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Why aren’t new killers allowed to be strong?

Pinhead’s addons were nerfed because apparently he was “over performing”

and now people are already wanting The Artist nerfed even more? Even though the ‘idle crow’ damage from the PTB was already removed

Imagine if Nurse was a new killer and was only released today instead? She’d be nerfed into oblivion instantly. I imagine it would go something like this…

“we feel like Nurse has been over performing recently at higher MMR and agreed that the ability to ignore walls and pallets offered no counter play, so now when Nurse hits an injured survivor after blinking through an obstacle they will instead be put into the ‘deep wound’ status instead of going down

Why is it older killers like Nurse and Huntress are allowed to be strong but not newer killers?



  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    I think survivors lose perspective. The stronger a killer is, the more impactful each individual survivor is allowed to be.

  • FrndlyChnswSalzmnFrndlyChnswSalzmn Member Posts: 705

    Good thing we got her or we wouldn't even know what a decent Killer looked like.

  • SmukSmuk Member Posts: 735

    Thats why is 4v1. SoloQ is unberable to all, so swf is a way to go.

    coop is the key? or coop counts only on gens, healing and group slavic dance moves at exit?

  • EntinatyEntinaty Member Posts: 143

    Good logic but is very flawed. Survivors are needed true but the killer is also required. Without the 1 killer there is no game. Without the killers the game doesn't have anyone playing it because otherwise what would be the point. Basically put killers NEED to be strong because otherwise there is no point in playing this game to begin with.

    I am interested in what you believe the alternative to be. Honestly I agree that they actually need to see over a period of time what people are complaining about when it comes to what makes killers oppressive regarding certain combinations, not annoying, not unfun, but oppressive combinations that can then be balanced appropriately and then tested before being updated.

    For example, before the nerf to Cenobite it could have been something that was instituted in a safe environment under multiple combinations and additions and then tweaked before being updated. If only BHVR had the ability to allow these types of things to be tested by the players in some sort of public test build to iron these things out before updating them. We can only dream.

  • douggie123douggie123 Member Posts: 1,315
  • Suzzys_SecretarySuzzys_Secretary Member Posts: 46

    What most here fail to realize is that vast majority of the playerbase are casuals, to go against s tier killers nurse blight spirit (double speed add on) require knowing every tile and map generated rng and on top of that be creative & random with movement pattern against "godly" nurses. That alone is only seen on 4-10k hours survivors. Sadly 1-3% of the playerbase will not finance an entire company (BHVR)

    I don’t see the issue with the remainder of dbds lifespan having gutted killers for the foreseable future when you have 90-95% win rate killers such as nurse, will most reach that mastery most likely not same can be Said about the likelihood of 4x survivors going against that nurse one weak link is enough to wrap things up.

  • SunsetSherbetSunsetSherbet Member Posts: 1,292

    I do not believe this game is tested for anything besides the newest players because that's the only thing behavior cares about

  • WarpheadWarphead Member Posts: 623

    Strong = overpowered to Swoopie. Can't play a balanced match, killers have to be weak.

  • nanasi_K9nanasi_K9 Member Posts: 499

    They say that the balance of the killer is based on how many kills you can get consistently.

    In the JP forum, they said the following.

    ~2k: Very good balance. This is where we aim to make adjustments.

    3k: We think it's too strong and needs to be fixed.

    4k: Overwhelming and needs to be fixed immediately.

    All of the killers will be adjusted so that the game's result will be 2k2e, so according to the kill rankings released last time, almost all of them will be scheduled to be weakened.

  • JexxTronJexxTron Member Posts: 227

    Just like Facebook, its all about the money. Everything else is just a distraction.


    That can work for both sides

    People still say decisive is to strong when the only way to get hit by it is to

    A actually tunnel a survivor


    B have a survivor doing ######### all for the next 60 seconds which is giving you free pressure

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