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Wow, playing killer in 2021 is so fun right??



  • NemmyMan3000NemmyMan3000 Member Posts: 109

    Same and i dont care if i get hate for it, the game is already survivor sided so why not even the odds a bit.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 1,573

    MMR isn't the problem. MMR just exposes bad killer-balance. dev have entire 2022 and many mid-chapter patches to improve killer gameplay. unfortunately, most of resources as tru3 states in the video are spent on weakening killers like deathslinger, freddy etc. 2022 holds many possible mid-chapter patches so hopefully its better than 2021 for killer.

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 1,922

    Most people have mid/high mmr since the way they handle it is that you have you're actual mmr and then they have a matchmaking cap so that people who play and win the vast majority of their matches don't have 4 hour long queue times but the matchmaking cap is so low that most killers will hit the cap since its so much easier to get mmr with killers. most survivors will get to it too but I know they increase the cap behind the scenes as well without any kind of announcement and I doubt it coincides with rank reset or maybe it does idk

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 966

    She literally was AFK and then vaulted back through the window for no reason, that play was awful lmao

    Dead Hard saved her 1000%.

  • SomberNokkSomberNokk Member Posts: 732

    What does he mean by auto dead hard?

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,475

    She was AFK and took a hit for not being ready to play.

    She faked the window and Tru3 fell for it, instead of waiting. So she had time to fast vault the window, to reposition herself.

    All I am saying is either way, even if she had decided to continue to go forward downstairs and dead hard to the window. She played it well, and bought herself more time. Because had he waited he would have been able to bait DH out with no pallet on sight.

    At 4:38 you can see where he actually did wait it out and she didn’t position herself correctly. Because she hoped he would swing at the window.

  • ScottJundScottJund Member Posts: 1,040

    I actually just watched the video for context and what are you even on about. There is literally no scenario in which the killer wasn't completely responsible for not getting a hit there. Fell for a window fake, somehow gives her a fast vault back into him while having a very slow reaction to it, all of which leads to a chain of events that result in a flashlight save. Despite him saying the survivors were trash out of frustration, the Meg actually did an extremely smart play with what she had. That wasn't a mistake, she intentionally fast vaulted back into him, which means she had to intentionally angle herself awkwardly to do it. Legion is awful and its unlikely anyone would 4k this but Dead Hard was not the problem there.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,549

    I now watched the first 5 minutes. And obviously he has to mention that it was a viewer build he was using aka it is not his fault that he lost (even tho, Plaything, No Way Out and Deadlock have decent Slowdown-Potential, if you actually get hooks).

    However, I dont really get why he even left the Quentin at the start. Yes, you injure multiple people with Legion, but the only two Survivors he saw where at the Saloon. Why would any Killer go to the Saloon to chase people, when an injured Survivor is nearby?

    And second, two times in those 5 minutes he has all Survivors on one spot, so why not trying to frenzy them at this point? Again, waste of time and it makes it impossible to do Locker Techs.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,626

    I stopped playing killer 6-7 months ago and turned into solo survivor 100%. If every killer did this they have to do something about the situation. Simply play survivor until they fix things! Or they will never fix anything.

  • ScottJundScottJund Member Posts: 1,040

    The problem is you are declaring this as "unmitigatable abuse." Its extremely easy to mitigate. Do not chase survivors at that main building. Is it good that the building is that strong? No, of course not. I hate that building. Its for that very reason smart killers literally ignore the generator up top unless they have a vertical movement ability like Hag, Nurse, or Demo. Once that generator is finished (which it was) there is no reason to even enter the building anymore. Now normally people could speed burst after getting hit and get TO the building, but seeing as he was Legion and everyone was always injured, there was no chance of that.

  • RumaRuma Member Posts: 1,936

    You can main a side and still have fair share of opinions.

    Not everyone want easy matches and everything on the other side nerfed.

  • teslatesla Member Posts: 409

    And even sacrificial wards can be override if 4 map offerings are burned, which obviously only occurs with SWF. Which is only fair, I guess, more players in that match wants that map than players who don't 🤡.

  • HermitHermit Member Posts: 188

    That flashlight save at 3:15... I thought they fixed this bug, what a naive kid I am ;)

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