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Survivors are carried most of the time by awful map design

itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182
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Survivors are carried by awful map design just watch this clip how 2 back to back strong loops and pallets are connected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OifcWKSCzCo

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  • TheGentlemenTheGentlemen Member Posts: 193

    Is this a joke

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182
    edited December 2021
  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 2,140

    I think you uploaded or linked the wrong clip... The one you posted here shows a survivor outplaying a wiffing killer on basic tiles/standard shack?

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    no it's the correct clip. you don't get it? he HAD 2 strong loops back to back. strong pallet outside, and shack. then he got outpositioned after I vaulted the window and he still got rewarded. How is that fair? don't you guys see the map design flaw?

  • Trex_CrazyTrex_Crazy Member Posts: 194

    While I share the sentiment of quite a few maps being survivor sided, I don't understand how this clip shows that or even how you out played the ace...

  • TheGentlemenTheGentlemen Member Posts: 193

    Even if you downed Ace here, this match would be very difficult to win. You overcommitted to the chase and the other survivors flew by generators. It wouldn't really matter.

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    ok I understand that I stalked and he got distance due to that but look at this map design. 2 back to back OP pallets and he got rewarded how's that fair?

  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 418
    edited December 2021

    is that your clip? NIce skin btw and I avoid shack with ghostie unless stealth or I'll get looped forever there. Idk if you can blame map design, I would blame more the killer you're playing than the actual map design itself

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    this is not a 1 v 2 game where survivors need these back to back strong loops and safe pallets it's BS to be honest. I had to over commit I already spent a lot on him early game and the gens that got done fast were too far to catch up to.

  • TheGentlemenTheGentlemen Member Posts: 193

    You have to understand that when playing Ghostface you need to focus on 99ing survivors for later.

    Ghostface is all about managing your stalk for one shots when survivors are at weaker areas of the map.

    If you see Ace at a very strong loop, you should not be targeting him, you should go focus on the other survivors who are filling in all of the objectives opposed to letting Ace run you around for a minute. Most of the time, getting stalk on a survivor as Ghostface is infinitely more valuable than chasing them immediately.

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    what would you recommend when playing ghostface if a survivor is by shack should I just focus on stalk then ignoring him or what? because It's very tough to catch them in shack. shack is too OP

  • TheGentlemenTheGentlemen Member Posts: 193

    Shack is hard for killers like Ghostface who rely on M1ing. You have the strength to crouch and hide your red stain, but the only advice I can give is if a survivor is at fullish stalk in the shack, you could attempt to get a down with mind gaming and proper stalk usage. The god pallet will hurt you just as bad as any other killer, but the sooner they drop it, the better.

    I avoid shack with Ghostface unless I know I can afford to be there. If a survivor is really good at playing it, I'll usually go to try and find a survivor on a generator and leave the stalk on them for later.

  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 418

    I wuv that skin sm wish I could see it when playing him

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    thank you. I will try to be careful I guess in future but i'm so upset at that match after I lost to that ace and lost 3 gens with 0 hooks I had no hope of trying and just gave them all the W lol. I was so frustrated by that match tbh

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    yeah not many players have it for some reason. I don't know which server you're on but I'm on the Asian server. Maybe you are in Europe or U.S you might find players using it more than me

  • MrSlipperyMrSlippery Member Posts: 98

    Maps are randomly generated. The map can spawn with strong loops, or spawn with a couple of jungle gyms, and some TL walls. Licensed maps are a lil different, so I'm just referring to original maps. But it's just part of the game. That's why this game will never be competitive, because good RNG for survivors, can make bad survivors survive easily, and good RNG for killers, can make bad killers win easily.

  • RoachesDelightRoachesDelight Member Posts: 311
    edited December 2021

    Yeah sure sometimes the survivors get crazy tiles back to back 100% and the killer is kinda screwed. However, this clip is a super bad example of that, in fact it's not an example at all. The survivors weren't carried by map design Ace was the first survivor you seen in this match obviously and you over committed to a chase you probably shouldn't have taken. Now the chase itself no disrespect but it was pretty poor on your end. You left three other survivors completely unpressured to take a shack chase out of the gates. Again no disrespect but this isn't a case of a killer getting screwed over by something that heavily favors the survivor. This is a case of you need to accept that you played this very poorly and you're looking for an excuse to say that it isn't your fault when it's 100% on you. The only way to get better is to take accountability, understand what you did wrong and learn from it. We've all made bad plays before.

  • EldritchElise87EldritchElise87 Member Posts: 587

    In this the first thing you should have done is stop crouching and trying to stalk, and just run the ace around to get the shack pallet down, You kept looping back and crouching around both loops giving him more than enough time to avoid you.

    Ghostface isnt invisible, if the survivor has seen you, they have seen you.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,182

    Shack is a good loop but it’s not unbeatable once the god pallet is dropped. For example, if the chase is counterclockwise, you can chase them around the outside on the side with the window, when they enter you show your red glow at the doorway a split second so they think you are following, then reverse direction and back up toward the outside where the window is. Most of the time the survivor will go straight toward the window and fast vault it since they think you’re coming inside, at which point it becomes a free hit since they’re vaulted right into you. And if the chase is clockwise then you have the distance you need to catch them before the next vault. And it’s possible to get them to block the window with three quick vaults back and forth in a row if you are at the dropped pallet about to enter. (They vault, you sidestep, they vault again, etc)

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Both Survivor and Killer made mistakes but it hurts more when you do props for showing your clip. Most forum posters doesn't even bother showing their gameplay they just complain and expect a pity party for them.

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    I like to share and get feedback and I know I made mistakes but I was so annoyed by this map how 2 tiles were back 2 back together. anyway I learned my mistake and now I am improving with all of your feedbacks. Thanks everyone

  • RoachesDelightRoachesDelight Member Posts: 311
    edited December 2021

    Duplicate post somehow ignore*

  • mrmain21mrmain21 Member Posts: 48

    Yeah I agree with others, alot of other ways to go about this. I probably would have just zoned them away from shack by breaking the pallet after they threw it.

  • LabracLabrac Applicant Posts: 1,285

    The setup is indeed quite strong, especially for a M1 killer like Ghostface. You did loop it wrong though, but even then the best you could have done was to get rid of those pallets sooner.

  • str4wberrypstr4wberryp Member Posts: 86

    You ran that tile horribly. Watch this video.


  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,640

    So this is another one of those videos that tries to blame the game other than blame your own mistakes, which I’m sure we’re all victims of. Map design is a problem but you didn’t exactly play well there.

  • itsquiet27itsquiet27 Member Posts: 182

    thanks for sharing. Great video definitely learned something new but there is one issue I have to point out. This is harder to do when you are vsing 4 survivors. in the video the person made it look easy because it was a 1 v 1. but if you go against a good team of survivors some of the harder loops you keep chasing you will lose maybe 2 or 3 gens. but overall still a great tip video. Thanks for sharing

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