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Would you want a Child's Play chapter if it meant you wouldn't play as a doll?

XOXOnotreallyXOXOnotreally Member Posts: 11
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A big point of why Chucky hasn't come to DBD is his small stature. Would you like a Child's Play chapter even if it meant you would play as Nica or Tiffany instead?

EDIT: Chucky as a doll would ofc be present as part of the Power. But the main killer would not be a doll.

Would you want a Child's Play chapter if it meant you wouldn't play as a doll? 24 votes

Nica Pierce / Tiffany Valentine is fine
Lochnload_exeGarlicRice 2 votes
Chucky or nothing
GibberishSeiko300TerminatorGuySgtRyeBreadlandromatCluelessChurchofPigbm33dugmanJayjayJetplane_NIGHTMARE_PSPGazgemauchMrCalac123Ussu[Deleted User]SchemingWeaselsIronHeart 18 votes
Child's Play doesn't work for DBD
KaanaTapeKnotThatOneDemoPlayerLeon_S_Kennedy 4 votes
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  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 3,815

    As long as the Doll is apart of it in some capacity then I'd still be invested

    Think of Twins, Victor is identical to Chucky in a few ways which is weird to think of but Twins is a concept for how a Child's Play killer COULD work.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,862
    edited November 2021
    Chucky or nothing

    This ^

    When the twins came out everybody was talking about the new killer and what a unique concept it was and all that, but one of my first thoughts was "Oh My God they're testing out how Chucky could work"

    I got so excited when I realized this, Victor is literally the precursor for Chucky mechanics. The only real issue is figuring out Chucky's animations, but the conclusion I came to there was he would probably do a dark chant and summon the entity's claws to raise the survivors up for him to hook them.

    I guess you could also talk about making Flashlight saves, but you could also chalk that up to "his height is part of Chucky's power, it has pros and cons, and one of the benefits is you can't really flashlight save without some difficulty" and that would be that.

    Long story short, (pun?) I firmly believe there's a way to make Chucky work. If they have to make an entire new height class just to introduce chucky then why not? By all means that would introduce some fresh variability in the killer roster to have killers classified as "short" and that opens up a whole new wealth of possibilities.


    Charles Lee Ray in human form would be cool, but it wouldn't attract too much new revenue.

  • UssuUssu Member Posts: 177
    Chucky or nothing

    It's not child's play without the chunky doll

  • Leon_S_KennedyLeon_S_Kennedy Member Posts: 66
    Child's Play doesn't work for DBD

    We already have something similar to a person and a doll with Charlotte and Victor

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