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Speculation on Sadako’s (Samara in the US version) abilities? (Ringu)

dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,841
edited December 2021 in General Discussions

DbD just announce the next DLC in March is Ringu, so presumably the killer is evil ghost girl Sadako (Samara in the US version) (sweet!) Definitely a killer with a great potential look to her, and a fun story.

What I’m wondering about though is what her actual abilities in game will be? Total speculation right now obviously, but curious what you guys think she’ll actually be able to do?

Couple of possibilities I can think of that fit the theme

  • Samara’s schtick is cursing people who watch her video so they eventually die. It could be interesting to have a curse mechanism where Samara can mark survivors and after a while something bad happens to them.
  • Or along those lines of cursing people who watch her, another fun way to do it would be if a survivor looks at Samara for too long something bad happens, like they get Hindered or Exposed. (I had an idea for a Medusa killer that could do this, but I could see it working for Samara too.) Basically she’d be a killer that survivors are actually afraid to look at during a chase or when doing gens, etc.
  • They also could have televisions or “wells”, etc, scattered around the map that she could teleport between.
  • And maybe a hallucination type ability ala Doctor could fit, since cursed victims tend to have weird visions.

She doesn’t strike me as being mechanically like Spirit or Nurse so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle her in game!

P.S. Other Correctly pointed out below the character name is different between the Japanese and US versions.


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