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Are you going to acknowledge Valve-sided disconnects soon? I'm going to get a disconnect penalty from this for no reason. I am really frustrated babysitting this game's problems. I was winning as a killer and then Steam went offline. I don't need a penalty because of something that wasn't on my end.

You need to implement a better disconnect detection system or acknowledge Steam downtimes. I am literally tired of babysitting the problems of DbD.


  • DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 66

    I'm looking at officials. Are you going to improve your disconnect detection system? Are you going to acknowledge Valve-sided disconnects? Are you going to do anything???

    Are you?

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    Are you 100% sure that Steam is the deciding force on whether or not you're connected to BHVR's game servers? The amount of dependencies required for this to be a thing is kind of weird. I've been added to a service by 3rd party software and had that 3rd party software go down with no penalty to the target connection all the time.

    Also, what's of further question is somehow you managed to have Steam disconnect you from the game only to come back online in time for the disconnection penalty to still be in effect. The amount of coincidences that have to be in play here is pretty high in number.

  • DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 66

    Hello. Are you representing any DbD official or you're just a forum member?

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    Just a forum member. Staff will usually have some kind of title in their header.

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,735

    Join us on console. No Steam whatsoever.

    Oh and you don't actually need those 60 frames do you?

  • DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 66

    Alright. The penalty was 30 mins. If you look closely, it says in the screenshot that 16 minutes left. I didn't come back just in time.

  • PizzasaucePizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    Fix yo internet!

    (I'm kidding.)

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    Doesn't it require 3 disconnects before the penalty hits 30 mins? Are you telling me your internet connection was perfectly fine the whole time, the game somehow doesn't direct connect you to their servers but uses Steam as an intermediary for some reason, and Steam went down which resulted in you getting kicked from the game but came back up again in time for you to play again, repeated that process at least 2 more times, and then you had your 30 min disconnect penalty all because of Steam? This seems extremely unlikely. I'd wager that your internet connection was just having problems.

  • DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 66

    No I'm not telling you that. In the post, I am complaining about single time disconnection caused by Valve. The prior 2 disconnects are on me. The thing is, I have to stay clean for the next 24 hours for this ban to go down to 15 minutes. I am taking forced breaks from game to let the disconnect time cooldown and this Valve Steam downtime just added up. Not to mention I cannot know when Valve is going to hit players, it just happens. And it adds up to current penalty/penalties and this doesn't help.

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