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I dont get why survivors not get much bloodpoints



  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,886

    I play killer too you know. I understand you need more bp because you really need add ons. As a survivor I don't really use or need items.

    I still don't see why is it a problem if survivors get more bp. Some people want to bring items every game, play different characters, try different builds. Not everyone wants to play only one character like yourself.

    Survivors getting more bp doesn't hurt killers unless we are in vs mindset like most of the community.

  • CynthesiaCynthesia Member Posts: 5

    To encourage playing the game. If you gained good BP for crouch walking edges and running turbo gen as a team of 4, then killer player numbers would deteriorate more than they already do now.

    Survivors also do still get a lot of BP, they just have to be actively unhooking while they interact. Their fail scenario has a full reversal for BP, Killer does not. Killer's success hinges on maximum interaction, if Survivor hinged on minimal then it's boring for survivor and frustrating for killer.

    Not to mention, you only need BP on new characters for their teachables, survivors are basically just skins. You can accumulate them easily, especially when there's a hyper-meta loadout already on the table you can use to get it.

  • Leatherface1990Leatherface1990 Member Posts: 604

    XBOX Crossplay off BOOBAH MAIN! I'm LOVIN IT he is so fun! Spirit and Wraith took some nerfs. Just goofed off with Clown for a daily he ain't bad with STBFL+Nemesis+Play With your Food. I just goof around. Freddy will be sweaty with Scourge's hook of pain instead of BBQ&C.

  • realflashbossrealflashboss Member Posts: 244

    There isnt and doesnt need to be an argument if which side is easier or works more. BP should be awarded on an individual basis and not appear reduced based on what your team mates do. Survivors get such a massive BP disadvantage it is unfair.

    I have literallty gone AFK as a killer and scored almost as much as the survivors by standing there in getting in and out of chases. Meanwhile the survivors did all their objectives, opened chests etc and got barely any more!

  • Leatherface1990Leatherface1990 Member Posts: 604

    Why does Jesus not exist? We just don't need to know we believe in THE HORROR! OH THE HORRRRRROOOOORRRRRRRR!

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    There is a simple answer to this and that is because a lot of killer players cry about everything that does not suit.

    Survivors escape - Gens are too fast.

    Have to camp at 4/5 gens - Survivors can loop too easy.

    Have to tunnel - Survivors have DH

    General thinks:

    1. Mikaela's Boon Totems
    2. Med Kits
    3. Flashlights
    4. Tool kits
    5. Any survivor perk
    6. Having four survivors and 16 perks.
    7. They have no good perks, nothing like "Ruin", "Barbeque and Chilli", "Corrupt Intervention", "Pop", "Tinkerer" and the rest.

    Simple solution if you want to level up a survivor, play a few games of killer, load up with perks, get a few hooks, let the survivors leave and get over double the amount if you would get if you do all five gens and exit.

    I play killer a lot of the time and get loads of BP even without addons, when I play survivor I do a lot, exit and wonder why, even with perks and addons to help, never get much BP.

    Most I got as killer is about 95K, most I got as a survivor is about 35K. Won both games and did the same amount of work.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 570

    As someone who plays both sides myself, that's why I can't understand your position on this one as someone who plays both sides yourself.

    You say survivors getting more BP isn't a problem, that they might like to use it to bring more items and addons; yet you also say that it hurts killers if they are in the vs mindset like most of the community.

    If most of the community has that mindset, and survivors getting more BP would hurt killers who have that mindset and are 'most of the community', why would you endorse this?

    If it will hurt most of the community, its probably a bad idea right? Or do you want to play against people who only put their Bloodpoints into 1 main survivor and everything else earned if not playing killer to need it there, would be put back into the main who has everything perk wise already and would only be getting more items and addons, which survivors already don't need to make the killers life miserable.

    I thought anything that makes killer a little less miserable (mostly at high level) and survivor a little more challenging would be a welcome addition?

