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Last survivor should move as fast as killer

When it comes down to a last survivor match the killer usually wins in my experience. If they find you, its over most of the time especially if they closed the hatch. The fact that the killer can move faster than the survivor in this situation is completely unfair. They have the advantage of being able to move across the map faster than you to find the hatch. This leaves survivors with very few options and even less if you don't have a key. The biggest problem with this is the killer finding you before you find the hatch. What do you do? You can try to hide before that happens but most of the time the killer is just looking for the hatch anyway. You then have to attempt to make a door play, but good luck with that. Its so rare that I see the last survivor escape. The killer being able to move faster than you in this situation is unfair and I think both the killer and survivor should move at the same speed after 3 survivors die. Survivors really do need more options in this situation and no playing a key every match and running left behind is not a fix to this.



  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,499

    that ######### any killer who doesn't have a power that helps in a chase so no. You had two chances to escape 3 if you brought a key. Why should you get a speed boost for failing both the main objective and perhaps the secondary objective. If the killer prevents you from getting gens and getting the hatch why shouldn't he get a 4k. The Killer is supposed to be faster than a survivor. Survivors should never be as fast or faster than a killer unless that killer is nurse. And bloodlust is a thing

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    The Killer is stronger than you in a 1v1. You need to be stealthy. I do think that they should improve the Hatch a bit so it's not quite so binary now ( just prompting sprinting around the map to find it before the Killer does), but you should not be made faster than the Killer.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,371
    edited December 2021

    Perks Hope, you move faster in endgame for 2 Minutes and Bill Perk Left Behind, you see the Hatch from 32 Meters. Also there is a trick at the exitgates to open to i don´t know 15% or so - the lights will not go on. (Killer often look at the lights and then go to the other door)

    If the gates are a bit further you can make it until the killer returns sometimes.

    Spine Chill and a Perk from Quentin let you open the gates faster too.

    And sometimes you are unlucky and simply have to accept that you die - and thats also ok.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,451


  • TheRe4per71TheRe4per71 Member Posts: 48

    As much as I hate to say it use adrenaline with wake up/ spine chill and you'll be OK or bring both for a 20% boost to power gates and loop the hell out of him/her. Power a gate for a few seconds and hide make him think your powering the other door

  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 2,009

    Obviously the entity should pick up the last survivor and place them outside the exit gate and give them a little pat on the head.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,982

    M1 killers have left the chat.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    I looked over my original post and looked for the words "free escape" and didn't find them. I know you want to look at it that way, but the point is I was only suggesting something that I feel would give survivors a more fair chance to escape in a situation that is often not in their favor. Are you trying to argue the last survivors deserves to die because the other 3 did?

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    Many killers already do this. I highly doubt you'd notice a difference.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    And the killer can be faster than survivors during the match but I think when it comes down to the last survivor and the hatch up then the last survivor should get a movement speed buff that lets them move as fast as the killer until the end of the match. It doesn't guarantee anything. It doesn't make sure the last survivor will always find the hatch first. I've had many matches where the hatch was closed less than 5 seconds after it spawned. How is that fair? Even if the last survivor did have a movement speed buff there will still be matches like that where they literally had no chance due to RNG hatch spawn. I swear killer mains freak out over the smallest things because you think this game is survivor sided. news flash it isn't.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    To correct you, I did not suggest that the last survivor should be made faster than the killer. If you read my original post you would see I only suggested that the last survivor should move AT THE SAME SPEED as the killer until the end of the match.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 691

    The current hatch mechanics already provide a built in chance for the survivor to escape that they previously didn't have. It isn't supposed to level it out and place the killer on even or a disadvantageous position, keep in mind that survivors have 3rd person view and can pan their camera to far better spot the hatch in comparison.

    You asked if it is fair for the 4th to die, because the rest of their team did? The answer is actually yes, it is a team game you succeed or fail together. You get an extra chance, another opportunity. Be happy with what you get instead of asking for more. What free gift do killers get when they are being creamed? Shifting the balance of the hatch game more in favor of the survivor will just promote the tactic to slug for the 4k. You can counter with but people already do that, but do you want more people to do it?

