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Will Boons get another change?

Do you think Boons will get another change? Personally, I just think they need one more nerf in either the ability to place it multiple times, or a rework to snuffing totems. Especially since Boons make Hex: Pentimento completely redundant. What are your thoughts on Boons?



  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 3,006

    Over time they're sure to see several changes- just a question of how soon.

    Personally, I anticipate some kind of change relatively soon, but whether it'll be a good one is up in the air. I'd even be content with just nerfing CoH, since that's the main problem area.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,426

    Simple to change imo. Once the boon gets snuffed there is a global 45-60 second cooldown on all boons. Gives the killer some breathing room

  • SkerpiTwitchSkerpiTwitch Member Posts: 327
    edited December 2021

    once a boon gets blessed and destroyed by a killer it should not be able to resbless it. Simple... Pentimento would be meta

  • adam1233467adam1233467 Member Posts: 430

    Just put a cooldown when the killer snuffle the totem, like 80 seconds will be good and make it worth, maybe next year they nerf boons

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    It will. In 3 years.

    Just like how long it took for them to nerf DS and OoO.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,975

    Boons in general probably won’t be changed much or at all. The only problematic Boom currently is Circle of Healing, so if the devs nerf anything it would likely just be to slow the healing speed of that perk.

    Personally I’d love to see Hex: Pentimento be able to turn a Boon into a Pentimento totem, it would create an interesting tug of war over the totem where the survivors have a choice of either reblessing it the killer re-Pentimentoing it, or the survivors could Cleanse the Pentimento totem and it gets erased from the game for both sides. But that’s just what I’d like to see for Pentimento, I have no idea if the devs like or dislike that idea or what would happen with it. (And typically full balance changes for new characters take place about three months after release, so it’ll be a while for an Artist balance pass.)

  • gammatsunamigammatsunami Member Posts: 545
    edited December 2021

    Theyre ridiculous and getting worse.

    They should have tokens and or a cap on healing speed. Medkits plus COH is insane. If theyre going to make more powerful killers to deal with them instead, old killers are screwed.

    The fact you can have 4 on a map, and no limit to recreating is ridiculous.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,370
    edited December 2021

    I personally wouldn't mind if boons were map wide as long as they were one and done like hexes

    Don't ask why I'd want map wide, idk

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,723

    I feel like after a boon totem has been snuffed there should be a 60 second cooldown on any boons being relit, which refreshes when another boon is snuffed.

    And then we continue to nerf Circle of Healing over and over again into obscurity because that perk deserves nothing but the worst.

  • BlighTownBlighTown Member Posts: 153

    Boon totems should of never existed.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,319

    I agree with a large part of the DBD community in that boons need to lose their effectiveness each time their lit. Either the totem needs to be broken once it's snuffed out, or it's effectiveness needs to be reduced.

    Obviously we've only seen the tip of the iceberg of what boons BHVR is capable of creating, and they need a drastic change, and soon.

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,369

    Snuffing a totem grants the killer 25% progress. Once reaching 100% the killer can mori one survivor upon downing them.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000

    Honestly if they add that rebless cool down and nerf CoH bonus heal speed to like... 75% or 50% I could see it still being a good and interesting perk without being ridiculous like it is now. They just... very much overshot with the numbers on it, but I don't really have a problem with the concept behind what it does.

  • Chilli_man2400Chilli_man2400 Member Posts: 2,124

    Pinhead wasn’t gutted. I played a match against him and that change where the chains don’t interrupt you while solving was bullshit I was harassed by chains while trying to solve but I thought they did that? Also the addons were completely fine. Pinhead is exactly the same. Stop saying he was gutted

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,484

    It's basically guaranteed.

    CoH is the prime offender, and needs a targeted nerf. At the very least, it shouldn't stack with other healing. A team-wide self care is already strong.

    As for the rest, many people have suggested that snuffing a boon should break that totem. I also like this idea.


    He's still playable. He's not Pig or Legion - but he went from 'B' tier to 'C' tier, which is annoying.

    The problem is that so much of what made him interesting and viable were his addons. The solving time addons could have done with a small nerf, but his hunt addons were totally fine (and are now Freddy tier) and his iri box absolutely did not need a nerf (it's really, really bad now).

    He really needs a bit of help to his base kit. Not being able to break his own chains would be a good start - this adds a layer of really annoying RNG.

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,543

    coh needs a nerf more than anything else but i think boons should have a limit for uses. kinda threw the high risk-high reward thing out of the window by letting you reuse them over and over

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 1,848

    Hey calm down low tier killers don't get any compilation for nerfs around here, well if they do it deathslinger types remove quick scoop increases tr and make hom just a tiny bit faster when aiming.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Remove circle of healing but keep the rest

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,189

    Boons on a whole probably not, they are fine right now.

    It's just CoH that's overtuned

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,255

    Probably not, but I really hope so. They are annoying to deal with and COH needs toned down in general.

  • Dionysus42Dionysus42 Member Posts: 335

    They will be buffed to have wider range and take longer to snuff

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 1,848

    I was thinking the same thing they will make the area 36 meters and take 14 seconds to snuff

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 777

    I don't think boons themselves are bad. The addition of boons, mainly circle of healing, added with the fact that med kits were already one of the strongest items in the game, plus all the other stacking healing perks and second chance perks, makes it super OP. The fact that you can get hit, run to the boon across the map and then heal before the killer gets to you is too strong.

    The only changes I'd make is not necessarily to circle of healing, but to global healing. Healing is capped at 100% except when using a med kit, which gives the added percent based on the med kit and add-ons used.

    As much as I love my healer build where I can unhook a single survivor, and then heal everyone in 3-4 per survivor, that's wayyyyy to strong. That's all of the killer's pressure just gone.

    I'd else remove the Aura reading thing from shadow step. No scratch marks in a wide area is already strong. But why does it need to counter certain killer's entire builds. For example, scratched mirror Myers was one of the funnest builds. However that perk makes you useless for 90% of the game. That one ability also blocks killer aura reading even if the killer themselves aren't within range of the boon. Eliminating all perks like nurses, bbq, and things like that. They say they want build diversity, but then put in something that does the opposite? Why bring any aura reading perks of it just gets countered instantly? Might as well just run the same old gen slowdown perks and not risk being down 1 or more perks for an entire match.

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933

    Honestly one of my biggest problems is that survivors get to see the auras of boon totems. It already has those particles in the air that show the effective area, why do they need to see exactly where it is from anywhere at all times? Like CoH already has a powerful enough effect without it also going "Hey! Everyone! Come over here for free healing!". It's kinda dumb.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,189

    That's not really a bad thing. It shortens the gap between swf comms and solo's.

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933

    It is a bad thing. It prevents killers from doing any sort of hit and run strategies, cause survivors will know exactly where to go the moment the killer leaves them, preventing them from building up any sort of pressure. The AoE particles are intel enough to know when you're in an area to gain benefits from Boons.

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