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Season Rewards Maybe?

Well, we have season reset, so why don't we have season rewards. You earn rewards at the end of the season based on your rank. But which rank would it be based on: your highest rank that season, your current rank at the end of the season, or maybe an average rank based on where you were for most of the season. No matter which one happens, you'll get rewards for the end of the season. It'd work like this:
Season Rewards
Rank 20 - 10,000 Bloodpoints
Rank 19 - 20,000 Bloodpoints
Rank 18 - 30,000 Bloodpoints
Rank 17 - 40,000 Bloodpoints
Rank 16 - 50,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 15 - 60,000 Bloodpoints, 200 Iridescent Shards
Rank 14 - 70,000 Bloodpoints, 400 Iridescent Shards
Rank 13 - 80,000 Bloodpoints, 600 Iridescent Shards
Rank 12 - 90,000 Bloodpoints, 800 Iridescent Shards
Rank 11 - 100,000 Bloodpoints, 1,000 Iridescent Shards

Rank 10 - 110,000 Bloodpoints, 1,200 Iridescent Shards
Rank 9 - 120,000 Bloodpoints, 1,400 Iridescent Shards
Rank 8 - 130,000 Bloodpoints, 1,600 Iridescent Shards
Rank 7 - 140,000 Bloodpoints, 1,800 Iridescent Shards
Rank 6 - 150,000 Bloodpoints, 2,000 Iridescent Shards

Rank 5 - 160,000 Bloodpoints, 2,200 Iridescent Shards
Rank 4 - 170,000 Bloodpoints, 2,400 Iridescent Shards
Rank 3 - 180,000 Bloodpoints, 2,600 Iridescent Shards
Rank 2 - 190,000 Bloodpoints, 2,800 Iridescent Shards
Rank 1 - 200,000 Bloodpoints, 3,000 Iridescent Shards

I honestly believe the values are too high for lower ranks, but too low for higher ranks. Either way, they just don't feel right, so I'd like to know what you guys think should be the values, or whether Season Rewards should even be a thing. Maybe the devs could come up with a cool name!


  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    I would say when they fix the rankings to be more based on skill and time played and not just time played, then I would love to see a reward system.

  • VortexasVortexas Member Posts: 757

    I'd be happy with like a hat that just says SEASON 1 with your Rank under it.

    Same with Masks for killers with that on it.

  • ItsDaEmuDoodItsDaEmuDood Member Posts: 192

    @Vortexas said:
    I'd be happy with like a hat that just says SEASON 1 with your Rank under it.

    Same with Masks for killers with that on it.

    Nice idea. I forgot to include it in the post, but maybe the top 5 ranks or so should get exclusive cosmetics. Maybe like a cool hat or mask or a shirt or Killer body, or a weapon.

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