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dead hard protection hit?

KasvixKasvix Member Posts: 3
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i’ve had this issue in every game as a killer, there wasn’t annoyed of it so it’s clearly a bug, and idk if ANYONE else has this issue. but i will have a clean, no desync hit on an injured survivor, whether it be in a normal space or at a pallet, i smack them, i get the blood splatter, the wipe, the scream and all. yet they don’t go down and they keep running all because they used dead hard AFTER the hit. i kept thinking it was mettle of man. it wasn’t. just dead hard. i’ve gotten cheated out of so many kills because of this. coming from a survivor main POV, i think it’s bullshit, yes dead hard should protect as a SPEED boost, not as a protective hit overall. maybe if it was a patch i’d not care but like cmon. fix this #########.

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