    Surely increasing Bloodpoint gain to help newer survivors would have the knock on effect of making high level play more miserable as there would be more abundance? Same as what happens when you balance for low level play, high level play becomes miserable?

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,886

    Because buffing killers would be a better solution than making grind harder for one side. Or better yet making maps smaller/nerfing tiles for start.

    I understand how miserable killer is atm trust me but survivor getting more bp wouldn't hurt killer as much as you think.

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 511
    edited November 2021

    You literally answered your own question in the first sentence you wrote.

    "Often matches are shorter and you go out of a match faster."

    Just like the Killer you need to focus on 4 different categories but actively compete to get the points such as limited number of gen repairs to be made, limited number of survivors to unhook, totems to break, ect.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 570

    But buffing killers also makes things harder for survivors, particularly solo survivors; its why we recently saw so many undeserved nerfs.

    Theres plenty of things they could try to make balance better, but until then giving more BP to survivors to use on items and addons they don't really need while the game heavily favours survivor at the higher levels seems like an awful idea until the balance is more even.

    But how do you balance for the same players but one time the survivors use no items but the killer uses Iri addons and meta perks etc, vs killers using things that are more fun but weaker against the same players but using the best medkits, toolboxes and addons they can buy.

    The more BP involved the more the balance is going to be difficult to manage imo, but thats another debate altogether I think :)

    My worry is half and half; half it would hurt killer, and half it takes away one of the few remaining draws of playing the role if you aren't already suffering through playing the role right now.

    I think encouraging people to play both sides is a noble goal and one that would massively benefit the game and community, but so many only play survivor and giving the same BPs would give them even less reason to even try it out let alone suffer through what can be a very miserable experience at all levels of play.

    Hmm how about some sort of bonus BP when you play survivor if you played a killer game previously, or a BP multiplier that builds up while you play whatever the more needed role is at that time and can carry over to your matches on the other side. This way players get more BP but have to experience the other side more than just throwing the game for 1 daily challenge or a Tome challenge thats blocking your route to the Epilogue.

  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 316

    Because BPs isn't worth the pain and stress that killers has to endure every game, and if killers doesn't get paid properly for playing against 4 man team(who has just to press shift+w the whole match and do gens) who also tbags at the gate while their only contribution is spamming the pallets the whole game, Killers would abandon the role and play something else.

    I'm not getting paid enough to babysit 4 survivors who doesn't know how to play the game while giving them free exits or having to deal with toxic SWF who tbags at every pallet drop.

    Also Survivors will become op if they can bring red add ons every game and it would be heck of unbalance more than it already is.

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97

    Not just killers experience bad behaviour. I got plenty of toxic killers. Also i dont get what behaviour has to do with BP.

    Survivors wouldnt get OP just because they get more BP. I mean if killers and Survivors would have sepperate BP, then that statement would be true. Otherwise, you can farm on killer and still be "OP".

    Most guys here only see one side. I also presented the overall, the BP system is for both sides not good. Also i said that we should put the categories for everyone (both sides) to 10k, so we have 40k Limit instead of 32k.

    I understand too that a power role maybe needs more bp in compensate, but game wise it doesnt make much sense, but for playing killer maybe. But only getting 3k, versus 15k (in the worst case) is just a joke.

    Also again, why do killer have a way better BP perk (BBQ) with a much better effect, while survivors dont?

    It wouldnt hurt if ALL could get more BP, maybe double BP weekends or just rework the system. I mean why perks have tiers anyway?

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97

    Sorry, but going faster in games isn't a compensation at all.

    You wait for a lobby, you wait at lobby, you wait at loading screen, for a game where you get camped or killed fast, which doesnt make fun, to get 3k BP. And then being in a loading screen and endscreen.

    You think repeating that step is compensation cause "it goes faster"? Cause it doesnt. Also would just encourage DC's ingame.

