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FPS drops significantly while playing killer.

88rising88rising Member Posts: 2


I have noticed that while playing killer, for the whole match I'm experiencing large fps drops until the match ends, and it carries trough the main menu as well.

This only happens while playing killer, also, the graphics on the pallets or walls won't render as quickly as they should, instead there is this rather cartoonish pallet model, I did not experience this problem before.

I have cross-play enabled, and I do not know if this causes the issue with the FPS drops, but it drops to almost 20-30 frames while my game usually runs at a constant 60 fps.

However, it only happens in 1 or 2 games, then the frame rate goes back to normal, and after that, it keeps dropping again.

I don't really understand why this is happening, I've been trying to monitor the task manager as well and see if there are any spikes in the CPU, RAM and GPU usage but it doesn't look like it.

Now I'm trying to reinstall the game and maybe that will fix it, but please get back to me with a response as to why this might happen and what would be the best solution in regards to this problem. Thank you in advance.

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  • MedichealerMedichealer Member Posts: 21

    Gtx1060 6gb, 16gb RAM, i7 CPU

    Yeah. Same here. I've noticed that Scratch marks are also not loading in quickly, and will appear blurry and hard to see for a while.

  • 88rising88rising Member Posts: 2

    Yeah. I have also noticed that this only tends to happen while playing against console players, as a killer, having 2 or 3 console players will make the match nearly unplayable.

  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 300

    Exactly the same here. Been a problem for a while now and it's getting progressively worse. In my case the actual rendered FPS doesn't decrease by a huge amount, but it feels significantly less than it actually is.

    For example, I might be rendering 70FPS but it feels like I'm playing on about 25FPS with constant spikes and graphical issues such as the one Medichealer mentioned with the scratchmarks.

    No specific pattern, sometimes it doesn't happen, sometimes it does, but usually if I play the game for at least an hour it occurs, and the only thing I can do is restart the game.

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