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Have you ever had a survivor be salty even though he escaped?

deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 2,554
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I know I already posted a thread and Ill try to not post a lot but wow. I wasn't even playing killer I was playing solo survivor and we got a three man escape in a match against scratch mirror Myers at Lery's. The Nancy called me a "dumb Jill" (I was playing with Claire by the way) sending voice messages for not going to get Claudette even though he was on death hook in the injured state and I had to body block for him and an injured jane. I was on death hook too as I won a couple of chases, Myers beat me in some and was basically getting chased all game. Point is I have never seen someone be pissed even though he escaped. I asked if the Claudette was his friend but got no answer (they were on two different platforms so idk) and I was respectful towards him too.

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