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Changes to killers

I am proposing this change in favour of normal casual players such as myself. Some killers are way too strong to be run on a casual level and it really isn't fun at all. I have so many games in a row just going in and dying 3 minutes in. I have no problem fighting strong and high ranked players, I have a problem fighting certain killers.

No matter how weak or strong a killer's kit is, the pros always find a way to run them. Go to youtube and search for Crohmbs, Probzz, Ayrun or any survivor main you know. They can run the strongest killers played by the strongest players any day. It's us casual players that suffer when things get buffed.


No idea why everyone called him weak when he was released. Now the devs buffed him to the point where it's not even fun to play against him anymore. Mindless complaining that destroyed the casual players.

Suggested changes:

Dagger throw speed increased 10-20%

Required daggers to damage a health state - from 6 to 8

Walking speed when throwing remains the same.

Normal walking speed from 4.4m/s to 4.5m/s


Against a decent blight player, you can't even juke him at all. It's so ridiculous, he's at the same standard as the nurse but easier to play or if not, at an even higher level compared to nurse because he can curve so ridiculously much.

Suggested changes:

Decrease the number of charges on his power from 5 to 3 or Decrease/remove the curving he can do.

Decrease the distance while not using his basic attack or bumping into something by 20-30%

Decrease his lunge distance when using a basic attack from his power.


The only issue I have is with the zombies. I hear alot of people complaining about the whip but I have no issues with it. There are so many zombies and there are countless times where I couldn't fix a gen for 3-5 minutes LITERALLY because no matter where I ran, the heartbeat was too loud or there was a zombie guarding the gen. Let's not forget the occasional times when I get whipped once, run into a zombie then turn the corner and get downed by a zombie. That's a 10 second run for the killer just whipping me ONCE.

Suggested change:

Number of zombies that spawn from 3 to 2/1, if 1, make the zombie move towards survivors or give it better vision range/ speed.

Keep in mind again that I am trying to fix issues FOR US CASUAL SURVIVOR PLAYERS. Of course killer players, no matter how strong you are would want better kits to work with but these 3 I mentioned are really unfair. Having a stronger kit is an advantage you get just by playing that character while us survivor players have to match how strong your kit is with our skill because we have no kits. At the end of the day, yes, it all depends on individual skill, but not all of us want to spend 20 hours a day to hone DBD skills. We have in real life things to do like work.




  • TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 475

    The trickster one sounds like a buff. I'm confused.

    Don't touch blight... hes hard enough to use for "Casuals" as it is

    Nemesis has never had 3 zombies what?

  • Hex_IgnoredHex_Ignored Member Posts: 1,001
  • PaccianiPacciani Member Posts: 35

    the game is unbalance on SURV side the killers must be buffed

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Yes, I do agree every deserves to slowly get better over time, and I have too. Does that change the fact that I am still a casual player? No. There is going to be a point where you learnt everything there is to know that DOES NOT REQUIRE 10 HOURS OF GAMETIME A DAY. Progressing your skills more require too much investment in game time and not everyone wants to do that.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    I am already as good as an occasional 2-4 hours of dbd here and there can take me. Not everyone sits in front of the computer for 10 hours a day to juke rank 1 killers for 20 minutes each run. Are you even reading the post? If you don't read everything, don't comment.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 133

    If your a casual player at the game you need to learn how to play I dunno how you are struggling if you are watching You tube videos of dbd players playing. Play both roles and you will understand the killers power better example hag when your in a chase with her you see her put down a trap run away to the next loop every killer has counters you just need to learn and take time to adapt,

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    trickster one is a nerf and buff in some ways. Just a nerf on him makes him way too weak and leaving him as he is now is way too strong. So my idea was to take something away and give him something else that isn't too strong.

    For blight, I have NEVER won against a decent player, meaning the other 3 on my team couldn't handle him either. I really think he needs a nerf. Yes you can say "get good" but I already mentioned that I am speaking on behalf of more casual players.

    Ok the zombie thing, I have no idea and I never read about it but multiple times during my game plays, I have seen 2 zombies guarding 2 gens and then when I run across the map, there is another one guarding the gen there. I just assumed based on seeing this so many times that there are 3 zombies. Either way, the way they guard the gens are a bit too overpowered for normal people to handle, especially when you can't find the nemesis' ruin totem and the zombie keeps appearing where you do gens.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Yes, I can understand that as a survivor, you need to be adaptable and versatile in the way you play based on what you see the killer does or is doing and I completely agree with that, however...

