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Stop telling People how to perceive and play the game

There are lots of discussion about DBD. Has it a competetive side? Is it just a "Party Game"?

This is the most useless discussion ever. No one can decide for others how they perceive the game. A game naturally always has a competetive side though. Its human nature. If you just wanna chill, then thats okay too.

What is extremely annoying though, is that people act like there perception of the game is a straight fact. There are reasons for both sides and both are legit. It is extremely arrogant to act like saying DBD is just a random party game for EVERYONE is a straight fact. Its also nonsense to use it for arguments when it comes to the balance of the game. Balance should be done with the help of objective Data, not with the help of the feelings of people.

Also you are not entitled to tell me how to enjoy or play a game.

Opposing Opinions can be legit and coexist at the same time. I wish more people would realize that instead of just talking after what their favourite streamer says.


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