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Will BHVR now consider trying to make Killer less stressful?

Between today's earlier thread on Survivor queues getting longer, the below reddit thread and my own experience as Survivor as of late, it is clear that there is a greater lack of Killer players in the community, and most of the people who prefer to play Killer typically point to the same thing.

The Killer role is just very, very stressful. Even now, when I've managed to give up on caring about winning or losing, I still get Killer Jitters, and some days I still stop myself from even booting up Dead by Daylight for Killer because of the risk of people actively trying to stress me out. Even when people aren't toxic, it's hard to feel like Killer is a rewarding experience nowadays. I, and I'm sure many others, often feel like Killer gets punished for having a good match with a 3k or 4k by having to play an obscenely strong team next game and get obliterated where 3 gens are done by the time you get the first Hook. The current MMR system only deciding based on kills or escapes doesn't work, and I'll be happy to offer some ideas for how to change it at a later time.

Going back and forth between having a good game and getting utterly wrecked isn't fun.

On top of the typical stress that comes with playing Killer, the game is rife with hackers. Many console players have turned crossplay off, and PC players have no option but to dodge. The hacking has gotten so subtle that it can sometimes be very difficult to tell whether or not a Survivor is cheating or legitimately good.

I remember reading from a BHVR dev once that it particularly stings when players say devs don't care. Personally, I think the devs do care, but the constant outpour of content every 3 months really hurts the devs ability to do QoL stuff and maybe help Killer be a more fun and less stressful experience. Otherwise, more and more people are going to take Cote's advice. Seems like they already are.

I hope that the devs are considering doing something to make Killer less stressful.



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