    1) I play on the asia server where I see things like camping and tunneling. On top of that, I have to deal with 2 teammates who don't fix gens and can't run either like 80% of the time. (I usually play duo games because too many friends have quit the game)

    2) I already try to adapt but there are things you just cannot adapt to such as the mentioned killers in my post. All a trickster has to do is literally be touching you then pull his knives out and he has an insta down. Where is the counter play to that? At least huntress has to aim and predict and even if we're talking insta downs, the 2 chainsaw killers have counter plays like using more windows instead of pallets. I'm not asking for killers to be nerfed to oblivion, I'm asking for more room for survivor's to breathe.

    3) When I say casual player, I don't mean holding W key down and not looking back. I maximize my loops, I do gens, I can find pallets WITHOUT "windows of opportunity" perk, I can read fakes to some extent, I look back in chase, I do fakes, I take hits for people, etc. What more can I say? Everything a casual player does, I can do.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Oh and one more thing...

    "3) When I say casual player, I don't mean holding W key down and not looking back. I maximize my loops, I do gens, I can find pallets WITHOUT "windows of opportunity" perk, I can read fakes to some extent, I look back in chase, I do fakes, I take hits for people, etc. What more can I say? Everything a casual player does, I can do."

    This is part of a reply I gave someone else. Bad players are bad players, casual players are casual players. Don't mix the two up and try to insult me with it. Shows the level of your reading comprehension or vocab. Or maybe both.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 133

    You need to go um in mmr if that’s the case when your solo Qing as survivor when u get there you will get good teammates. Sometimes depending on your mmr if it’s high a killer sometimes tunnels out a survivor or proxy camp one out because the gens are flying when the teams efficient and nerfing killers shouldn’t be nerfed because of casual play it should be looked in the high mmr games to balance it out more 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    If you watch Ortz, he can constantly AND EFFORTLESSLY get 4 kills.

    If you watch survivor main youtubers, eg. Probzz, Crohmbs, Ayrun, etc, they can easily and effortlessly escape. (They are still seen dying occasionally)

    My point here is, yes, mainly, everything boils down to individual skill BUT....

    1) Count the number of times Ortz has games with no 4 kills then count the number of times survivor mains die in a game. You'll notice that the latter has more counts. Still think it's surv sided?

    2) I repeat once more. I am speaking on behalf of casual community. Pros are good at the game and I respect that. I have accepted my defeat from hillbillies, wraiths, spirits, huntresses, nurses etc who can end the game in 3-5 minutes with 4 kills. My point is that casual players will NEVER be as good as pros especially if we don't put in the hours. You can't expect us to juggle a social life, a job, responsibilities, commitments, sleep, eating time, etc, AND STILL EXPECT US TO PLAY LIKE WE PUT IN 10 HOURS A DAY INTO THE GAME. At a casual level, especially with our current matchmaking and even more so especially because of the general playstyle of Asia server players, it's really unfair for survivors here. We don't get to have fun anymore.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 133

    im sorry that you feel that way but don’t worry eventually you will find ways to counter the killers like the game is complete rng you wouldn’t know who your against you could build full healing and go against plague you expect to win some lose some.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Camping and tunneling is something that happens in asia server. This is one issue. If you're going to tell me the standard "please, every server has campers and tunnelers" then I suggest you try asia servers for a month and try the Aussie servers for a month. It's a very clear difference. My Aussie friend always asks me to join his lobby and always refuses to join mine because of the asia community.

    Another completely separate issue is having killers with very little room to counter play them. You can say they are at bottom tier etc etc but it doesn't change the fact that us casual players cannot handle them especially when they are being played by players who really know how to use them. There are literally no counter plays if you don't know pro things like 360 or how to constantly pull of window techs, dumb techs etc etc.

    I hope you understand from my point of view and that this answers your question

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Sadly, I still think changes need to be made. be it splitting the servers or letting us choose how much ping we're willing to take on then combining servers etc or whatever changes to benefit everyone.

    but damn, I really appreciate your professionalism here unlike some other forum users. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 133

    Ya I understand, like the game needs to take in account of the casual community which they had seen by the nerf to spirit , nurse rework, billy. But they also need to look at the high level of play because they will notice exploits and op things that would make casual player hate the experience more

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    YESSS. 100% agree here. I get that it's hard to please everyone as a developer but they really need to find a fix to the problem that massively affects one group without affecting the other group too much and my suggestions are more aimed towards having that balance.

  • TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 475

    But you forget that there are casual killers, and nerfing every killer into casual mode makes that experience very unfun. There are mechanics in these killers that people who decide to practice them can learn and get good at. Blights are downing you because they practice these mechanics. If you are a "Casual survivor" you are probably getting down my blight in 2 bounces or less. You just have bad games agaisnt blight and want a nerf so you see less of him. Nerfing pretty strong killers just makes more play out of super strong killers like nurse. Be careful what you wish for because you get everything that comes with it.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,018

    Trickster wasn't buffed, he got nerfed, no reason to nerf him even further.

    Blight isn't an issue, if you think he's uncounterable, you just gotta git gud.

    Nemesis never had 3 Zombies, he only has 2 that get stuck in a corner 9/10 matches. If they actually did something and you couldn't do gens, then they somehow managed to do their jobs.

    The game is almost always being balanced for casuals, it's why so many Killers are bad and get nerfed for no reason (Pinhead, Billy, Slinger, Pig).

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    My friend, I do sometimes play killer and I am a wraith main. Can get my 4k here and there with the exception of the occasional god runners and god teams. With a basic skillset like mine as a killer, I still have a fighting chance even with the "weakest killer in the game". My idea is that survivors all run at the same speed and do the same thing but for killers, I can just pick a really strong one and the survivors will have zero fun the entire game.

    I'm not out there to smash the killer's gameplay, don't get me wrong. I'm just looking to nerf killers with little room for counterplay to make it more fair for casual survs who don't have the skillset to counter every single thing.

    Take league of legends and dota for example. There are heroes that counter each other in terms of base kit. But playstyle and choice of items can win the disadvantaged ones the game.

    Then now if you look back at dbd, trickster for example. I just have to get good at one single trick and keep rinsing and repeating it then the survs have no way to win or have fun.

    Hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,331

    These don't sound like the best changes even for causal players, if you are a casual player you probably won't have a high enough mmr to face many good blights so its unlikely a casual player would want changes it more sounds like a player who isn't casual but doesn't want to learn how to play against a killer

    Trickster changes to make him into old trickster but with slightly higher movespeed, throwspeed but less knives but it takes more knives to injure just doesn't sounds fun

    Nemesis change is just confusing, does it make 1 zombie that always knows where survivors are or just 1 zombie thats just slightly better than current zombies which sounds like a massive nerf because current zombies aren't the best and usually get stuck so now with all your eggs in one basket a single stuck zombie across the map isn't that fun

    Overall I can't see these being changes that would make the game better

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    First let's talk about trickster.. Nerfed how? by letting him eat 1 health state with 6 daggers? By buffing his movement speed when throwing daggers since his release? That's not a nerf at all. I'm proposing a rebalance to him, not just nerfing him. You make an invalid point here.

    Next, we move on to blight. I'm tired of people saying "to achieve this or that, you simply need to git gud". Why are you not the CEO of apple? GIT GUD. why are you not the richest man on earth, GIT GUD. See how ridiculous you sound? Instead of brushing things away, solve problems and find solutions. That's a real life lesson for you. Yes, you can down me in 2 bounces, you may or may not be a super good blight but isn't that my point? As tough as he is to use, when you know how to use him, it becomes so unfair for us to fight him.

    Lastly the zombies, as mentioned in earlier comments, I have seen 2 zombies at one corner guarding gens, got frustrated and ran to the other side of the map only to find another zombie waiting there for me. MULTIPLE TIMES. Yes, maybe I got my facts wrong because I didn't research enough about him but my point here is that it's way too strong, especially for something a killer doesn't have to do himself. Killer just has to put on ruin and play nemesis and he can automatically pressure 3-4 gens at once. That's the unfair part.

    And I don't know if you read my post and comments to other people but I will repeat here. Pros have the skillset to counter anything thrown at them. You give Ortz a killer that walks at 4.1m/s with a weak ability, I guarantee you he will find a way to make it work. Likewise with the other streamers who does mainly survivors. Many changes results in CASUAL players suffering and that's why I'm proposing this change to balance things and solve problems for us while trying not to turn the pro's gameplay too much.

    Also, I'm not saying nerf every single killer. Just the unfair ones. I get teamwiped by good nurses here and there but I don't complain about nurses because the whole thing is about mind gaming each other, again to reiterate my point, space to counterplay one another.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    It's not that I don't want to learn how to play against those killers. If that's the case then I won't even be able to run a single killer. I can run a nurse just fine and I can't run tricksters. See how ironic that is since you guys love to call nurse the strongest and trickster the weakest? If you don't play on asian servers you will never understand.

