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I give up being a Trapper main.

C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,823

Last week I played over 10 matches as Trapper and got totally destroyed with 2-3 matches were 2k because I had Noed & Rancor, most matches were 0-1k. Tonight was no difference.

No its not because of skill. Patch after patch the spots in every map that used to hide traps are removed (I can list these spots detailed if you want to). By the time I almost finish setting up, 4 Gen done, then come with trap disarm noti in far distance.

I use Tar Bottle every single match and survivors disarm them like its their breakfast. Amazing that the new map has zero grass on any loops.

Trapper is that one Killer that you can counter by setting graphic to Low and increase screen brightness. I never feel so worthless as Killer in the last week (only when I play Trapper)

I will shift to between Shape, Spirit, Cenobite & Artist (not try her yet).



  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,981

    Rest in pepperonis

  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Member Posts: 192

    What perks do you run? What's your playstyle? Where do you trap?

    If you like Trapper, I feel like changing that stuff around is the answer more than just abandoning him.

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 3,682

    I don't even really know if Tar Bottle is his best addon anymore, I feel like he's got a few decent ones. There's the auto-reset addons, the slowing down disarming addons, the iridescent that injures on disarm, the few to make getting someone in a trap even more deadly like Honing Stone or Wax Brick...

    Tar Bottle is increasingly less and less useful as maps get brighter and grass is removed. In my experience, you're probably going to want to be hiding traps around sharp corners and on the sides of loops with pallets instead, and accept that you do not have a map-wide presence, you're setting traps and sticking by them.

    I would like to see this addressed, though. I mentioned it in another post I made but I kinda want to see the Tar Bottle reworked to apply map-appropriate camo instead of just darkening the traps. Sandy for Coldwind and Eyrie of Crows, iced-over for Ormond, etc etc.

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    I like to hide traps in-between pallets. The survivors disarm them too much when they are placed next to generators.

  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Member Posts: 192

    I used to do this, but survivors started just predropping the pallet to cover the trap.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,823

    Mostly End game perks (Noed Rancor Blood warden, STBFL)

    Some match change to full M1 (Sloppy, Franklin, STBFL, Unrelenting)

    Or full pallet counter.

    Usually I set 3-4 traps around an area 25% map before I pick traps and get to another area. Usually in chase, i can control them to run into traps zone and hooks start fro there. Sometimes random survivor step on traps too.

    But recently, all I heard was disarm trap noti. Even at places that hard to expect. Perks dont matter when you start game with losing 3-4 Gen for traps setup and all traps disarmed.

    Which addon doesnt matter, even if I use Honing stone and Iri stone, its pointless if they never step on traps.

    Bloody coil may have some use. But they will heal 30sec later with Boon, if Im not there to make a chase instantly

  • MoonSproutMoonSprout Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2021

    I assume gen traps will be disarmed and that's kind of the point, survivors love disarming them so much it lets me know they're at a specific gen. Sometimes traps are useful just for the info.

    Trapping inside a pallet is terrible and you should never do it. Either trap on the side of the pallet (so they can't drop it without stepping in it) or trap it around the corner of the loop and run them into it after the pallet is dropped. Or my favorite, drop them in the other side of an already dropped strong pallet and laugh when they slide into it confident they're safe.

  • TheCollectorTheCollector Member Posts: 3

    Trapper is very map dependent. Where you put your traps is very important, a smart survivor can predict where your traps are based on which side of the map you spawned and the type of loop or Jungle gym. As a Trapper main myself I only set up 2 or 3 traps at the start then go for a chase and study survivors pathing to determine where I think I should place my traps or to instead use my traps in chase or purely as temporary area denial such as doorways or pallets. There is so many things working against him that when you do well it feels amazing but the rest of the time your wishing you were playing any other killer.

  • dallasmedicbagdallasmedicbag Member Posts: 571

    should've given up on trapper a long time, my friend

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 3,682

    I think your problem here is trying to control too much of the map- in my experience, the general area you spawn in is going to be the area you defend, and you just give up the gens on the other side of the map because getting there and setting up traps is just not possible.

    Easier to shift around where your traps are on smaller maps, though. Or like, maps with a small effective play area, like Dead Dawg- though that's already a good map for him. On larger or even moderate maps, your spawn point is where you're gonna want to defend.

  • MoonSproutMoonSprout Member Posts: 13

    Yeah that's another thing, for trapper figure out where your 3-gen cluster spawns and put your traps there (or around the shack or some other really appealing place for survivors to go if you want to punish people). Don't scatter them around. Establish your priorities and get to set up, then collect traps as you're going around hunting them afterwards to bring back and reinforce your 3-gens even more. I've had plenty of trapper games that I 4ked even though survivors fixed 3 gens before I even downed the first one.

  • M1MASTERM1MASTER Member Posts: 352

    The devs literally put zero thought when making maps, it's not a new thing.

    Guess slightly buffing Trapper after 5 years is enough for BHVR.

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    How is it terrible when it works for me all the time?

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    I haven't ran into much predropping of pallets. I usually try to avoid those types of groups.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,569

    Trapper's buff didn't go far enough. He requires way too much time investment in traps for the usual payoff. There are only so many trap placements that make sense, aren't easily found, and will also actually catch people. But traps often can only check two of those 3 boxes.