  • StarrseedStarrseed Member Posts: 950

    But when we move at the same speed and I am trapper for example how will I ever get you when you don't stop moving let's say I closed the hatch and see you you start running so all I can do is have a ######### following game till egc kills you or give you the exist cause why would you stop to run

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    The survivor has to make a choice too. Run for the hatch or try to open a door (which again hardly ever works out for survivors in my opinion). If all they do is keep running they will die when the time runs out. Also the maps aren't continuous straight lines. They have walls and eventually survivors have to turn so its still possible to hit them. Also if you're playing trapper, place your traps in that situation and run them towards them the best you can.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    How does the hatch switch in favor of the survivor if they both run at the same speed? The whole point of this suggestion is to make it balanced and fair. And no, the killer does not deserve to get 4k if 3 survivors died. You're suggesting that favor should automatically shift towards the killer. What if you had trolls on your team? D/Cs? What if they didn't really try? Does the last survivor still deserve to die? My suggestion makes it fair for both sides. The fact the killer can go across the map faster than the survivor gives them a better chance at finding it first, which is unfair. What happens next is the faster moving killer going door to door making it very hard for survivors to open them before getting caught.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 691

    The hatch itself shifts the game in favor of the survivor, they don't have to complete the gens.

    If you run at the same speeds, it shifts it more. You vault quicker, can obstruct the way of the killer, have a better viewpoint in 3rd person and if you meet the killer, the survivor is the one running infront.

    It isn't at all fair what you are suggesting, the survivors are in a team versus the killer and so yes their fates are bound to each other. Your argument that their performance should not negatively impact you, but instead should negatively impact the killer is ludicrous. If the killer outplayed the team, they actually do deserve the 4k. The hatch is fine as it is, it should be advantagrous for the killer, as they are the ones that earned it. If you want to be the solo, the one man army... that is what the killer role is.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,018

    The situation was not in their favour because they let it get to that point. If they let the Killer kill 3 Survivors with more than 1 Gen remaining, noone deserved a pity escape. So yes, I am arguing that, if the Survivors play bad and 3 die before they finish the gens, then yeah, the fourth Survivor doesn't deserve to escape since this is a team game. You either win as a team or die as a team

  • NatzAsheNatzAshe Member Posts: 95

    The killer had the skill to outplay 3 of your teammates, and had the luck not to have the hatch spawn near you. Why do you think you should get a better chance at an escape even then? If the opponent had both skill and luck, you should at least bring a key if you want to snuff out both of the things that your opponent had.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    And this is why I'm going to ignore you from now on because this doesn't make any sense. You're literally saying regardless of how the team plays everyone should suffer the same consequences. Theres no point in even playing especially solo que if that were the case. My suggestion is fair and does not give anyone a pity escape.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    This is not true at all. My suggestion is completely fair. Killers often play in very toxic ways (camping, tunneling, slugging, etc) and yet I'm supposed to agree that they deserve a 4k if they "outplayed" my team and got 3 of us? I don't think so. This game has to fundamentally change. You say the hatch shifts the game in favor of the survivor. This is so freaking ridiculous I can't even believe you said it. If the killer finds the hatch first (which they often do) then its pretty much game over for the last survivor. Its the rare game I see a survivor escape after that. I've seen the hatch get closed literally as soon as the 3rd survivors death was over. The hatch is not fine. Perks like left behind, flip flop and unbreakable should be survivor powers and not perks. Hooks are freaking everywhere but pallets are never where you need or expect them to be. This game is nowhere near enough fair for survivors as it is for killers.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,018

    If the Survivors play bad and can't get all gens done before all of them died, they don't deserve a pity escape. Idk why it's hard to understand that pity win for the power role is not a good idea

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 691

    Your inability to be objective is clearly showing here. The advantages described by me you even flat out ignored, most likely because you have no counter argument.

    The manner in which the killer outplays you is irrelevant to the fact that they managed to kill 3 of the survivors. It just shows that you do not play the role. Regardless of whether you believe there should be an fundamental change to the game as a whole doesn't actually justify the change of the hatch mechanic. Just calling the other side focusing on their objective toxic is pure entitlement.