    I don't doubt that the old trickster isn't much of a fun thing to play but with the way he is now, he can either touch me, throw 12 daggers and I go down or wait till I reach a pallet that I MUST drop, he respects and hits 6 daggers then rinse and repeat. Where is the room for counter play? That's even less fun for survs to deal with especially like 2 minutes into the game.

    As for the nemesis part, yes, the pathing needs to change so they don't get stuck, very much agreed there BUT I have had games where I spend 5 minutes looking for a good gen to do before even touching a gen. Go to one gen, guarded by zombie, go to next gen, fix fix fix, zombie comes, I let go, Ruin takes effect. Find another gen, fix fix fix. killer comes for me, chase and get hooked. Unhooked, go find gen, zombie guarding, find another gen, another zombie guarding. How is that not unfair? In all these cases, it's just picking the killer that sets the killer at a massive advantage, not the skill of the player. Sometimes I even go to maps that I reach a loop and a zombie is waiting there so I have to leave that loop and that specific loop takes me like 30 or so seconds to reach the next decent loop, in which, killer gets free hit. When I reach the next loop, another zombie waits there and the same thing happens. Again, point here is that killer literally has to just pick that killer and profit from it so much that it becomes unfair. My proposed change to nemesis is to make them better tools to nemesis by changing their pathing so they don't get stuck and MAYYYYYBE walk a bit faster BUT reduce the amount of presence and area control they have within each map.

    Call me whatever you want, I know I am a decent casual player, both for surv and killer. On average I can run a decent killer for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, a good killer for maybe 40 secs to a minute and I ever ran new killers for the entire 5 gens so I know I qualify as a decent casual player. And don't ask me to learn to run rank 1s for 5 gens, I don't have that much time like streamers do just to get better at the game to that extent.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,331
    edited November 2021

    Tricksters room for counter play is using proper spacing and putting stuff between you and the killer, just like huntress

    the difference between the two is the windows of opportunity they need between the two killers, trickster can make the most out of small windows by building up damage and huntress benefits from larger windows but can't build up damage

    they both have their own counterplay but neither of them is the weakest killer since they have a power to help them down survivors in a chase but something to note their is no counterplay in the open, you need to find ways to put stuff between you and the killer or be healthy and use the speed boost from perks or being injured to give yourself that distance or run in advance, that is the best way to counter trickster and its honestly not way too hard

    If trickster doesn't have room for counterplay at 6 knives he wouldn't have room for counterplay at 8 that would need a whole rework from what it is now so it would be a senseless nerf

    You can kill zombies with pallets, lead them away, or blind them to stun them, zombies have counterplay but they are indeed there to waste some of the survivors time and give the killer a way to tier up without survivors, they have plenty of ways to counter but most important is to know how they function which can make it a lot easier to counter them

    for example zombies are attracted to noise notifications, meaning failed skillchecks, unhooks, discordance procs, fish perk, and pebble are all ways that zombies can be attracted to a location and if they see a survivor when going to that location they will go after you, knowing little things like this can help you play smarter against the nemesis such as not pairing up on gens to prevent discordance from attracting zombies, it feels you just need to try harder to counter them or just use a pallet to kill them for 45 seconds

    The zombies are just fine they just require more mindful play and getting to know them a bit better also there is only 2 zombies not 3

    None of these things really need changes they just need more mindful play on your behalf, which as you are hopefully suggesting you should be capable of if you tried. Rather than talking about nerfing them why don't you try asking others how to play around them better since that is seemingly what you are really asking here with these nerfs

  • MalikenMaliken Member Posts: 166

    If you can run decent or good killers for up to 1 minute 30 seconds on a chase as you claim, then you’re in no position to call for nerfs for these killers.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,018

    Trickster was definitely nerfed. His 1v4 got removed from the game, which is what matters in dbd, not a strong 1v1. Your changes wouldn't rebalance him at all, it's more of a nerf. You're nerfing his 1v1 with almost no compensation while buffing his movement speed by 0.1 meters. That's nothing.

    Blight is not unfair. He's a fairer version of Nurse in every aspect. His 1v1 is good but counterable, if you're going to nerf him, nerf Alchemist Ring to only grant 3 Rushes after a successful hit. His base kit is fine otherwise.

    Zombies are not too strong. Ask anyone on the forums and they'll say the zombies get stuck in corners atleast twice every game. They did something? You're unlucky. Adapt.