    Once you get to a certain experience level, survivors will disarm close to half of your traps with no penalty unless you have a specific add on. And he has literally nothing else besides his traps.

  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 1,046
    edited November 2021

    No...Trappers are very sweet and cute :'(

  • MoonSproutMoonSprout Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2021

    Because its easy to counter, and you only have to adjust your strategy very slightly to make it impossible to counter, to a similar one that has all the same benefits and none of the weaknesses. Seriously just move your traps over a foot.

    I'm not saying it can't work, especially against unskilled players, it's just that a slight adjustment makes it much much more effective.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,823

    Before the Boon, they still step on traps here and there. Yes some matches there are some survivors that dedicate to disarm my trap, but not always happen. Recently, every single match, every single survivors able to find my traps and disarmed, I had less than 5 survivors step on my traps in an entire week of playing Trapper only.

    I dont know what's happening, I dont know if everyone play on Low graphic with increased brightness, since my play style never change.

    I dont think they put zero thought, they just nerf the trapping spots on purpose. Here is the list of spots that used to hide trap under

    Hawkin rubbles at collapsed walls used to hide traps, now cant. (removed)

    The game used to be dark down floor, now its bright.

    Lery used to be creepy dark to hide traps, now its bright.

    Yamaoka estate, pillows used hide traps, now cant.

    Autoheaven used to have grass, the broken glass used to hide traps, now cant.

    Chapel rubbles on upper floor vault used to hide traps, now cant.

    Pale rose, the plank to walk up to ship used to hide traps, now cant.

    Haddon field, the garage with basement house, the stair used to hide traps, now cant.

    Sactum of wrath, the little rock on stairs on temple used to hide traps, now cant.

    Ormond rubbles at collapsed wall used to hide traps, now cant. The snow at shack doors used to hide traps, now cant.

    Midwich, the gate with a vault, that vault used to hide traps, now cant.

    First step at basement stair used to hide traps, now cant.

    But those map nerf affect merely half of my play since survivors still step on traps on grass areas, though recently doesnt matter where I put trap, it doesnt work at all.

    I dont know if I reach to high level as Trapper, but in the last week, my kill rate is 1k, which should drop my MMR.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,090

    I thought this wouldve been about Dead Harding through traps, the true bane of Trapper's existence.

  • LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 291

    You could play Survivor.

    Or Hag but i can guarantee that (thanks to sbmm) you will eventually reach the point, that you will face only Survivors, that will harass you by activate traps on purpose all the time, so you cant build up an area. They know the activation range and will use that. You wont get a hit because you are too slow with 110%.

    So yeah, better play Survivor at this point.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256
    edited December 2021

    Just poking in as Trapper is my main. Never trap pallets. The only time it's okay-ish is if the pallet is already dropped and you want to trap them on the other side while they're stuck in the vault animation.

    The key to trapping loops is to trap around the peripheral of it where the survivor is running their loops, grass helps but if they're looking at you they're not looking at their feet. Watch how survivors run around a loop and remember it...then put a trap there next time you're on that tile as Trapper. I also like to do narrow hallways/doorways/TL wall windows but they're lower on the priority.

    Edit: Also if you trap pallets you're setting yourself up to get pallet slammed.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,823

    DH is annoying yes, but it doesnt matter much since they can only use once per chase and they will step on the next trap anyway.

    Constantly disarming traps like the traps are obvious, is what get me to give up Trapper.

    No, I never trap pallets unless to use Double Red addon that force them to disarm.

    I play Trapper for 2 years to know where I should trap. It usually work until recently, no where works.

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 592

    Just played a few games at Trapper on the new map.

    It's terrible. Just a few tiny patches of grass at a handful of loops and the occasional shrub in the middle of a giant open patch of sand.

    The grass on the reworked maps is garbage, but amazing by comparison to the Eyrie of Oops My Internet Died.

  • RoaderFrostRoaderFrost Member Posts: 170

    Trapper should start the game with all traps active. Now he's hardly playable with insane amount of healing around.

  • throwaway79465468797throwaway79465468797 Member Posts: 682
    edited December 2021

    I never go for early trap game...then again I'm probably not in high MMR games for him yet. I do hard trap pallets whether they are dropped or not... this usually forces a survivor to disarm them at some point if they want to use the pallet safely.

    I dont even break the pallets most of the time. Survivor waiting or pre-drops a pallet? That's a trap setup for me. No more loop for them. I'll sometimes fake going for the pallet and set up a trap right in front of it so they have less time to think about where to go next.

    Another trick that might work is trapping both long and short side of loops so survivors spend more time disarming both of them for those sweet survivor points... from there it's a matter of luck. Like trapping corners and stairs where you think survivors will spend more of their time looking behind them.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,526
    edited December 2021

    Sadly trapper A game now with the pretty much auto heal boons, uber burst perk, and very few good hidden traps anymnore, is to set up around basement.

    Get one survivor in basement, trap the crap outa basement let them come to you.

    1 of 2 things happen

    Other survivors smash out gens and leave, 1 k game so no real change from most other games


    Other survivors try really hard to save and either succeed or fail hard.

    This is not as bad as it sounds as playing around the basment for the save makes for a lot of high intenisty interaction that is actually kinda fun.

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