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Unpopular Opinion: With engineer's fang (and the right build) Pinhead is an S-tier Killer

The amount of game delay you can force on the survivors with chain hunt makes Pinhead a really good Killer, but not a perfect one. He suffers really badly from an inconsistent and difficult-to-use chase power which keeps him from being a completely overpowered Killer. However, with Engineers fang and the correct build (I use Surge, Ruin, Tinkerer, Deadlock, and also the one green addon that makes solving the box take longer) Pinhead becomes an insanely strong Killer. You're able to apply so much pressure it's insane, because in combination with constantly getting injured and being forced to either heal or stay injured but the survivors will also have to deal with the threat of chain hunt happening. Also, while all of that is happening Ruin, Surge, Tinkerer, and Deadlock will be making gens take so much more longer.

What do you guys think about my opinion?


  • GrayEyesGrayEyes Member Posts: 379

    I think its the opinion of someone that doesn't play against really good survivors on the regular

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 511

    Nice constructive criticism dude. For most of my Killers, Pinhead included, I'm usually going up against really good survivors. Just yesterday as Pinhead I had an extremely stressful match on Badham against 4 really good survivors. They all had great coordination and were individually really good survivors, but I still managed to barely get a 3k.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 1,140
    edited November 2021

    I mean if you add the best of the best Clown is also an S tier killer with the pinky finger. And a lot of his slowdown depends on him going against solo survivors, a lot of it is negated by comunication.

  • GrayEyesGrayEyes Member Posts: 379
    edited November 2021

    You asked for opinions on your own opinion if you don't like the answers you get then why even ask? You asked for honesty and I was honest and you get mad about it

    I'm really not trying to be rude but if you were facing really good survivors all the gens would be done in under 5 mins and you'd lose 2 or 3 gens in the first chase

    Try playing vs someone like probbz or dowsey when they play survivor and tell me how good you do as Pinhead

    I already know your gonna get your jimmies rustled by this reply but I'm just being real not trying to offend

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 511

    No, I responded like that because I was more or less expecting a response criticizing Pinhead's power and explaining why he's not an S-tier killer, not just "You probably don't go up against good survivors lol." And no, just because I go up against really good survivors doesn't mean that every single match is just gens in 4 min, etc. The thing that helped me win that extremely stressful match on Badham was because it was a variation of the map that was really small and the fact that I found the box at the beginning of the game, thus helping me find all the survivors and injuring most of them. From there it was just a back and forth until I managed to tunnel someone out of the game and then 3k.

  • LabracLabrac Applicant Posts: 1,285

    Maybe against solo teams, not against SWF.

  • RainehDazeRainehDaze Member Posts: 1,293

    You... think he's an S-Tier killer, with the ability to injure survivors at range and a build that doesn't actually help at all with his passive?

  • GrayEyesGrayEyes Member Posts: 379

    But if you are facing really good survivors the gens are done in 5 mins that's a fact not my opinion every Killers experienced that a couple times ik you know what I'm saying

    On small maps he can be good like you said but on maps like Haddonfield vs good competition I find he struggles a lot to land a single ability because of there being so many faults and stairs and stuff like that imo

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,485

    He's better, but not S-Tier. His anti loop is still crap/takes to long if you try to down a Survivor.

    His general map pressure is decent, with or without Engineers Fang.

    But it's getting nerfed so his anti loop will be even worse now with the Add-on.

    What I don't really get is the fact that they nerfed some Add-ons no one uses, Iri. Configuration for example.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
    edited November 2021

    Oh right.

    Most killers can get "S" tier when you use lot of resources.

    Best build, best addons, best map offering

    But that doesn't really make them S tier, because how do you want to compare it with killers that are already S tier and use best things...

    Also even with that I don't think pinhead is nowhere near S tier. He is most random killer we have atm, more than Trapper imo. That's why I really don't like to play like him.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 7,313

    He's not that strong no matter what you put on him. But survivors aren't gonna have to worry about him much longer. Any add-ons that made him have a chance of being a threat are getting nerfed very soon.

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 3,107
    edited November 2021

    I'd say he can peak at low A tier with the right perk and map setup but I think hes weaker than Demogorgon. I'd say hes on average a B tier killeer

    Survivors have too much control over the box, and eith the upcoming nerfs it's going to be even harder to make use of your true potential.

    That being said, Pinball has so much going on, he has to have a galaxy sized brain. I often run 1 or 2 end game perks to try and maximize his oppressiveness

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,591
    edited November 2021

    'S' tier? No, probably not. With a decent follow-up addon like lens or the one that applies Deep Wound, maybe 'A' tier. On the right maps.

    Thing is - it's an Iri addon. It's supposed to be really powerful. Demo, Plague, Doctor, Legion, Myers, even poor Clown can be 'A' tier with the right addons.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,738

    Nope, only S tier is nurse.

    Fang injures sure but injures dont mean anything especially against good survivors. Look at legion

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 511

    The reason why clown wouldn't be considered an S-tier killer is that he doesn't have any natural slowdown, he only has his bottles that can be pretty easily countered for the most part. Communication for sure weakens his slowdown but doesn't entirely stop it, you can still apply a lot of pressure by getting the box at least once.

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 511

    I think he is an S-tier Killer because of how much slowdown he can have with his power as a whole. Injuring people from long range forces them into wasting time and healing or staying injured and risk the consequences later. Combined with this you have Ruin slowing down generators much more, Surge destroying any nearby generators because survivors will probably choose to stay injured, Deadlocked for extra gen slowdown, and Tinkerer to injure any healed survivor on a generator.

    And about the whole perk + power synergy, Franklins is overrated on him because if you hit a survivor with the box instead of instantly picking it up like you would if you downed someone, your gonna have to sit through your cooldown and then pick it up. Those extra seconds are a waste of time and it's just better to down the person with it. Hoarder is the only one I would consider using but I've been having a really good amount of luck with the box and always being able to stop it even without it, so I don't really see much of a point to using it.

  • PleassBuiltInNoedPleassBuiltInNoed Member Posts: 618

    Right now yes. He can be very strong with fang and meta build, if you can keep the chain hunt up for majority of the game.

    Good luck with that after the nerf though.

    Personally I think fang is not even close to being an OP addon. You can't down anyone with it and most importantly the chains are very hard to hit with 0 reward for doing so in most situations. This addon just made pinheads "main" power reward you for playing well on your first hit. And the nerf to it is actually laughable, as chains barely do anythig 90% of the times, nobody cares about having one less. I'd say this addon did not even get a nerf, it's still the same basically.

    But they did a hard hit to the addons that really helped him versing those good teams and play around the box. Pinhead is all about the box really, his main power does basically nothing. They again nerfed the part of killer that actually made the killer decent, without buffing his weak part in return. It's just another deathslinger or spirit situation.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,208
    edited November 2021

    Compare to what S tier killers can bring (Nurse, Blight, Spirit) - aka their best addons is Pinhead a lot behind. They will become SS tier if they use their best addons.

    Also judging the Killer based on his best addons that are going to be nerfed a lot anyway soon is not really a good idea imo.

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