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I'm worried people think I'm griefing them...



  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252

    How about not tunneling?

  • SaalaksinSaalaksin Member Posts: 14

    See, here's the thing:

    As far as I've gathered, "Tunneling" is community slang for "getting tunnel vision for one particular survivor"? It's a kind of mild griefing where I'm aiming for this one survivor out of all survivors to specifically down, hook, and sac. I'm... not doing that. All the survivors are approximately the same little bags of XP to me.

    If I do have to make a choice and I can spot a difference between targets in the .01 seconds I have to make that choice, I will prioritize...

    1) An injured survivor

    2) A survivor I recognize as having hooked before (IE: "Hey, I've hooked that bright red sweater before!")

    3) A survivor holding a flashlight

    In that approximate order. It's not about hating one particular survivor, it's about making the choice I feel is going to net me the most kills.

    a) Injured survivors get go down quicker, meaning I can hook and return to pressuring the rest of them more quickly.

    b) Survivors I've already hooked means more XP for me (With the "entity summoned" proc), less time you get to struggle on the hook, and a higher chance I get that delicious "sacrifice made".

    c) Removing a flashlight from Opposing team's field means they can't use that flashlight to blind me and hinder me from going after everyone else

    Again, it's not about hating a particular survivor, it's about hitting the smartest target. I've also found that if I chase a survivor off a generator and lose them, I just need to wait a moment and return to that exact same generator to try the chase again. Even then it's less about a laser focus on one target and more about how *I know the target is going to be there*. I played my third-ever game as Legion this morning and netted me a sweet little TPK by just picking targets correctly.

    Now, if this is "Tunneling" and what survivors are calling toxic, might I recommend something that I know will get me to focus someone else?

    Be a more tempting target.

    When I played MechWarrior, we would call this "Rabbiting". Where one person runs up, presents a nice, juicy target away from the main line, and books it once its gathered the attention of enemy forces and leads them on a merry chase from the main battle line ("Chase the rabbit," in the vernacular). In MechWarrior, it takes guns off the main battle line and splits the opposing forces. In this game, well, I can't hook any of you if you keep peeling me off of the one target I'm trying to down.

    And, again, here's the thing: I've let myself get distracted. I bolted for a survivor doing quick vaults on the other side of the map which freed another survivor in for a hook. I've danced with a survivor, knives out, across a wall so that my attention was tied up until someone else came up from behind for the unhook. (I even caught this happening in the moment, too, which turned into a genuinely fun game of "where do I want to look to fend them off/how do I break this stalemate"?)

    I got focused on trying to bait a survivor into dropping a pallet so I could break a loop so much that the Survivor team gained a couple generators on me.

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