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Looking for Feedback on a Killer Power Idea

Jivetalkin13Jivetalkin13 Member Posts: 709

Just wanted some input on an idea for a killer power.

Basically, the killer is able to spawn an AI entity (no relation to "The Entity") that follows after a specific survivor. Probably have the AI follow the scratch marks of the last survivor that was hit by the killer. The AI can vault, move at 100% speed, open lockers (which instantly down a survivor inside), but die from falling and pallets. Once the AI catches up to the survivor it damages or downs the survivor depending on health state, but doesn't disappear until after downing a survivor. Probably best to have the killers speed be 110% in order to balance it out.

Counters to this power obviously would be dropping pallets, finding ways to get ride of your scratch marks, and falling off of high places.

Any thoughts or changes that might make it more balanced or fun?


  • TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 475

    If the AI is as good as the AI we currently see from behavior we gonna have a problem. So like... is it activatable or is it just like having twins you can't control and its completely passive? TBH it sounds pretty no skill as the AI does most of the pressure in chase. Can you imagine getting at a long wall with a pallet... The Ai just follows the guy and you just loop it the other way. The idea needs some work, it needs to be more than a press M2 and it does all the work. So the killer needs to time its attack well for it to be effective. Initial placement needs to be strategic or if its a projectile needs to be aimed well. Give it some more thought and think with the mind set "What skill does a killer need to bring to the table to make this power work well?"

    I could stick with the concept I guess and imagine a massive wrench wielding Robot enthusist killer. And the killer builds a robot, and issues commands in chase with a laser pointer or something. And then if a survivor breaks it with a pallet he has to rebuild the robot. Maybe find a new piece for it around the map. Then he can stay 115%

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