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Why aren’t new killers allowed to be strong?



  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 10,255

    Nurse doesn´t has a 90-95% kill rate. She has the lowest kill rate of all killers.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 10,255

    Of course a killer is required for a match. But imagine if all those survivors that only play survivor, because its the power role, suddenly switched to killer. Then we would have a situation like 2 or 3 years ago during the halloween event. At the beginning of the event people HAD to play both sides to earn the event currency. Which resulted in massive killer queues (talking about more than 30 minutes), because every single survivor main tried to play killer at the same time.

    On regard of the testing environment, they should really launch the PTB as a secondary client thats permanently accessible without overwriting the main dbd client. The test times could last much longer and people should earn some kind of reward for testing and reporting new stuff thoroughly. But yes, we can only dream.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 428
    edited December 2021

    Only if said killer tunnel visions the best survivor. Play like the rest of your brothers and tunnel out the weakest link in less than a minute and enjoy the free win.

  • SmukSmuk Member Posts: 505

    And thats why survivors queues are longer. Its better if some fools be frustrated over the game design but yet is rewarded with instant queues?

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 446

    The reason we have weaker killers being released isn't because bhvr is afraid of making a strong killer or because of whining survivors; it's because we keep getting killers whose powers focus on the 1v1 rather than the 1v4.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 10,255

    Correct. Thats why Clown is such a fitting killer for this game.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 815

    Well, Pinhead's chain hunt was, legitimately, a 4-player slowdown power and all the addons that actually made it function got nerfed. But you're right: we DO keep getting weaker killers whose powers focus on on 1v1. But then those powers also get nerfed anyway (Freddy, Wraith, Spirit, Pyramid Head, Deathslinger, Twins, and even Trickster's totally worthless Main Event).

    The only new killers that haven't been nerfed are Blight (who is basically running Nurse: strong but extremely hard to play at first, so most killers just get a bunch of 0ks and give up, keeping the Stats low) and Nemesis (whose 1v4 power is a buggy AI mess and whose 1v1 power gives survivors a third health state and effectively reduces his downs-per-gen).

  • sadakiyosadakiyo Member Posts: 227

    because you have to entertain people who brings them money. enjoy!

  • RipleyRipley Member Posts: 215

    This is usually how it goes with competitive games that introduce a new character/traits. Everyone buys it and then they nerf it.

  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994

    Hope VHS will be so good, that people actually decide to abandon this game until the publisher actually fire this incompetent balancing lead and start to work on issues.

  • EvilBarney666EvilBarney666 Member Posts: 136

    This is exactly why. In any business you need to cater to the majority. BHVR does this well. Survivors outnumber killers 4 to 1. Survivor players buy more cosmetics, they bring in their friends to play with them, in turn they buy cosmetics etc.. it's a snowball effect.

    If the game is too hard for the survivors they will not want to play as much. They will not bring in friends. It just makes business sense.

    They know people will play killer. They have too many good licensed killers. People will play them. They know that.

    Swf is an advantage. People should not be punished for playing with friends. However it IS an advantage. Have they givin the killers anything to compensate for that? No they have not. I'm not sure what they could do but at least do something.

    This game shows it favors one side over the other, but again it makes business sense. When your company is about making money it makes sense. It sucks, but what can we do?

  • PigMainBigBrainPigMainBigBrain Member Posts: 1,692

    So that we all have a reason to ditch this and go play VHS when it releases.

  • CluelessClueless Member Posts: 245

    If the typical Killer experience didn't consist of 95% lows and 5% soft highs, there would be too many Killer players, I guess.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 4,386
  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 437
    edited December 2021

    Killers in this game don't really feel like killers. I mean look at the core gameplay mechanic; you're playing hide and seek and running in circles. Do you feel powerful when you play killer, like the survivors are afraid of you? I'd imagine not. That's a design philosophy in general, though. In my mind, if I think of a 1v4 asymmetrical horror game, I think the killer should be scary, overwhelming and escaping should be something that rarely happens. But that has never really been their design, and their focus on MMR in a 'survivor party game' shows that.

