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Devs need to stop listening to the whiners on this forum

I'm convinced at this point that half the people on this forum's only joy in life comes from complaining about anything they possibly can. So many killers have quit playing because of how badly they've been nerfed or how painful it can be to play killer. Which has forced killers to tunnel or camp just to get some pressure going and get a kill. As annoying as it can be when it happens to me I can't even be mad at them for doing it. Then as survivor once you reach a certain level you go against the same killers over and over again because there are very few viable killers. All the whining and complain has gotten the game to the point it is today and what's the result? More whining and complain from the same people. Y'all just really want to have you cake and eat it too huh?

PS I used to love going against old Spirit because of how she made me feel a sense of heightened anticipation and now, I seen her once since Octoberish and it was so sad going against her knowing exactly where she is and it was such a boring game.


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