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Any plans to stop the Cheater and Hacker Epidemic?

There is one point in DBD where you start to realize how many people cheat and hack actually. I don't know if it got worse with introduction of MMR, but I guess so, since Cheaters will hardly not escape/let people escape and get high mmr easily.

While I was ued to see the blatant hacker in 1 in 100 matches I have now 1 in 25. But the much bigger problem are the subtle ones. I would say at least every second game there is one or even more.

Maybe you just realize when you see that some survivors seem to run through pudding, so slow they are moving, but actually find that they are the legit players, while the other are running their Bonus 5% speed hack.

Or you wonder for long time how pro some people have to be, always using DH in the right moment, but maybe you realize at some point, that they don't even look at you when they do this...3-4 times in a match, thanks to their gread auto-dh-hack.

Or you check a gen before you went to the other two where you find 3 survivors and then the one you checked suddenly pops, after maybe 40 seconds. And you will surely find no BNP in the after game.

Once you play with open eyes, once you start to see how bad it really is, it can't be unseen. The game is full of hacking loosers.

For killers I can't say much, I often wonder why I get a hit at a window with a fast vault. being a experienced player on both sides and taking much more my killer experience here, i can tell that I would never make such hits. You will think it is lag, but actually, why shouldn't be there less cheating killers as survivors? It isn't so obvious because killers are much faster than you, but I promise you, many are faster like they should be.

I have to say that I feel like an idiot ever blaming the balance in the game. Maybe the balance is great, tested on servers that are not pested with the hacking scum. How can I judge? I obviously only play the spoiled version of dbd.

In advance for the people. "I never saw a hacker" "Only saw one in thousand games". Either you are hacking yourself or you are just blind. Most of them are not stupidly or carelessly teleporting over the map, yelling I am hacking. I started my online career with red alert two. Map hacks(removing fog of war) where extremly common but you could spot it easily at least (the starting building were further apart than it would have been possible without a hack). I ask myself now why I ever expected that today are less people using hacking tools? Actually this was always the case for games with weak cheating protection software...

TLDR and conclusion: The question is: Are you going to fix your anti cheat engine or is it time to leave the game for the challenged who can't play without using hacks? Alone that I have to make videos to report because you (you behaviour) are uncappable to run meaningful logs. Maybe start to record games automatically for everyone?

Every cheap moba does it and I am going to claim that a moba is much more complex and costly on network than dbd. A video-replay function would help with thousand other problems, too....

Would give you some videos but I think then they would just shut the thread down because you will see the actual hacks there, so google it for yourself. There are dozens of vids where you can watch the "subtle" hackers. The state of the game is just disgusting


  • SaalaksinSaalaksin Member Posts: 14

    I've made that hit on a survivor fast vaulting a window a few times. It's mostly just being close enough to land the blow before they vault.

  • PizzasaucePizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    Ran into an obvo hacker today. Fire skin, speed hack, macro flashlight. Downed them twice. Got to shake my head no at them a couple times and smack em around a little bit but they got away in the end.

  • lav3lav3 Member Posts: 438

    I think BHVR will keep ignoring it.

    Some of you will think same when they didn't answer cheater/hacker problem in latest QnA stream.

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 970

    I think they're hoping they get bored and move on

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,190

    I try to ignore them once I realize they are cheating and kill the rest of the team if possible. So far it has worked and nobody has taken my game hostage. It sucks but I am sure the devs understand the impact it has on the game and are working to address it. This is in their best interest.

  • KillviverKillviver Member Posts: 34

    I try to do the same but usually the game will be busted anyway. I have to say I can't reall imagine that they already noticed how bad it is already. If you follow some streams than you will see that they take the games hostage. It must be known but it doesn't really feel like something is happening. Maybe they think it is just a problem for streamers, but it is not. This game is pested by cheaters.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 1,147

    Fixing the cheater problem doesn't make money.

    Skins and chapters make money. They want money.

  • PrincessVersPrincessVers Member Posts: 22

    I just ran into my first cheater today. seemed like a SWF because they were all body blocking the person that was cheating.

    First of all this cheater was trying to get my attention by constantly running infront of me. sprint boosts every other corner. healing the other players without taking damage from me, like invincibility. buyt could take the bleeding mend from legion. got 2 kills, but the cheater lived obviously. he could take himself off the hooks and heal self.

    man this sucks. first time playing on pc too.

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 1,251

    Making the game free on GOG or Origin, it would be great.

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