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Pallet dropping bug

AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718

When you use the action button during a chase, the pallets refuse to drop unless you tap it repeatedly very quickly. Happens only during chases or backing up to throw pallet down on killer as he walks forward into it. It happens all the time since last update.


  • Austinmd02Austinmd02 Member Posts: 66
    Bad ping or lag most likely
  • Austinmd02Austinmd02 Member Posts: 66
    Cuz I've had the same happen
  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 467
    I don't believe it's bad ping because I don't play anything over 150 and it happens in my matches too. It's like it isn't recognizing that there is a pallet there. For me this game has become a lobby simulator and since the update a tapping simulator. I don't know which bug is worse the bug where you have to tap multiple times to drop a pallet or the one where it waits to drop it till the killer get close or hits you.
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