ceiling in addition to a having a reasonable skill floor for the casual audience this game appeals to as well.

  • EvilhorstEvilhorst Member Posts: 103

    This is just nonsense. There are so many things you can do as a a survivor and as a killer with this chapter.

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