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Killer needs huge improvements.

Psycho_Psycho_ Member Posts: 351
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Killer is the most underwhelming babysitter sim it's ever been.

I just need to say, killer needs some major improvements. It's all the over powered second chance perks that are making the game feel like a chore. Dead Hard at the moment is completely uncounterable, you cant afford to swing through pallets anymore. it just feels like survivors have every tool to get a second chance and rob you.

Boons have really just sealed the coffin, because now as any killer without map pressure you apply pressure, injure 3 people hook the last. then, they all group up at the boon and heal in 4 seconds each or so. then your back at square one injuring and playing around dead hard again.

It feels like ######### ######### and killers need some serious improvements.

You could start by giving all killers an increased vault and gen kicking speed. maybe brutal 2 kick speed and bamboozle vault speed base, obviously not the window blocking.

I never thought... as killer I would have to cleanse totems or that they where so good everyone ran them and they are infinitely renewable. jesus christ....

Killer is a miserable baby sitting chore that isnt even satisfying to play anymore. great job on boons and the huge buff to dead hard. nice job guys. fun.

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