    This whole post is about you not trying to adapt to Killers. All of the Killers you mentioned are easy to outplay and are average (below average in Trickster's case, top tier in Blight's case) at best. The game shouldn't be balanced around casual Survivors, it's why, like I said, so many Killers get unnecessary nerfs like the Killers in your post

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    Don't you think I've already tried placing things between me and trickster? The difference between taking 6 or 8 knives is that when I drop a pallet, I get damaged. With 8 knives to take a health state, I end up taking 7 knives when dropping pallets, some space to breathe then drop a health state. It's not called a senseless nerf because you haven't met tricksters doing that to you 3-4 games in a row. Either insta downing or damaging you when you drop pallets. That's the whole reason I don't complain about huntress because it's about mind gaming whereas for the trickster you have no space to breathe even when you do the right things. Think before talking please, that's not called being senseless.

    I'm aware of what zombies are attracted to. So you expect me to waste pallets to kill them? So you expect me to take diversion every game? So you expect me to not utilize PTS when I can just because I face nemesis? Do you think before talking at all? Are you even in the asia servers where these things are bigger problems than other servers? If you don't understand why people have certain opinions, instead of following the majority in terms of opinion and only caring about your own games, learn to make things fair for everyone.

    Don't you think I've tried asking before? Why do you keep assuming I didn't try to learn to play around it? You don't experience the things I do and we have different time availability. The solution is either I put in a ton of hours a day to learn certain techniques or a rebalancing happens. I think the former would be quite ridiculous to ask for from a working adult in a "rat race" country.

    Let me put this into perspective for you. Since you say "why don't you ask how to counter instead of asking for nerfs", then picture this. You learnt boxing for a month and now your coach is asking you to fight Mayweather tomorrow. You fight and lose badly. Wouldn't you be asking your coach to give you an easier opponent in future rather than going around asking how you can beat Mayweather? Solution for you to learn is simple, either you put in the hours IF YOU EVEN HAVE THE TIME to get as good as Mayweather then fight him, or you fight at the level you want to be at. Same case here, buddy. Think before you talk.

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    You don't read, do you? running 1 min 30 seconds etc is in normal games where there are ethical and fair killers. The 3 killers mentioned in this discussion is the ones I deem unfair and I can't even run them for 20 seconds. Do you think before speaking?

  • TerramortiusTerramortius Member Posts: 115

    First off, let me clarify, do you even play in the asia servers and experience what I do? Judging from the way you make your arguments, you play in a server with a way nicer community, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Next the killers,

    For trickster, how is dropping a pallet and getting damaged for it a nerf to trickster? Don't even talk about open maps where 2 health states get taken from me in 5 seconds, BUT I GET DAMAGED FROM LOOPING RIGHT AND DROPPING A PALLET. If he respects and I don't drop it, he walks through and hits me anyway. If he respects and sees me dropping it, he lays 6 daggers into me. Then what am I supposed to do? I drop it, I get hit. I don't drop it, I get hit anyway. Windows aren't any different by the way. Where is the counter play?

    For blight, how is he fair? Nurse is a stronger killer but you don't see me complaning about her do you? I get team wiped 3-5 minutes into the game by nurses from time to time and I never once complained about that. You can mind game a nurse anywhere but for a good blight, even within most loops, they can still hit me while I'm looping properly. If I can't juke them on loops then where do I juke them? How is that fair?

    For the zombies, are you even reading? Everything I wrote about the zombies was their presence on the map. They cover so many areas that I can't even fix gens properly. On top of nerfing them I did propose other buffs, didn't I? All you can see is the nerfs because you're sore and can't take it that I'm nerfing ANY KILLER AT ALL. I'm not nerfing them all buddy, just these 3 really unfair ones.

    If you want to put it in such a light that makes it seem like I refuse to adapt. Then why do you sound like you refuse to adapt to killer nerfs as well? Because the game is surv sided like so many people claim?? You keep expecting people to adapt to things no matter how unfair they are instead of adapting to things yourself. I am proposing changes to UNFAIR KILLERS, ONLY 3 OF THEM SO FAR. Did you hear me say nerf spirit? I was even fine with the spirit before the nerf. Did you hear me say nerf nurse? Nerf bubba? nerf billy? nerf trapper? No. None at all. So it's ok for things to be unfair in favour of killers but we surv mains can't ask for JUST THE UNFAIR PARTS to be balanced? Here's an example of what you're doing, your company isn't doing well and the boss takes home less money compared to your pay. It's ok for him to physically and verbally abuse you? Start thinking for others, buddy, not just your own community.

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