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Would you mind sharing what you fixed?

So after two weeks of being disconnected and banned for no apparent reason I have now played four days in a row with no false DC penalties. They used to happen every game by the 5 minute mark, now I have had a few games over twenty minutes. How does the game go from constant DC penalties to stable without a major fix? I changed nothing on my PC so it is on Beahiour's end that things got fixed.

Would someone be brave enough to share what got fixed for future reference? Also an explanation and apology is in store for those who suffered through the countless penalties and lost points.

It would also be nice to be vindicated for over a year of posts asking for this problem to be addressed.

Right now things are way more stable, thank you for the hard work. Just share what the problem was and how you fixed it please so you can get the props you deserve.


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