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Why are most killer perks so underwhelming?

Lately I've been trying to mess around with my builds but most killer perks are so bad or have little impact that it doesn't even matter if you run them or not.

  • Brutal strenght: 2.6s to break a pallet to 2.08. Unnoticeable in most chases as they can get to another tile in most maps (The Game map has so many pallets that it won't make any difference).
  • Unnerving Presence: Only works with newer players, I don't remember missing a single UP skill check since years ago.
  • Stridor: It was nerfed considering that IW is meta (and probably the strongest survivor perk), now that the Spirit has been nerfed, it should affect IW again.
  • Territorial Imperative: Why is this even a perk? Better yet, why does it even has a cooldown?
  • Fire Up: The idea is good on theory but in practice is useless, by the time you get its full effect you probably already destroyed most, if not all, pallets and walls. And the game never lasts long enough after all gens are repaired to actually get to use the perk.
  • Hangman's Trick: A really cool but specific perk that helped counter sabo, now it's been nerfed. It won't help you, ever.
  • Cruel Limits: Only usable 5 times, and in most maps you won't get value in any of those procs.
  • Dead Man's Switch: This perk is just straight up bad. It blocks gens that people stop repairing after hooking the obsession, it has a 45s activation window but if someone gets off a gen after 30 seconds of the perk activated, it will only block the gen for 15s.
  • Hoarder: It would be ok... maybe... if only didn't spawn more chests and it affected the entire map.
  • Oppression: The cooldown makes this perk not being worth picked over other gen regression perks.
  • Eruption: 6% of regression when you down someone, that's 4 seconds of gen progress. Go figure.
  • Hex Pentimento: A cool perk in theory but only works with broken totems. This has to be the worst possible time to release this perk, who breaks totems now that boons are meta? #########?
  • Monstrous Shrine: monstrous shrine.

There are many more perks that are garbage, these are just a few. But it's really sad cause at higher mmr you're forced to pick the same perks over and over unless you want to be genrushed. Maybe if devs actually buffed some of these jokes they call "perks" people would start using them more, making the game more fun and less stale for both killer and survivor. And keep in mind that some of these ######### perks are get only after you spend money on a character, so not only they're bad but you get them while paying for a character.

It seems like the devs are scared to release perks that are strong, but remember that this game is a 4v1, 16 perks against 4. Those 4 perks should be equal on power to the 16. Survivor perks are SO strong nowadays that they can win you games. Dead Hard can get you enough distance to loop for who knows how many seconds, forcing to drop chase in most cases. Decisive Strike can straight up make you lose a game if a survivor uses it (even if you weren't tunneling). Boon totems are a lose-lose for the killer, remember when devs said hexes were supposed to be high risk high reward? seems like they forgot to add the "high risk" part to the boons and only added the high reward. And there are so many second chance perks to the survivor side that sometimes you have to go against the equivalent of 8 survivors.

I'm not saying that survivors don't have bad perks, its just that you have less variety on the killer side and its really unfun, while on the survivor side you're able to run whatever build you like and if your teammates are running the meta, you will still win.



  • BaschFonRonsenburgBaschFonRonsenburg Member Posts: 234

    I was gonna say if you put unrelenting in this post you don’t play Hag or spirit lmao. But I love these kinds of posts. BHVR NEEDS to recognize meta shifts are healthy for a game. Make monstrous shrine a scourge hook perk that doesn’t allow escape attempts, or makes basement hooks count as scourge hooks for other perks. There is so much potential the devs are sitting on.

  • beatddbbeatddb Member Posts: 565

    I've used unrelenting a few times and the reduced cooldown can take even good survivors off guard some times. I would've thought it was ######### if I didn't used it though, as it seems more like a perk for newer players at first glance.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,810
    edited November 2021

    You do really misunderstand how to use half of these perks thats why they seem underwhelming for you.

    Especially brutal and erruption, they are close to meta perks even.

  • BaschFonRonsenburgBaschFonRonsenburg Member Posts: 234

    Playing on console it’s a god send for 360s no matter how intense my sensitivity is my killer literally cannot turn as fast as survivors on pc can. Unrelenting saved me many times.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,336

    You know what I really don't like? That basically every killer perk identifies itself to the survivors immediately, while survivor boons don't give you any information whatsoever until it's too late, and you've already lost someone to Shadowstep or had the entire team heal with CoH. And then of course they can just re-boon the damn thing when you snuff it.

    I hate boons.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,117

    Anytime killer gets a strong perk the survivors yell "unfun" and bhvr bends the knee.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,336

    Like why does Unnerving/Overwhelming/Coulrophobia give them a frakking perk icon at the bottom of the screen that screams at them and reveals that they're in your terror radius immediately but boons are like "oh maybe it's just Shadowstep and they won't heal in 6 seconds each but have fun finding out".

