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How would you change the Nurse?

This can be anything: a full-on rework, buffs, nerfs, visual changes, leaving her the way she is, or even going as far as suggesting to delete her.

I've been actually thinking of making this a series! I really liked the ideas you all had on my Trickster post, so I thought about making another one. Like Trickster, this one is for another highly controversial killer, the Nurse. Some think she's good as she is, some think she's unhealthy for the game... but I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on this one!

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  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,071

    Nurse is fine, I don't think I want to change anything about her.

    On other hand I would delete trickster. This is a joke not a killer.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 4,410

    I wouldn't change anything about her.

  • AltarfAltarf Member Posts: 961
    edited November 2021

    I'd tweak her add-ons. Some are just downright detrimental or useless, like Spasmodic Breath, Campbell's Last Breath, Bad Man's Last Breath, Matchbox, her 3 meme bloodpoint add-ons, and the awful yellows that add like 0.2 seconds to the chain blink window. A few are also bustedly strong and should be weakened - the Range add-ons in particular should have a heftier downside instead of increased blink charging time, I think. Blink range is incredibly powerful and the current downside isn't noticeable. The blink recharge add-ons are incredibly good but I don't think they need nerfing - they're just one of her best add-on types, like movement speed on Twins or Blight.

    In terms of basekit, I don't think she actually needs any changes. Yeah, she's the strongest killer in the game and a master Nurse can make her look busted, but she does have unique and mostly meaningful counterplay and a massive skill curve. It's also good to have at least one killer like Nurse that plays so drastically different than every other killer, I think, instead of giving her some Freddy-style rework where she's 4.4m/s but her blinks can't go through walls, or something.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,163

    I would leave her as she is now.

    If anything take back 3blink add on change, she didnt need it

  • BadLooperQBadLooperQ Member Posts: 277

    Show a big but not intrusive smoke effect where she'll land.

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 945

    Besides addons I wouldn't.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 438
    edited November 2021

    Fix the bugs she has had for 5 years and make her green/yellow CD addons basekit., nerf her purple range in compensation.

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,640

    I don't know. Nurse is and has always been one of the hardest things to balance.

    I suppose I'd start by fixing her bugs, because no Killer should be that buggy. Even if she's powerful.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,737

    Revert her back to her release self.

  • BradQuacksonBradQuackson Member Posts: 67

    As someone whos played nurse since 2016 on her release day she is quite near unplayable on certain maps, but if we take those maps out of consideration some of her addons are really broken, such as I can't believe they let the third blink through LMAOOOO!

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,666

    My heart says delete but I think reworking her would be fair. Her power is far too strong right now

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,640

    I know you miss old DbD, and with a not of things I agree with you on, but that version of Nurse was undeniably unhealthy for the game. Nurse is already the strongest killer in the game, she doesn't need to be able to have five blinks. She doesn't.

    Some things are left better changed.

  • landromatlandromat Member Posts: 2,015

    115% ms 1 blink and 20-30 sec cooldown

  • deckyrdeckyr Member Posts: 575

    i'd just make her blink slower when she's going through something so that objects in the world actually affect her a little. nothing crazy, but dropping a pallet should buy you time against a killer, not cost you time.

  • psionicpsionic Member Posts: 375

    Personally, I wouldn't change, because she's the only thing that keeps me playing the game and even though she's overpower she's a challenging killer that I always find room to improve my gameplay. I'd rather she be the way she is.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,746

    I'd fix her bugs... nothing else

  • BradQuacksonBradQuackson Member Posts: 67

    or if a pallet is a last resort you should know its a complete 50/50 and you can buy a ######### load of time vs a nurse

  • M1MASTERM1MASTER Member Posts: 352

    I'd remove the blink recharge mechanic, and not because she's weak with that, but i'm just not a fan of making things clunky and slapping cooldown mechanics.

    It's kind of silly game design to be stunned every time you use your power and then having to wait another cooldown. Doesn't matter how strong the power, it's just not really fun gameplay.

    Being forced to use certain add-ons to help with that basically makes the her more boring to play.

  • DwigthtDwigtht Member Posts: 463

    I think Nurse is good. Steep learning curve, but does not take too much time to get adjusted to that "muscle memory".

    Many survivors just don't know how to play against her and that makes her a really good killer right now. But, there are ways to be unpredictable and loop nurse for 3 gens. I've seen some of those survivors.

    The only boring part is her addons. Many of her addons are just useless:

    "Campbell's Last Breath" (Immediately Blink at half-charge in the direction The Nurse is facing after reappearing from a fully charged Blink.)

    "Jenner's Last Breath" (Immediately Blink back to the previous location.)

    "Spasmodic Breath" (Increases the Movement speed of The Nurse to 4.6 m/s.

    Disables Spencer's Last Breath.)

    "Dull Bracelet" (Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints for Precise Blink Score Events.

    Reduces the maximum range of the Blink by -4 metres.)

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 6,216

    If it has old, my friend, GeneralV is sold.

    There are a few exceptions to this rule.

    But Nurse is not one of them.

  • LabracLabrac Applicant Posts: 1,214

    Fix her bugs (M1 bug, blink bug).

    Make Blink attacks not count as basic attacks, so she doesn't get to use exposed perks which are downright broken on her.

    Make recharge addons not stack.

    Nerf range addons, these are downright broken as well.

    Basekit wise she's fine.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,684

    I'd only change The Nurse if they made an alt event mode(Lets just call it Blighted Nightmare mode for Halloween) where she's at her old FULL POWER(7 blinks + faster/longer blinks with the option to see the blink location).

    However she'd be against survivors who have all perks(With several being empowered) unlocked for that mode and all items/add-ons for free.

    Just leave poor Sally alone for the main mode. She is fine as is minus the bugs.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,335
    edited November 2021

    I remember how nuts the 5 blink Nurse was. Glad that Nurse is gone but it's still interesting to look back at how broken she was. I think it's better for that Nurse to stay in the grave, though.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,335

    30 seconds might be too long in my opinion. Maybe 10-15 seconds would be fine.

    I'd also give her a secondary ability in that case but I'm not sure what I'd give her. Maybe something mobility-related, since changing her like that would remove her mobility.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 6,216
  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,058

    Revert her black recolor appearance. Seriously the new default look is cool but the recolors are ugly as sin now.

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