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I realized something.

C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,319

Early 2020: Introduce breakable wall, Killers have another thing to do. It didnt matter to me much, those were like pre-drop god pallets. Just kick it and its gone.

Oct 2021: Introduce boon for Survivors, Killers have another thing to do. But this time it isnt gone.

And Killer still stuck around Totem as extending the match.

I dont tunnel, I like it when I use STBFL and injures multiple survivors and pressure them from there. Since the Boon Coh, it just doesnt work any more.

A Clown chased a Feng, I & a Clau self healed with a Boon (from Clau), I took hit, went to Boon and self-heal. While at that time Clau took hit for Feng. Then Clau went to Boon and I came to took hit again. This repeated until Kate alone did 2 last Gens in the back ground.

It was fun until I faced the same thing as Trapper, I was chasing an injured Feng and Nea passed by, I hit Nea (to stack STBFL and put some general pressure), then I continued to chase Feng, then Nea healed in no time and came again.

Boon broke Killer side.


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