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Why can survivors have an easier time but killers can't ?

This is just ridiculous how easy and less stressful it is to play survivor than it is killer. Its like the devs will go out of their way to nerf anything on the killer side just so that survivors can have an easier time playing against all the killers Im still ashamed of how they nerfed my main deathslinger ads so that survivors can have an easier time dodging his shots . Survivors should not have it this easy when it comes to stuff like this. Then survivors always wonder why us killers have to play like a bum and camp/tunnel and survivors still have the nerve to be salty about it. This is just raising my blood pressure at this point. Im not a killer or survivor main but you'll know what I'm talking about if you played both roles long enough to see it. I don't even complain about killers camping and tunneling because its a tactic to at least get a kill.



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