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Is the Hori TAC GRIP compatible for PS4 players?

I searched Hori Tac Grip and couldn't find anything. I know some people want mouse and keyboard on console and it's probably not as simple as this but I figured I'd ask because fps dropping or not this might make the Nurse and Huntress slightly more usable for me.


  • MsFrizby93MsFrizby93 Member Posts: 77
    The hori tac is overall not a good adapter compared to XIM or other products but yes it’s sold by Sony so it should be compatible 
  • I liked that it offers controller movement with the mouse "target acquisition ". I wasn't looking to go full M&K just trying to bridge a little of the Nurse and Huntress fall off from p.c. to console. I know it's mostly a fps issue but controllable snap direction change will help a lot I hope. $150 worth of hope lol

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