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Right now there are Anniversary giveaways, sweepstakes, tournaments, and other things like that. But, the question I'd like to ask is if there will every be a wacky or goofy game mode? Like a racing mode, or 2v8, or messing around with physics? There could be a limited time game mode every month or two to make the game more interesting. Because if you're tired of playing Survivor and can't get any success as Killer, the only thing to do is play another game or push through and make it even worse. Like, what if we had a break from all that Decisive Sprint Burst Flashlight P3 T-Bagging on a Poor Little Evan on Rank Reset. We could have little events that bring us all closer for a little while, Killers and Survivors alike. There could be rewards for playing a certain number of games during the time the event is active, and there could even be a new currency, or this could rewards Bloodpoints or Shards. I have proposed a few modes I'd like to at least be tested behind the scenes, or just looked at.

Game Modes:
2v8 - Two Killers take on Eight Survivors. There would be some rules that prevent two Killers from camping one Survivor, there would be more generators to do, and the maps would be bigger, but still the same at the core.

Scary Maze - The map turns into a big maze, with walls too tall to see over, made up of a randomly selected wall material from any realm. You can run around and try to find a way out. If the Killer finds you, it plays out like a normal chase, but there are very few pallets on the map, there will be no scratch marks, and grunts of pain are reduced by 100% at all times. When you are hit, you gain a larger speed boost for a longer time, there will be no perks, but Survivors will have slightly increased running speed, and all Killers will gain a large speed boost, and they will all be the same (Huntress, Pig Crouch, Michael Tier I and Tier II, Billy revving up, stuff like that). You need to search chests around the map for keys. Broken Keys and Dull Keys will be available from chests. When you find a key, a menu will open up, showing all the key add-ons from your real inventory, and you will be able to select two and add them to the key. When you find the end, you must open the gate with a Dull Key, and you will be teleported into the Killer Shack, which will act as a hub with lockers. One locker takes you back to the main menu, one puts you back into queue for this mode as a Survivor, and another one for queueing as a Killer.

Tag - You will have to pick a Killer and Survivor before queueing up for Tag. The Entity will randomly select one person to be It first. Whoever is It first spawn as their Killer, only a short distance away from the Survivors. When the game starts, the Survivors will get a small head start, and then the Killer will be released. The Killer will have to find the Survivors, and tag them. The game plays out as a normal one, but when a Killer downs and hooks a Survivor, that Killer will become their selected Survivor, and the Survivor that got hooked will become the Killer, and the new Killer will be held in place so that the new Survivor can gain some distance. To escape, there will be no generators. Survivors will have to find a few Electrical Junctions around the map. They're like a small area of their own. Entering a Junction will prompt the Survivor with different tasks than the other ones. If you fail the test, the Killer will get a notification. If you succeed you will reach the end of the Junction which powers a box that is opened in the same manner as an Exit Gate. The Junctions each must be done by all Survivors. When there is a change between Killer and Survivors, the old Survivor/new Killer's Junction progress is reset, essentially holding back the other Survivors. Powering all the Junctions will make the Killer enraged, giving them a large speed boost, and periodically showing the auras of Survivors. To actually escape as a Survivor, there will be three Exit Gates, which all need to be powered, but will be a distance from each other to balance it out.

Death Run - Pretty much what the original Death Run was. If you don't know what Death Run is, it's basically where you take a game, so the devs would take Dead By Daylight physics, and make an obstacle course out of props for you to complete, with a Killer controlling traps trying to stop them. If a Survivor reaches the end, they must wait for all other Survivors to either succeed or fail. If you fail, you will be sent into a spectator mode, where you can either watch or quit the match. After all Survivors have succeeded or died, all remaining Survivors will be able to customize a Flashlight of their choice, where they must blind the Killer a certain amount of times, or the Killer can kill them upfront and memento mori.

That's all I have today. I was just thinking about how torn the community is, and this is one of the ways I thought of bringing it back together faster. It would really help, and everyone could still play Ranked afterwards. Thank you, and Good Luck out in The Fog.


  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    I think you got some cool ideas here, I hope that they see this or atleast do make other modes, cause right now the game one has one mode and I think they can have so cool other play modes, they just got to see that members in the community like you want other game modes

  • NickNick Member Posts: 897

    They were talking about seasonal gamemodes. But new (permanent) gamemodes is not going to happen anytime soon I'm afraid.

  • ItsDaEmuDoodItsDaEmuDood Member Posts: 192

    @Nick said:
    They were talking about seasonal gamemodes. But new (permanent) gamemodes is not going to happen anytime soon I'm afraid.

    I know that. I would like these modes to be for a limited time. If they were up forever, they'd pretty much destroy ranked and even if they are limited, they'd only destroy ranked for a little while.

  • Grey87Grey87 Member Posts: 346

    The community is not big enough to split it even more than the ranks do already.

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