    The fact that you don't believe the spawning and option of the hatch is in favor of the survivor, also showcases the inability to understand the mechanic. If there would be no hatch, that means the solo survivor would need to complete gens and lets be clear that would be a far bigger disadvantage to them, nearly impossible challenge. The hatch replaces that and provides a true chance of escaping. Seems pretty fair and great to me.

    The assumption that the killer will find it first is invalid, as that is based on multiple variables. If the hatch is closed, it is all about where the survivor was positioned, where the gates are and how well they play it. There are enough cases and times that survivors escape in these cases where the hatch play begins.

    Most of your other arguments have literally nothing to do with the hatch mechanics. If you want to use those perks, you can seeing they are 3 and you have 4 slots. Pallets are plentiful and how many are left is based on how many were used previously. Hooks are supposed to be able to be reached at any location to place you on it, else killers would need to rely on bleeding you out and that isn't a good development.

    I advise you to actually play killer for a decent amount of time and see how the game is truly, because you are just coming across as an entitled survivor which just wants an easy time.

  • TheBigGopherTheBigGopher Member Posts: 122
    edited December 2021

    Yes, you should. Becsuse this is a TEAM game. You're not Rambo, You're a survivor. If you and your team failed that miserably where you need the hatch to escape then thats on you. Survivors have enough free escapes as is.

    Oh good lord you have to be either the next coming of Sluzzy or a moron, how the hell is this game remotely killer sided?

    Pallets are spammed all over the map and have no counterplay unless your kit is based around screwing over looping or the survivor is an idiot.

    Hook placement is dependent on the map, Haddonfield, RPD, and Springwood have terrible hook placement. Gates open quickly without any perks and if you're still having trouble then just bring a key. The simple fact is your idea is horrible. It'll only encourage people to play Nurse because she's slower than the survivors (therefore making them move at a snails pace) and push them to slug and only slug.

    You're not meant to survive on your own, you absolutely can but you're not supposed to. Get used to it.

  • ViamontViamont Member Posts: 297

    How it is unfair? from the start the killer its always faster, thats the whole point of the game. The killer its meen to be stronger and faster, its a horror movie monster, you arent supoused to fight it back, just to run away and at best outsmart it, but eventually it will catch up to you.

    Its not unfair in the slightest, i quite honestly dont se what makes you tink that.

    The hatch its still another fail safe given to the survivors, they already have the gate as a team effort, hatch still gives them a second chance if things dont go their way, i dont se why survivors should be handheld more than they already are with yet "another" way to make the match lenghtier it already can be.

    The hatch its completly fair as its now, no side knows where it will spawn, as it can apear near a survivor it can apear near the killer or the middle point, thats the quite literal definition of fair, both have equall chances of finding it.

    You do understand that IF this ridiculous idea its implemented nothing but rush killers would be able to catch up to the survivors right? all survivors move at the same speed, and even altought killers are faster in the best case scenario, including bloodlust, a killer can take from 15 seconds up to 30 or more JUST to catch up to a survivor, both being exactly the same speed would make this a completly miserable experience for the killer, specially with fast vaulting, loops and deadhard wich would put even more distance betwen both. This isnt fair in the slightest, its just another power creep concept that shouldnt make it to the game in any shape or form.

    Survivors dont need another crutch

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380

    I'm not entitled for feeling like there are things in the game that are unfair for survivors. That is my opinion In solo que, there is nothing I can do but play and hope things go well. Even when I do SWF we get many matches where we literally just want it to be over. I have said and will always say that if my enjoyment of this game is always going to revolve around my ability to run the killer in a continuous skillful way then I'm just going to quit. Its not worth turning a game into a job. The rank incentive ruined this game in my opinion. It should be about the scare factor, not how well you can play mind games with the killer. Running from the killer isn't scary anymore. This game isn't scary anymore. Its the rare game where I feel like I did when I first started playing. Its frustrating and annoying most of the time now.

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