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Why is the Feng pyjama set linked?

LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 3,163

Outfits are linked for either licensing reasons or clipping issues. And okay, I can understand both of those things - you can't put Scorched Ghostface's mask on his regular body, or a Legion mask on their bunny body. And if Capcom insists there's no mixing and matching on the RE characters, then what can you do.

But then there's this.

This image isn't mine; found it on Reddit. But it raises a very good point. The shape of Feng's pyjama top and bottoms are nearly identical to two non-linked outfits that can be mixed freely, and hair and headband pieces never clip period. So why is this a set? What is the official reason for this?

There are other linked outfits which seem to have no reason to be linked - Felix's long-haired set, Yun-Jin's socialite outfit.

The community has overwhelmingly voiced its dislike for linked outfits and I can't imagine that outfit sales don't reflect this. So why is this happening?



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