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,638

    That they are meta, doesn´t mean that they are good. I mean, the effect of Fire Up on release was so weak, that people thought it was bugged. No, turns out, most killer perks are near useless. Even the meta ones.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,426

    Tbf most perks period are weak. There’s a reason like 7 survivor perks are only ones used

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,810

    Its always easy to cover your eyes and point your fingers at something and denying the truth. You can call if whatever you want but the mentioned perks and also meta perks indeed to alot, even if you dont realize or want to realize it.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,638

    0,2 seconds for breaking a pallet doesn´t make a difference.

    6% or 4 seconds regression also don´t make a difference. Because it takes the killer way more time to reach that gen. The only reason why killers would take them, is because they either blindly follow the advice of their favorite streamer, or they are desperate enough to grasp at every straw.

  • beatddbbeatddb Member Posts: 565

    How is eruption close to meta? It's a ######### perk in most killers, you have to go out of your way to kick a gen and then after you down a survivor you only get 4 seconds of regression, which is nothing. The worst part is that its counterproductive with PGTW (probably the best gen regression perk in along with ruin). The only time I can see it being effective is if you're a Nurse on Midwich where every gen is a blink away so you can kick them pretty fast.

    Maps like Springwood, The Game, Haddonfield have so many safe tiles connected to each other that Brutal won't help you in any way, and its not even near a meta perk, I don't know what you're talking about.

  • RainehDazeRainehDaze Member Posts: 1,293

    My favourite part is having to identify ever survivor perk on sight just from what the survivor is doing, rather than anything the game is telling you. "Please memorise every exhaustion perk to play Killer in order to be relatively sure someone's not hacking".

    I think the only direct feedback is "someone has some type of boon" and Decisive Strike/Dead Hard stunning you?

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,543

    like 2/3 of the perks in this game are just bloodweb bloat and have been since launch lmao

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,810

    Guess what 15% repair speed is also not much? Even the best perks in the game dont do "much" if you would break them down to numbers. Idk if we are even talking about the same game or you are just trolling but in dbd every second counts, ESPECIALLY in a chase.

    Breaking a pallet faster even if its 0,2 sec can give you this little bit that you need to reach the survivors before he reaches another pallet, especially on Killers that can one shot survivors like Myers, Ghostface, Legion (since you are basicly always injured) hell even Oni.

    I dont want to even start with erruption cuz since you dont even know what this perk does xD

  • asirirsprimeasirirsprime Member Posts: 100

    Because you should waste more money. One decent perk per killer/survivor

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,543

    think you might actually be onto something, would make sense to keep so many garbage perks in the game to encourage spending money on the newly released good ones. god that's sad

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,484

    Yes, there are too many useless killer perks. A lot could be fixed by just lowering the cooldown or tweaking a few numbers.

    But it could be worse. You could be playing survivor, where you have a ton of good perks - but they are mostly really boring and uninteractive :D.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,810
    edited November 2021

    Just like ruin with undying you can "upgrade" that perk with pop together. With pop together you actually kick gens so you trigger erruption while you pop a gen, this means after you down a survivor you get some free bonus damage on it. Secondly, idk why ppl always tempt to forget it since this is actually the most important effect on it. If a survivor is repairing a gen while the explotion comes "which happens pretty often especially if you popped a gen which is very far" they get for 16 sec incapacitated. Which means they cannot repair gens. Now add this together, 6% damage + 16sec.. this is roughly the same time pop would give you with the 25% which means you have a double pop on 1 single gen.

    Now keep in mind that erruption triggers on any gen you have kicked before the down. You can go around at the early game "ofc without corrupt" and kick any gen survivors started working on, even if it is like 1%. You have the gen "marked" and the next time you down someone boom you get like 3-4 gens (depending on how much you kicked ofc) regressing and stopped anyone to further repair it. These 16sec are enough for most of the mobile killers like Blight, Nurse, Spirit, Oni, Billy etc etc to get to that gen (keep in mind that survivors also scream when they get the incapacitated effect and reveal therefore their location too) and kick it with pop after you hooked the said downed survivors.

    To put it simple: Kick early game gens up to 2-3. Now go chase and play as normal, down the first survivor and you get insantly survivors that screamed, you hook the downed guy and run to that gen and pop it, you have then AGAIN another erruption rdy on it. And this cycle repeats over and over.

    *edit: You DONT HAVE TO kick the early game gens but it does make sense to set up your erruptions and it will pay off trust me, but even then if you dont want to do it erruption can give you alot of value.