    And that's all totally fine, it's just that their overall new killer design philosophy, their refusal to address issues like map design or perks, both useless and too strong, or creating a large emphasis lately on totems as a whole is simply a bad direction to take. The thing is there's this idea that, even if all 4 survivors escape, so long as you're playing an anti-loop killer and you don't really get outplayed in chases but can end them quickly due to being anti-loop, you get a sense of "I still played well"

  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994

    Thank's for your speculative opinion. We will see. But hope that it does, otherwise this clown show will be last even longer.

    But why i am surprised, there are people that buy the same EA game every year and start new with ever ultimate team purchases. Stupidity knows no limits.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 1,138

    Because we're apparently not allowed to have nice things. Pinhead wasn't that great of a killer, but he still got nerfed. And, as much as I hate to say it, Artist will probably be nerfed if she performs well.

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 730

    I don't want to be one of those people that are like "hrrrngg, the developers are biased towards survivors, its not fair, reeeeeeeeee", but it does sometimes feel like there is a discrepancy between the dev's willingness to make survivor perks strong and their willingness to make perks strong. This kinda mindset is really visible when you compare the perks No Way Out and Boon: Circle of Healing. I remember on one of the occasions where they buffed No Way Out the dev notes said something about them being scared to release the perk in too strong of a state, but after seeing how it performed, they become more comfortable with buffing the numbers. Meanwhile while Boon: Circle of Healing, there's none of that and it's just "yes, a 90% buff to healing speed seems perfectly reasonable". It's a little weird to me.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 4,386
    edited December 2021

    I hope VHS does well, I just can’t see them being up there with DBD. Maybe i’ll be wrong though. I would buy the game if it was on console.

    Also look at NHL

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 730

    I'm pretty sure VHS is going to be free when it releases, which is already a huge advantage over dbd. Additionally, VHS is a deathmatch, so both teams objectives are to kill each other, unlike dbd where the killer tries to stop survivors from doing things by killing them. So it's an entirely different experience, but the fact that you can take your time and focus on combat without having to worry about objectives passing you by too fast makes it seem much more preferable to DBD right now.

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 204

    True, the absurdity of it was laid plain to me last night. I saw two people had similar names and the same character, two possibly unrelated survivors and two flashlights so I brought an Ebony Mori just in case it was a bully squad. It wasn't, it was a 2 man SWF and two solos I think but they played normally so I played normally for me (I alternate hooks and just slug the survivor instead of hooking twice in a row unless they Tbag which is when I tunnel). I got 6 hooks, slugged two of the weaker members a couple of times and hooked everyone at least once for BBQ stacks.

    One person said it was too bad I didn't see the Mori animation in post game chat (just friendly discussion, not trash talk) and I said I wouldn't have used it on their group anyway since they were fun and cool to play against.

    That's when I thought of the absurdity of how the killer is bringing items to help them in case the killer is being bullied by the survivors. In the horror genre, doesn't that seem absurd?

    Solo survivors generally can't bully since their MMR isn't high enough. SWFs can because voice coms makes a 1100 MMR survivor far more effective than they would be in solo queue. I think BHVR needs to bring in a multiplier to MMR for survivors in parties to take this into account and that could help eliminate some of the issues.

  • Suzzys_SecretarySuzzys_Secretary Member Posts: 14

    I was not refering to your average killer who comes to the forums and complain about survivors on these forums. Check SupaAlf (twitch or Google searches) nurse main whom is one of the few you can categorize as someone who knows how to play killer and mastered the killer. But most nurse Malins here are not even close.

  • Barbarossa2020Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 431

    Add handicaps when the game knows the killer is versing a swf, % movement speed, extra gen stuff like that.

    It could be balanced. Most games have a solo queue and a join as party function, or set a maximum in a party.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 446

    We already seen this with Plague where allowing the killer's power to be controlled by survivors is a bad idea. That's unfortunately the problem with Pinhead. He becomes a glorified 1v1 killer with weak anti-loop capabilities once survivors control the box.

    Honestly, a lot of the weaker killers deserve buffs to parts of their kits that feel clunky or weak. If bhvr decided to move away from the Hold W Meta, we could get some stronger killers.

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