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Not sure what is going on

I have been playing DBD for about a year now. I have seen balancing attempts and then silence on other issues in the game. I imagine that trying to make everyone happy is a difficult job but I think that the state of the game is embarrassing to the devs and they don't seem to understand the issues or they simply do not care. To list a couple of issues that have not been addressed are as follows:

Devs don't seem to be able to grasp the concept of balance. I know numerous people play the test server and their comments seem to be ignored since someone had a "vison" of how something is supposed to work in the game. Instead of taking, mostly, constructive criticism, most things are rammed into the game. This causes one or both sides of the game to become upset. I know the subject of streamers is a hot button issue but I feel a lot of the streamers that specifically stream DBD have good ideas on how to improve the game for everyone.

Boons have seemed to be the last example of how things have gone sideways. Boons rudimentarily have changed the way the game works. So instead of trying to fix the issue they introduce a new killer to have perks that fix the issues that so many people are not happy with. This is the wrong way to go about balance issues.

Another hot button issue is dead hard. As a Killer main, I saw how survivors got screwed with DH and hits that should not have landed would land. Now the "fix" is that as long as the survivor hits DH at the correct time they automatically avoid the hit. It is pretty sad that I get a visual and sound que that I hit someone and then they run away because they hit DH after I hit them. This is a big problem for killers since I rely on the visual and sound que to know I hit someone so I can continue to chase a nearby survivor. More times that not I thought I hit someone and when I come back to hook they are gone and I look at the screen and they are fine. This makes playing killer so much harder. Once again I empathize with the survivors that this has been an issue but the fix has just broken it for the survivors instead of truly fixing it.

Another big issue is ######### is MMR? No one seems to know how this works. There needs to be some kind of information how this works. The rank system means nothing. I have been a silver killer and steamrolled a red survivor friends group. I have also been a red ranked killer and been schooled buy a silver team. There seems to be no rhyme or reason on how this works.

Since there is not a monthly subscription, the model of introducing new content is paramount to the the survival of the game. I won't speak for others but if the game was brought into a semblance of balance I am sure a lot of people would pay a monthly subscription to sort out these issues and many more. In fact the rifts act as a sort of subscription, so why not go for a true subscription so employees can be dedicated to fixing issues with the game?

To sum up, I love this game. I have put more time into this game than any in my life. To validate this, I am in my late 40s and have played tons of game both old school and new and this game provides an experience that I have never seen before. I am invested in seeing this game succeed and improve but I think there needs to be some fundamental changes into the business choices this company makes to ensure the game is around for years to come for people to enjoy.

I am hopeful!




  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,687

    But if you think about it carefully, none of those are issues for survivor. So, you know, I would argue they aren't really even issues at all.

  • VirghoulVirghoul Member Posts: 53

    If there are no Killers left then they will need to Code bots, maybe that is the endgame, who knows? We don't get any significant communication on the roadmap of the game.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    Balance is nearly impossible to achieve in asymetrical games. What is possible is fairness. And for fairness to happen, it becomes a constant evolution of responding to every minor aspect and tweaking it as the game itself expands.

    There are certainly times when something is either heavily overpowered, or doesn't seem right (DH survivor screams for killer, yet for survivor no hit is registered, for example). That absolutely does need altering for QoL fixes! It doesn't feel fair that a hit appears to happen, when in reality it never hit, and likewise it also wasn't fair when a survivor was injured, even though the killer appeared to strike miles away. Aspects like that do need fixing.

    But to say the devs don't understand balance has flaws because, even when one side has variations (4 solos, or 1 swf team and anything inbetween), any attempts at balance so both sides are exactly equal is unreachable. It just needs to feel like the chance of winning is possible but not guaranteed.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    You seem to be under the strange impression that BHVR actually care about you and your experience. They have your money, they are not interested in you unless they can ram DLC in your face.

    I am a long time gamer, I won't say how old, let's just say that I played Quake and Doom, when the main way of playing multiplayer was to take your PC to a LAN meet. At that time you bought a game and that was all you needed, there was no DLC, no skins, no loot boxes, you played. Updates would come regularly with bug fixes and new content free of charge, either by the net or by CD Rom. You would play the game for years, in fact Quake still has servers running, look at CSGo.

    Then games became this regular source of income. Game quality started to deteriorate and DLC, Loot Boxes and extra paid content came the new way. A bit like timeshare, why sell once when you can sell over and over.

    So the question comes as which is most profitable, look at EA's model. Fifa, gets released as a brand new game every year, but the old ones still have bugs. Look on Sims 4 forums and see the bugs they have, yet they have a multitude of Expansion, Game and Stuff packs all at extra cost. BHVR have released Pinhead and Mikaela in the last couple of months and are now set to release another DLC. There teams are working on this because it makes them money, release fixes to improve your game does not. The new MMR system proves that people who play do not matter, because it is designed to help new players.

    Even the new killer and survivors help new players. Spent years learning how to loop? Well forget that because we have a killer to kill loops, a killer that can trap you in the shack and your only way out is death. Playing survivor but constantly hit because you are new? Here are some boons to help, one to stop you leaving tracks, one to help you heal and a new one that helps you up when you have recovered. You don't have to be able to play to win, you just have to pay to win. If you are winning, you don't care about the bug.

    I posted a thread an asked BHVR to actually respond to what they are doing about the bugs in the game, if anything and met a wall of silence.

    I wonder why that is.

  • VirghoulVirghoul Member Posts: 53

    You're right. Also just wanted to say it is nice to see original Doom players still around. ;) and those LAN parties were awesome!

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