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Is Hex: Pentimento even worth using?

AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,577

I've been using Hex: Pentimento all of my games as Artist and have gotten little to no use from it, mainly because of the Boon meta or because survivors just don't want to cleanse totems.

So that makes me wonder, is it even worth using over other hex perks?


  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551
    edited December 2021

    Use plaything to encourage cleansing, I also use Ruin since it has a likely chance of getting cleansed instead of blessed so I immediately get value out of Pentimento....most of the time anyway.

    Just pray you don't get these guys and on a map like Lery's. I had no idea what the ######### was going on and barely squeezed out a 2k. Fair play to them anyway.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,924

    It’s not worth using it by itself.

    With plaything or some other shaman build (but preferably plaything because that encourages cleansing more), yeah maybe.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,473

    Pentimento is allright but it really needs a build dedicated to it.

    I have had good succes with ruin, undying, thrill and pentimento on legion.

    Thrill stops any booners so they have to cleanse totems

    Otherwise hex plaything and pentimento also work well together

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 3,711

    Seconding what others here are saying- it has a pretty decent place in some specific builds, but you're not gonna see much use out of it on its own.

    It's not actually that bad, I expected to get less value out of it than I actually did while I was playing Artist- since I was lucky enough to get Plaything and Thrill on her pretty early.

  • gammatsunamigammatsunami Member Posts: 545

    So what do you do to use it correctly? Let like 3-5 get cleansed, then do them all one after the other? You dont go around 1 by 1 do you, since they survivors will just cleanse the hex?

    So wait until 3-5 are built up?

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,473

    I generally go one by one. But it depends on the killer.

    I only have the build on Legion so i don't care about the second effect. Another killer might consider the healing slowdown.

    if i put them up one at a time i deny the chance of both being cleansed at the same time

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    I have got value but ONLY with Plaything. Ruin/Thrill sucks for me. They bless Thrill and boom no issues from there. It's just how my luck is. Plaything how ever creates a win win Oblivious or Pentimento.

    I rekindle one at a time as repair debuff is primarily what I want. If there are 2 or more open totem spots to rekindle I may activate the healing debuff. There always seems to be one who can't deal with there oblivious status and cleanses.

  • PlayTwinkPlayTwink Member Posts: 454

    Only with plaything.

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513

    plaything makes it amazing. they either get slowdown or obliviousness, and you're almost guaranteed a bit of both.

  • zarrzarr Member Posts: 469
    edited December 2021

    Pentimento is pretty great, but yeah, it requires specific builds to really shine and so Pain Resonance has turned out to be the more viable pick of the chapter.

    When it does shine it really is ridiculously good though. Alongside Ruin, Undying and Thrill you will often get into a situation where you have cleansed totems to rekindle earlier on in rounds (they want to get rid of Ruin as soon as possible, they don't want to bless for 48 (or more) seconds), and so not seldomly you will have Pentimento and Ruin up simultaneously, even with 4-5 gens left to go, which is pretty oppressive. I have been using this on hit-and-run Wraith with "Blind Warrior" - White (which is the Mangled add-on) a fair bit and to lots of success, and the cool thing about it is that you tangibly benefit from two tokens here as well, as Pentimento combines with Mangled to make heals 44% slower (so 57 seconds for a Self-Care heal and 28.5s for other heals). But obviously this perk combo is particularly potent on all killers that can apply lots of pressure to begin with, especially Nurse and Blight.

    Another particularly nasty build is Plague with Plaything, Pentimento, Thanatophobia and Black Incense. Plague already benefits from Plaything more than most killers since survivors will be injured and noisy and therefore even more threatened by the Oblivious status effect, put Black Incense on top of that and they frequently become free downs. And then Thanatophobia (which is obviously a great fit on Plague) combines with Pentimento to decrease repair speeds by up to 44%, meaning a gen will take a whooping 143 seconds to complete. And as a little bonus, Thanat also decreases cleansing speeds. Of course, this build will usually take a little longer to get going as you need to get people infected and hook them to get your Plaything Hexes up and for them to get cleansed in order to then rekindle them, but once it does get going it reliably grinds rounds to a halt. The last perk slot can be occupied by stuff like Corrupt or Ruin to help with the aspect of getting going too.

    One downside Pentimento has is that survivors will usually naturally know where the rekindled Hexes are located at. While I've found that I can still often keep rekindled Hexes up for a long time for various reasons (such as survivors losing track of where they cleansed totems or not having the time or opportunity to get back to them) and while there are also ways to play around this downside (such as by tunnelling the survivor that knows where the totem is or actively defending the totem), some killers can protect the rekindled Hexes particularly well and are therefore also interesting: with Trapper you can trap the totem after rekindling it, which at worst gives you a notification if someone is trying to cleanse it; with Demogorgon and Lifeguard Whistle you get that same notification, and you can then of course even traverse directly to your totem; Hag can also trap the rekindled Hex, and this is especially useful in 3-gen scenarios; as Twins you can leave either of the two at the Hex to protect it; Doctor and Artist can snipe people off of the totem from afar.

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  • PlayTwinkPlayTwink Member Posts: 454

    Honestly trash at high mmr, even with plaything builded together. Before you're gonna get a value of this perk, you will get hardly gen rushed. Besides Oblivious is very easily countered by SWF and their coms and they can still see you your red stain, or they can either bless a hex totem so you will not gain any value of pentimento like. Better take deadlock, corrupt, no way out, the new artist scourge perk etc.

  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,308

    Anything other then the meta is a meme build.


    In a specific HEX build, its good.

    Ruin, Undying, Pentimento & Thrill of the Hunt is pretty nasty. I used it on Demogorgon, placed portals on the totems and used the add-on where I get killer instinct without holding M2. I'd portal and defend the totems, and even if one of them broke, it would be undying, leaving Ruin up with Pentimento making gens 30% slower.

    Now, survivors can just ignore the totems or bless, but because of myself having the killer instinct defense, they don't have time to do it (it's like 30 seconds or more). Once you have ruin/pentimento up with decent pressure, you've pretty much won tbh.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,554

    No hex perks are worth using.

  • crowbarmancrowbarman Member Posts: 464
    edited December 2021

    I have run dozens of matches with Hex: Pentimento and succeeded in a handful of matches in lighting all 5 totems. I think it's a poor perk overall because the survivors know where the totems are already (they cleansed them once) and they can simply go back again. Any boon during the match pretty much kills your chance at a 5 stack.

    My build:

    Hex Plaything

    Hex Pentimento

    Hex: Ruin

    Hex: Undying

    The full-hex build ensures that survivors are seeking out totems and actively trying to cleanse them during the early game.

    If you want to really succeed at getting to 5 lit totems, them you almost have to lobby dodge any obvious boon characters (which is becoming harder to do). Then, wait until all 5 totems are broken, hook a survivor if you can (provide some distraction) and run around and light them all.

    We called out this issue during PTB and they went live with it regardless - the 5 lit totem bonus is a bit of a joke. I've gotten it once at 3 gens, but mostly at 2 or even 1 gen, and at that point, you don't get much benefit from the perks. But survivors seem to be amazed when I pull it off.

    TLDR - Fix the no-counter to boons, developers.

  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,308

    Except I don't mind Plaything, it's the only Hex perk idc if it gets cleansed because by then it's already served it's purpose.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,997

    Not to mention having to go out of your way to rekindle a totem. Isn't worth the pressure loss half the time.

  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,308

    Agreed. Dropping a chase usually means dropping a Gen or two.

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