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Should DC Penalties Be Turned Off Until There's a Solution to the Hacker Problem?

V1VernaV1Verna Member Posts: 10

The fact that hackers have the ability to hold the game hostage and force a DC is annoying in itself and I think we should have the DC penalty turned off until BHVR manages to address the situation or there's some relaxation to it.

I know the hacker problem will most likely never go away, but it can be helped a little bit, and leaving DC penalties on is just making the situation worse than it can be.

Should DC Penalties Be Turned Off Until There's a Solution to the Hacker Problem? 33 votes

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  • SsajbambusaSsajbambusa Member Posts: 409

    Of course it should be.

    But devs prefer to 'fix' the cosmetic glitch instead. Every patch they 'fix' it, for new version of it being discovered an hour later...

    As we all know, cosmetic glitch is the most urgent issue right now, massively impacting the gameplay and balance of the game... What a thousand or two thousand of hackers can do compared to skin glitch?

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,855


    DC ruin the game, people will abuse it.

  • AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,115

    Yes and no.

    Because it can take them months if they are not making some temporary fix with new anti-cheat.

    Players who are not facing hackers, will DC whenever they feel like it. making the game miserable for others.

    The game is a mess and i think they should take the servers down until they add better anti-cheat system to make the game safe to play.

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 624

    Developers recently fixed a major problem with false DC penalties, but they have not announced it yet. I used to get disconnected every game which ran over 5 minutes, I have now played a week without one false DC penalty, so things are getting better.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,977

    Hackers are already ruining the game so may as well turn off DC penalties until they solve the hacker problem, especially since hackers can hold someone hostage in a game for hours. Saw SpookNJukes video where a hacker kept holding his game hostage for the 2 hour match limit. Luckily he could just switch from ps5 to PC but not many others have that option.

  • FreshCoalFreshCoal Member Posts: 174

    DC Penalties should always be turned off for killers because the hacker problem is never going to be fixed.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,923

    No. Just because hackers are bad doesn’t mean ragequitters are tolerable. And the game becomes noticeably worse when the DC penalties are off.

  • OnisEquinePhallusOnisEquinePhallus Member Posts: 26

    You know what also ruins the game that people are abusing?

    DbD's lack of anti-cheat.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,855

    if the gabs goes for a certain amount of time (say half an hour or so) than DC penalty should be off for that game.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,956

    I would rather face a cheater once in a while than play with dc's every single game as solo survivor.

  • V1VernaV1Verna Member Posts: 10

    Don't forget survivors can be held hostage. The killer can just down you and block you from wiggling out.

  • V1VernaV1Verna Member Posts: 10

    I feel like I should mention something I've witnessed before DC penalties and after.

    Yes, ragequitters are more frequent when the penalty is turned off. However, when it is on, the amount of DCs I get seem to be just the same amount I get when there was no such thing before they were added.

    Of course, the idea that it is off will give players the idea that they're free to do so whenever they want, causing a pretty bad breakout for a while. However, and I've seen this since DC penalties, the amount will mostly assuage over time, especially with long periods of the penalty being turned off.

    Finally, I should address the idea that survivors can just suicide on hook, which is essentially a DC. Sure, they distract the killer long enough, but the differences between the two seem to balance out. If a survivor DCs after being downed, the killer can immediately chase another, but info perks become void. If the survivor suicides on hook, they made the killer waste time, but procs the perk(s) or even addon(s) the killer is using.

    But I digress; this is more for the idea of the hacker situation. I don't believe it would be too bad for a temporary disable of the DC penalty, especially now with the situation becoming an epidemic.

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