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The State of killer right now is Abysmal......

TheSaltySaloonTheSaltySaloon Member Posts: 2
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Between Busted loops, Insane Number of pallets, Meta survivor perks, Boon totems, Skill based Matchmaking, Pallet Validation and now Deadhard validation Killer is absolutely a void where fun just goes to die. Unless your ready to bust out the most boring meta killer builds and sweat your ass off, Killer is just BEYOND unfun right now. You can't even really just play a "chill" game of dbd where you don't care if you win or lose cause you'll probably get matched with a Tryhard SWF group whose soul purpose is to make the next 10 minutes of your life as miserable as possible.

honestly I don't know why killers face a penalty for DC'ing when Survivors are playing to MAKE Killers DC. Killers have to bite the bullet and put up with toxic games or face time outs. MEANWHILE when something doesn't go a survivors way they can easily just kill themselves on hook and get into the next lobby without hassle.

the final nail in the coffin for me is this deadhard "FIX" im happy for all the survivors that a once broken perk now functions "properly" now but from the killers POV its the biggest crock of bull imaginable. re-read everything I wrote from my first paragraph about how many advantages halfway decent survivors have, but imagine putting up with all that when chasing a survivor only for you to land a successful hit and then watch them eat it and power on. There's no more mind games anymore where the killer could try and bait out the dead hard. Instead the survivor just saves it for when the killer swings and tanks a free hit.

I can't take it anymore with this game.

I really think I'm at my wits end.

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  • Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609

    I like thinking the Devs are getting the results of all killer games, so if you don't do a good job in a killer match, they'll see and notice if killers are underperforming.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,629

    What killers do you play?

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,389

    Is it really that bad? Honestly I’m having tons of fun playing clown atm and getting pretty consistent 2-3k’s without camping or tunnelling.

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 394

    to be fair so do survivors its just people who cant admit they arent as good as they think they are

  • himhearthimheart Member Posts: 30

    Now I play without meta perks, don't control gens, don't camp, don't tunnel, just play for 4 BBQ stacks, doing the challenge, giving max 2 hooks per surv, and then let everyone escape. This is the only way I'm not stressed anymore. And still survs are toxic as hell even when I had a chance to kill them a few times but let them live.

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 2,455

    Welcome to the true way to play killer.

    Just don't care about the trial anymore and ignore survivor feedback completely and you might find fun again.

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 721

    It is a mind game. If you dc your mind broke and all the bp you earned is lost. You need to be stoic as a killer or just take a break.

  • cantelopecantelope Applicant Posts: 343

    Ah man, I've been toying around with the both scourge hooks on clown and it's been a blast. Especially with party bottles.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,389

    Yeah pain resonance is a game changer for him imo. I’ve been running surge, STBFL, BBQ and pain resonance to great effect

  • MurgleïsMurgleïs Member Posts: 259

    If you want to chill a little, try some roleplay with my obsession challenge :

    • ignore everyone but the obsession, your goal is to find the obsession (you can create a build around that)
    • do everything to kill the obsession once you found him/her : tunnel, camp…
    • enjoy (also your mmr will decrease and that’s always good for future games)
  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000

    The way I deal with this is to actively not play the current killer meta. Think about it. The current killer meta is all about getting a down and hook quickly then snowballing like crazy off that hook with BBQ and Pop or Ruin to shred the gen of whoever goes for the save. If that first chase takes a little too long, that entire plan falls to pieces. Also that game plan is much more stressful. Because you know if you don't kick off the snowball, you will flounder ridiculously hard. Dead Hard's buff makes that plan falling to pieces much more likely.

    Let me tell you something. Having the first time Dead Hard is even usable be after you've already inflicted a decent amount of damage to the Survivors is pretty great.

  • slendermansmoomslendermansmoom Member Posts: 538
    edited December 2021

    as i say to everyone who says killer is unfun do what i do

    play scratched mirror myers

    tombstone myers

    or any meme build

    shack fortress trapper

    gen grabber wraith

    Wallhack wraith

    devour hope billy

    whack-a-mole billy

    Bamboozle nurse

    A N Y M Y E R S B U I L D

    litteral Jumping scare hag

    impossible skill check doctor

    gen hostage doctor

    iri huntress

    S P E E D huntress

    basement bubba

    cars 4 bubba returns

    Fake pallet freddy

    50% pig

    Anti Loop clown

    everywhere at once spirit

    gen grabber spirit

    2000 year mend legion

    no healing legion

    wallhacks plague

    infinite gen sickness plague

    urban evasion ghostface

    Stealth demo

    Tracking dart oni

    Endgame basement camping deathslinger

    Cage only pyramid head

    8 charge blight

    Exit defender twins

    Iridescent knife trickster

    racecar zombie nemesis

    Stealth pinhead

    Legion v2 pinhead

    no way out v2 artist

    all these builds are fun to use and work most of the time, and best of all if you lose atleast you had fun

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  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 5,208

    Or maybe. We can keep complaining and making our point about how ######### map balance is. That well hopefully get change in the future. So playing meme builds with the expectation of 4 out every game isn't needed.

  • PlayTwinkPlayTwink Member Posts: 454

    Honestly they should make all maps size smaller and change completely safe pallets into weaker loops. And making breaking breakable wall animation faster like 1.3 seconds.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,530

    It's funny that all these nerfs are being called for on survivors, yet when the developers presented the most recent sets of data, it's showing killers as over-performing, not survivor. Also, it's really interesting that there was a tournament recently where all perks were allowed and killers were getting roughly 2 kills per match.

    Then again, this forum can sometimes become an echo chamber.

  • BabuDweetBabuDweet Member Posts: 553
    edited December 2021

    You're assuming I don't play longer than a few hours?

    I play a lot of killer, just as much as survivor.

    I just don't exaggerate.

  • cantelopecantelope Applicant Posts: 343

    I keep thinking about surge but at the same time I don't wanna dump agitation as I've gotten some down to the second pain hooks with it. Choices choices....

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