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This hatch spawn blocks a doorway on RPD

I wish I could have gotten a better view of the room, but the last survivor was literally dying and I only got this screenshot with half a second or so to spare.

With the hatch where it is, I (the Killer, Pyramid Head specifically, if that matters) can not walk through the open doorway shown in the screenshot. It it is because the hatch itself has collision that elevates me slightly and the top of my hitbox won't pass under the doorway. The map is Raccoon City Police Department.

I know this description will be bad but here it goes. it is the bottom floor, obviously. It is the room that features a mildly safe pallet loop made up of a bunch of those chairs you can see in the screenshot on one end. I don't remember what the other end is but hopefully that it is enough to go off of to replicate this and remove this specific hatch spawn. I also wouldn't be surprised if more spawns like this exist on RPD.


  • RagingCalmRagingCalm Member Posts: 408

    I don't remember specifically, but based off of the picture, I am 90% sure it would have opened from closest to where I was standing in the screenshot. As in, that is where the "hinges" would be.

    But does that even matter? I think that the hatch has collision/elevation no matter if it is opened or closed, and as far as I know, whatever side it opens from doesn't mean anything at all. I could be wrong though, I haven't extensively tested it. Either way though, it's still an issue when it's closed, especially because the hatch still exists and has collision before it is even visible. It spawns on the map at the start of the trial and is invisible, but still has collision. There are youtube videos showcasing this where people find the hatch before the gens are done by noticing that they "levitate" a bit on a certain area, and that is where the hatch is.

  • RagingCalmRagingCalm Member Posts: 408

    I'm sorry but you are just wrong. Regardless of where the handle is, it blocked the doorway. I could not walk through that door at all.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,329

    There is a bug report in on this already, if you'd like to upvote that and add any extra information to the report that would be great, thank you.

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