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Is shadow step a problem for you as killer?

teslatesla Member Posts: 446

It seems to be a general consensus beetween killer players that CoH is difficult to deal with. But what about its sibling, Shadow Step? Is it hard for you to handle it? Does it encourage a camping strategy?



  • RainehDazeRainehDaze Member Posts: 1,293


  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,912

    For me, yes. But that's because I have really poor hearing and first person also makes me a bit dizzy, so I lose survivors quite easily if they're also using iron will.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    Depends. If it's an outdoor map, it's not a big deal, if it's an indoor map on the other hand and the Survivor I'm chasing is not injured, then I can give up on finding them

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 5,000

    No, besides denying A nurses calling it’s not very good

  • LiunUKLiunUK Member Posts: 917

    only if its used in conjunction with CoH as i like to use nurses calling

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 828
    edited December 2021


    Coh is the only busted boon perk. Shadowstep can easily be found and dealt with because the survivor will always run to it and you can easily snuff it when you end the chase or lose the survivor. similar case with Exceptional. + shadowstep needs to be combo with iron will or quick quite for it to be really annoying or hard to deal with, as the survivor still moans and you can still see blood depending on the map.

    COH is more powerful because it can benefit multiple survivors at once and gets even stronger as the game progresses, because you can set them up in areas where killers have no business going to or set them up high somewhere ridiculous that they can heal on half the map basically.

    coh just needs to reduce in effectiveness as the game progresses, give it a token. every total of a 100% charge the perk gets a token that removes the healing speed bonus by say 4 seconds or 5% and then they can set the maximum token to whatever they like. and then remove the 4 second healing with medkit.

    coh should be a viable self care alternative, but it should never outright replace medkits.

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  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,610

    i think the only problematic boon rn is CoH.

    the others are fine.

    a bit annoying (in Shadowsteps case), but fine.

  • JagoJago Member Posts: 1,670

    Shadowstep is a new player destroyer.

  • SsajbambusaSsajbambusa Member Posts: 458
    edited December 2021

    @Jago Exactly and we have a lot of new players :). It still can work on good killers too. I've seen a good dude with No Mither loop around my totem (I go 3 boons + Kindred recently cause how strong and team oriented it is) and holy crap, the amount of time he was able to waste and then disappear is unreal. And the best part is - it was quite good killer, a player I personally now quite well.

    Shadowstep just needs a creative mind to get value out of.

  • ManyAchievablesManyAchievables Member Posts: 657

    No. I think that people overestimate just how much it does. It's not that great.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,084

    It depends on what Killer I'm on.

    If I'm Legion... well... I frequently have to track without scratch marks anyway, I don't have any Aura perks on my loadout, and it doesn't touch KI. As Legion I do not care even one bit if Shadowstep is in the game. If I'm on Spirit though? Yeah it causes problems.

  • IliketoplaykillerIliketoplaykiller Member Posts: 352

    I had a game on the game map yesterday with two people running shadowstep and purposely sent me there. They were coordinated as all hell propping up shadowstep anywhere chases were happening, it was hell.

    those games are few far and betweeen from getting players like that but I do think it can be as broken as CoH and behavior needs to let me “just do bones” as killer.

  • cantelopecantelope Applicant Posts: 343

    Only time shadowstep is a problem I find is on The Game. Entirely because it leaks into the other floor.

    I dont have much of an issue with it on indoor maps but I also prefer playing clown so that factors into it I'd wager.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,922

    To be honest.

    Scratchmarks seem way too inconsistent either way so it might actually be helpful if there are none at all some times….

    as for aura reading, well you don’t really notice this directly as killer, eg if they use it to avoid BBQ aura reading they could very well also be in a locker or nearby

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,091

    I haven’t had too much trouble with Shadowstep, at least I don’t think I have? It’s certainly possible someone evaded me because of it and I wouldn’t even know for sure I suppose. 🤷‍♂️ But generally speaking I tend to track people as much by sound and seeing them directly as I do by scratches or auras so it’s not like I can’t find and chase people in Shadowstep range.

  • ggskggsk Member Posts: 47

    Shadow step is really uninteresting park.

    No tactical. resurrect again and again.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 134

    My problem with shadow step that it counters aura perks which is making the perk even stronger remove scratch marks is strong but also it can remove aura perks it’s way too strong it does two things in one perk

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,872

    It's powerful on indoor maps, mostly ineffective on outdoors.

    RCPD and Midwich are the two maps where Shadow Step turns nasty. A combination of dark floors, two stories, boon spots that cover large areas, and frequent LoS breaks make it murder to deal with.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 134

    I agree but my problem with the perk is that it does two things removes scratch marks and aura perks so bbq nurses I’m all ears etc are useless

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,286

    Nah it hasn't been much of a problem for me. Almost nobody runs it without COH and usually it's just COH by itself anyways.

    When I do see it though, most of the time it hasn't hindered my ability to keep track of the survivor. Only time it can be problematic is on indoor maps which makes sense really.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,872

    Not strictly? I don't have very good eyesight and I mostly rely on sound to track survivors. Scratch marks are super easy for me to follow unless I'm on a bright map like Ormond or Eyrie (and in that case, the bad eyesight isn't so much of an issue.) Losing scratchmarks against someone who's healthy or has IW can be painful if it isn't contextually obvious where they went.

    But again, it's mostly strong on indoor maps, especially dark ones where blood doesn't show up well.

  • k0reant3ak0reant3a Member Posts: 134

    I just think boons shouldn’t affect multiple floors it’s hard for the killer to snuff it too when it’s on a different floor 🤔

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,738

    Not really.

    Most of the time i can use footsteps to keep chase. Not that it's entirely useless I'm sure it hid scratchmarks in the distance that i would have seen otherwise but in chase i don't have much trouble.

    If they are injured it's even less of an issue because of blood

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,286

    100% agree.

    Besides obviously targeting indoor maps this also helps against problematic totems way out of the way on 2nd floors of main buildings that aren't worth snuffing as a result.

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