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Killers by ease of use

dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,895

I thought it would be fun to rank killers by how easy or hard I’ve felt they were for me to learn to learn to play. Obviously these are just my rankings based on my experience with them (and a guess on the Artist)


  • Nurse is her own category. She really feels like a character that if you don’t play her regularly she’s pretty difficult to use. I hate her stare at her feet playstyle though so I have no desire to bother with her, I just never found her fun at all.
  • Both the 110% move speed ranged killers feel like ones that if you don’t play them enough to be really consistent with their ranged attacks then you’ll really suffer because of their terrible movement speed. I usually play killers randomly though so needless to say I’m a terrible shot with both Huntress and Deathslinger. I don’t dislike them (other than Deathslinger’s turning speed feels really slow), I’m just not putting in the extra time to improve my aim.
  • The middle tier are killers whose special abilities are fiddly enough that it can feel a little rusty if you haven’t played them recently. I played Oni again his week after a stint of not playing him for instance and had serious trouble with my cornering with his ability. Wraith is unusual in this bucket because his controls aren’t hard but getting into the right grove of cloaking an decloaking and blocking survivors, etc, makes a big difference with him so he’s not likely to do well without a pretty firm understanding of general gameplay.
  • The second highest tier are killers that I feel like I could play out of the box and get the gist, but they have some odd strategic points that might take getting used to. For instance, Trapper is super simple to understand how his ability works, but knowing the best places to put traps for various scenarios is something you have to pick up with experience playing him. I put Artist in this tier as well, just a hunch.
  • And finally the top tier are the ones that I felt could be played pretty smoothly straight out of the box more or less. Mind you, that doesn’t mean they’re the most powerful killers, many killers in the lower tiers are probably more effective once you get good with them. But they can all be played decently even if you haven’t played them in a while or never really played them at all. Clown isn’t the best killer among top players, but it doesn’t feel like he needs much practice to at least play ok with him and not feel like you’re making a bunch of mistakes.

This list is also a snapshot, I could easily swap a couple killers up or down between the top two tiers. (The “newer” dual gas Clown is more complicated than the original that only had pink gas, so I’m half tempted to drop him to second tier.)


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