    You probably know this really annoying moment when you have pop and survivors finish gens infront of you? Well erruption is EXACTLY that what stops this from happening. Erruption + Pop is a very terryfing combination and it won me ALOT of games just with these 2 perks.

    I recommend this combo on mobile Killers like (Blight, Spirit, Nurse, Billy or Oni) but you can ofc use it on any Killer.

    About brutal, I agree that on maps like the Game, Haddonfield and Springwood this perk wont do that much, well and? Same goes to many other perks that get countered by some specific Maps like lets say Wreckers Yards, this map is so small you will constantly find survivors and therefore you dont need tracking perks like BBQ, Whispers etc. Every perk has some downsides, even Meta.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Brutal is good though in limiting where a Survivor I can go. That decreases a lot of distance. If game speed wasn't so stupidly fast I would be running it on my low tier killers. That's the game's balance in a nutshell there's a lot of good perks but you're basically shooting your own foot if you don't have any slow downs and that severely limits builds.

    If anything it sounds like actual game's mechanics needs to be fixed instead and perk meta would naturally change.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,638

    No, those 0,2 seconds won´t make a difference. Especially since you wouldn´t be able to notice a difference if the killer has BS equipped or not. Because 0,2 seconds is just the blink of an eye.

    Erruption requires the killer to kick several gens (with the full kick animation that takes over 2 seconds), so it can make gens explode for 6% gen progress (or 4 seconds for a single survivor). As you said, every second counts for the killer. He wastes more time kicking the gens than what he gets out of the regression (and stun).

  • beatddbbeatddb Member Posts: 565
    edited November 2021

    What you're saying is really situational, with pop + eruption you can't kick gens with progress before pop procs because otherwise you risk yourself to have the gen regressing and thus being unable to use pop, which is the main perk in that build.

    And sometimes eruption and pop can damage you instead of helping, if you find a gen with like 90% or more of progress with no one around you'll have to kick it otherwise the next survivor to find the gen will repair it in 5 seconds. But by kicking gens like those you're invalidating pop for the next time you have it activated.

    It would be an okay combo if killer had 5-6 perk slots, but for now I don't think you'll get more value with those than other gen regression perks

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,638

    Just saw this answer. Sounds good, doesn´t work in a normal match. If you take Pop and Eruption together, you won´t be able to kick most of the gens with pop, because they are in fact regressing from Eruption and the short Pop Cooldown will run out before you can kick it. Regression speed is 1/4th of the time a single survivor requires to repair. So 4 seconds of a regressing gen is 1 second of additional repair time for 1 survivor.

    Are YOU sure, you know how those perks work?

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000

    I would like to point out that Eruption is better than you're giving it credit for.

    If the gen explodes with somebody on it, it is arguably better than Pop. 4.8 seconds of Regression + 16 seconds of a useless Survivor is more than 20 seconds of regression. If it don't get a scream, well you know there's nobody there and that info is pretty nice to have. Add on to that that you can potentially inflict that 16s of uselessness on more than one Survivor... yeah it can be really good. I'm not gonna say it is better than Pop because Pop is much more reliable but Eruption is definitely not bad.

  • GrayEyesGrayEyes Member Posts: 379

    Did you say say a perk that saves you not even a second kicking a pallet and a perk that saves you 4 secs of a generator being done almost meta

    Lmaoo I love posts on these forums I just hope the devs don't take ######### like this seriously

  • RainehDazeRainehDaze Member Posts: 1,293

    I mean, we can do some basic maths for pallet breaking to see how much difference 0.2s makes. Breaking a pallet takes 2.6s by default, which is enough for a survivor to travel 10.4m. 0.2s reduces the distance a survivor can travel by 0.8m, so they have 9.6m headstart on you instead if they hold W. At full bloodlust (the least favourable situation), a 115 killer travels at 5.2m/s and will therefore close in at 1.2m/s. Therefore, 10.4/1.2=8.66..s, and 9.6/1.2=8s. You save, in the end, 0.66..s total from your pallet breaking (of course, pallet breaking resets it, but just so we know the range we're working with).

    Ignoring bloodlust entirely (inaccurately,) and with a 110 killer, the difference is instead 26s vs 24s. You save 2s of holding W.

    So, 0.2s saved in pallet breaking saves somewhere from 0.6 to 2s of chase time. Slightly less, bloodlust will kick in after 15s (towards the end of the 115 chase in this instance).

    Or another way of thinking about it is: it's only useful if it would take a survivor 24-26s (with a 110 killer) or 16-17.33..s (with a 115 killer) to get to another pallet/obstacle and start looping again (also ignoring lunges and dead hard because that's just going to give more headaches). With map design, that seems rather unhelpful. Otherwise, you'll save maybe a second, which is technically useful but "one second saved" is not a good perk slot use.

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