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Survivors are so mad that Killers use Lightborn it is hilarious

After having constantly seen myself being T-bagged and made fun of by survivors who constantly save their teammates by using flashlights, I finally decided to say "whatever, I just sacrifice one perk slot for Lightborn if I must"... And oh boy have I had a blast hearing post-game cries from every single survivor afterward.

It's like you are not allowed to run this perk, else it is not fair for survivors or something. Seriously, survivors get so mad seeing me run this perk, even when I don't get any value out of it if it so happens that survivors don't bring a flashlight with them or can't find one in chests, they still find a reason to make a case how I am a bad killer for bringing such "useless" perk. What's more fun, if I say "I just like to run it even if it does not bring any value" - they still try to make a case how I don't know what I am doing and will go great lengths trying to convince me how I should not use it. This happens almost every single game in high MMR.



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