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Why am I going against 2k+ hours?

I've played maybe 5 games as pyramid head and I'm getting people with loads of hours vs a killer I just started trying? Is mmr just completely off at this point?


  • FreshCoalFreshCoal Member Posts: 174

    Correct. The MMR system is just broken and matches you with extremely good survivors as a new killer.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,723

    clearly you've just been outplayed by bhvr

  • Ink_EyesInk_Eyes Member Posts: 445

    Same for survivors to be honest, I barely have like 500 hours and I was matched versus a 5k hour twitch streamer killer main...who only spammed ghost face...

  • IliketoplaykillerIliketoplaykiller Member Posts: 352
    edited December 2021

    I feel just like a survivor punching bag today, putting it lightly.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060
  • Ravenlord4711Ravenlord4711 Member Posts: 98

    because a huge majority of the killer mains who have the hours are gone. so the game has no choice but to match them with someone in order to make queue times low. so welp my friend there you go. enjoy the game.

  • IliketoplaykillerIliketoplaykiller Member Posts: 352

    At this point I'm the only one to blame but myself for playing this cock and ball torture simulator.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,458

    Basically why this is happening: MMR is, in short, based on kills and escapes. Meaning if a survivor escapes through the gate, they gain MMR, if they escape through hatch, they "tie"(slightly gain or lose mmr depending on killer MMR), any other scenario? They lose MMR. Slugged to death? Lose mmr, die to the EGC even though you got chased by the killer during EGC and had 0 chance of even opening the exit gate? Lose mmr. Facecamped in the EGC? Lose mmr. The worst part is, if you die early on, you lose even more MMR. So if you loop the killer for 8 minutes but your team doesnt do much, you lose a lot of MMR. If you get hooked first and your teammates dont save you, you lose a ton of MMR.

    If you want to play even slightly altruistic, the MMR system punishes you by matching you up with even worse teammates and worse killers.

    The killer side of MMR is based on kills, if they kill in any way, shape or form, they gain MMR. So as long as a survivor doesnt escape through a hatch or through the gate, they tend to gain MMR.

    This is not exactly how it fully works, but there is a big problem here. It's supposed to be skillbased matchmaking. If a killer can facecamp a high mmr survivor, they could gain more MMR than if they killed the other 3. So from an MMR perspective, it's in the killer's best interest to find the best survivor, camp them to death and then let NOED do its job afterwards.

    We have asked for a split MMR, where survivor MMR is based on chase, while killer MMR is based on kills. The reason why it's kills vs escapes is because it's easier to calculate. But it's an asymmetrical game, the MMR should be asymmetrical too. It's gonna be a bit tougher to work out the numbers, as it could lead into a scenario where both the killer and survivor gain MMR, where normally someone only gains MMR if someone else loses it. But this is a game where for 5 years the wincondition on both sides have been unclear. It was possible for everyone to "win" when it came to bloodpoints. It was possible for everyone to "win" with the pip system. It was possible for everyone to "win" with the victory cube. So it's quite logical that everyone should be able to "win" MMR together.

    You now have new players encountering players with 3k hours MORE than with the old system. That's clear evidence that the MMR system isnt working. It's objectively worse. Yes, there are some amazingly set up games where it doesnt really matter who lost, especially in the higher MMR. But the old matchmaking was far more likely to give you a really amazing game, where losing didnt matter, because either you had a killer that steamrolled you without having to sweat at all and because they could play laid back, they ended up making more mistakes so you could still learn before you died. And you had survivors who steamrolled you and because they noticed you were relatively new, they started playing very laidback, making a lot more mistakes so you could still learn before you died. This is a lot rarer now.

    Was the old matchmaking any good? No, if you spend more than 20 hours playing the game, you reached red ranks and were facing people who had 20 hours or 2000 hours in the game basically at random. But right now? It's just not fun. If you're a high rank killer, it's not gonna be fun. If you're a high rank survivor, it's not gonna be fun. If you're mid-low rank, it's barely going to be fun. All for similar reasons. Because either you're much better than your opponent when you expected a really good opponent, or you're going to be much worse than your opponent when you expected someone who was closer to being a potato since you yourself are still a potato.

    This MMR would work if there was a gamemode that had competitive matchmaking you could join. It would only be a relatively small portion of the community that would want to play there, because wanting to win and being competitive are different things. Anyone wants to win games, few people would want to sweat every single game to win games. But DBD and BHVR tend to shy away when it comes to a new game mode. Why? No one knows. We wanted a prophunt gamemode for years now, but you can only do so on a private server, and private servers are only open to a secluded group of people who have the right connections. We wanted a first person gamemode for survivors for quite some time, but that too is only possible on private servers.

    Anyway, i'm ranting too much. BHVR needs to hire people dedicated to improving the game in other ways than just public matchmaking. I know they have the income to hire a team worth of people, there would be an entirely new line of cosmetics that could be entering the game, other than just public matches. There is a financial positive to doing so, yet they wont.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 2,975

    Clearly you are as good as a player with 2k hours, bhvr should give up in the idea of mmr but they won't because they spent 2 minutes into it.

    All they did is make queues take longer and matches last less than 6 minutes, fun.

    But basically what is happening to you is that you are getting outplayed by bhvr and their horrible mmr system.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 3,772
    edited December 2021

    All you mention is five games as PH, whereas MMR starts off all your killers’ MMR based on your global killer MMR level. In other words, your post is moot unless you tell me you’ve never played any other killer for more than five games either.

    Secondly, hours only mean so much after time. The majority of a trial will be determined by map selection and RNG on the map, where applicable. Survivors can really only run a killer so long based on what’s given them.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,336

    why am I going against sub 500 hour survivors when I have 4k hours? the world may never know.

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