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97

    I mean would be a solution, but farmers would abuse that. I guess.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 428

    Really? Cause I can go screw around on Legion and go out of my way not to kill and get 50k+ BP with out trying at all.

    You chose to play sweaty and raise your MMR to play against the sweaty. You raised the difficulty yourself and get less BP for the effort.

    Don't try to say this game is hard for killer. You're being severely disingenuous. All difficulty is of your own making.

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97

    Thats actually a good point. I think overall, with higher MMR the BP Reward should be higher for everyone.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,253
    edited November 2021

    They don't. Not really.

    Killer gets more BP on losing games, because:

    • Killers don't get free addons from chests. They have to spend BP on these.
    • Killers are not expected to 4k every match.
    • Killer is the more challenging role.

    However, this is also an issue of the 'hold M1, hide, hold 'W' as required' style of survivor play right now. In games where survivors give me chases or we are having a fun back-and-forth, they'll frequently end up with a similar BP score to mine, even if they don't survive.

    The issue is essentially: survivors that get killed early probably need a bit more BP. Survivors need to stop trying to 0k the killer if they want their BP to be decent.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,382

    SoloQ is not easy mode. I have it easier playing killer than going solo. 😐

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97

    The "free" Items, are mostly only effective in the match.

    Since keys are useless now, the only good items are rainbow map, medkits and repair kits.

    Also you need to survive to get them "free".

    Oh and dont forget that you loose your items after the trial if you die.

    Killer are the more challenging role, but need to focus less on little things. As a survivor you have skillchecks, for perks you need to activate them right and look out for the killer etc.

    Survivor are expteced to live longer than 2 - 4 minutes. But this doesnt happen everytime. D:

    Also a survivor who does his objective, shouldnt get less than someone who loops the killer. Also someone who loops the killer should aswell get more. But the categories dont helpt with that.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 618

    I am in favor of anything that helps with the grind, killer or survivor, in the end it ends up in one pot.

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    Pretty simple to understand. Killers have it harder. They are alone. They don't have 3 other killers to lean on. I play both and I have always felt it harder to play killer.

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97

    Not to sound rude, but most often only SWF get the best out of 4 other guys in a game.

    Its not always something good.

    The BP grind is just not justified, its to old.

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    Not really. I run into other capable solo survivors often when I play. You're exaggerating.

  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 97
  • ukenickyukenicky Member Posts: 1,328

    I think searching chests should give Survival points and being camped on the hook (If the killer is within a certain distance of the hook) should give the person being camped Objective points since they are acting as a distraction while the other survivors (Hopefully) are getting objectives done.

    The hardest category to get points in is Survival it's kind of ridiculous. I think they need to reduce the amount you get from escaping (5000) and create more ways to get survival points/increase the amount you get from current survival based actions.

    Otherwise the other thing that sucks is altruism is impossible to get any points in if the killer decides to face camp someone to death.

    Farming BP as a survivor is often a nightmare lol

  • Leatherface1990Leatherface1990 Member Posts: 604

    Well if more Survivors played Killer you would see what the problems are, but Dev's don't have to grind or earn Bloodpoints they just listen to the whining and look at some statistics = Current state of entitled Survivor DBD and end game state of DBD. And we haven't even begun talking of hackers...I'm waiting to see how long it takes to re-work Boons or nerf them it's amusing seeing posts on forums. It's just as entertaining to read forums and watch streamers IMHO than play the game at this point!

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 475
    edited November 2021

    You get more the more that you do, the same as the killer. It's just you have to do a bit of everything to get the most, and the fact is it's 4v1, meaning that your contribution is overall going to be far less significant overall than a killer having to deal with the 4 of you.

    Your BP is also tied to how the killer plays. How often they hook, how often they chase everyone, how often they get hits for you to heal, and how often you are involved in what the killer does/has done.

    As a whole BP should be increased for both sides as a whole, and BP increasing perks should be removed. I'd even be fine with them removing BP offerings as well.

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