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I think the threat of DS during EGC makes me more likely to tunnel.

ThunderfrogThunderfrog Member Posts: 183
edited December 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

I usually try to alternate hooks when I'm ahead, and I don't like to camp or anything.

But I HATE HATE HATE that when I have a set of survivors who 99'd the door and I'm forced to tunnel after all gens are done for that 1st or 2nd kill after a bad game DS stunning me and giving a free escape.

I've noticed that AFTER that happens, I tend to just tunnel out players in the next game. If I didn't have to worry about DS after EGC, I probably would never tunnel.

As it is, even 2 hook tunneling is taking a big risk because if the survivor is disciplined, they'll save it for that full minute and use it to make a play if the team is ahead. That's usually only an issue if there's like 3 Mikaelas or Megs, but it comes up enough to notice.

I still really think they either need to make the gate like a totem, you either complete it or lose all progress, or DS shouldn't activate during EGC. Otherwise, get tunneled I guess because killers have to flush it out.


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