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Killer Instinct For Feral Frenzy Needs Fixing

So, the reason for this post is to point out that the status effect Oblivious hurts Legion.

Now, it makes complete sense why Undetectable has a huge impact on Legion because their Killer Instinct is tied directly into the TR, so if they don't have one, then they will not be able to detect survivors post Frenzy hit.

But, when it comes to Oblivous, you still have a TR, it's merely the survivor that cannot perceive it.

I recently tested this out in a custom game with 3 friends. I used Iridescent Button with Hex: Plaything, hooked them all and had them unhooked, then, just to make sure there was no possible bugs, I moved further than 32m away, entered Feral Frenzy and then asked them if they could hear my TR. They all couldn't hear it, I then tagged one of them and discovered you could not detect anyone else with Killer Instinct.

I'm pretty sure you'll agree this is dumb considering your TR still exists, it's just they are prevented from hearing it.

Devs you have to fix this, it limits what builds you can use on an already weak killer.


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